Tuesday, July 31, 2012


My friends and I came to realize that girls are literally the best at everything but football during our short talk before passing out in bed. Speaking of girls being awesome, I met Tavi a few days ago (this is what I wore) at the screening of Clueless from 8-10 at Space 15 Twenty! She was so down to earth and sweet, and not awkward at all. It's very inspiring to meet someone my age who has far surpassed me in life accomplishments thus far. She is so intelligent and I love Rookie Mag so much. It is undoubtedly the best thing to happen to the internet. Anyways, I've got so many GOOD new outfit photos waiting on my computer that I can't wait to post within the next few days! Stay tuned.

Maxi skirt - Miracle Eye
Sunglasses and shoes - coming soon to Miracle Eye
Daisies top - hopefully coming soon to Miracle Eye!
Necklace - Etsy

Tavi and I being smiley and happy :-)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Miracle Eye Summer Lookbook: SEEK & D-STROY

There ya have it. My favorite photos from our loooong, 39 photo filled, summer collection lookbook. The collection featuring over 40 new designs launched on Monday, July 23rd! Check out the full thing here, and take a look at our short video lookbook as well! I suggest you watch it in 720p (HD). It really creates the full effect. 

We took a day and a half to shoot the entire thing, and I want to sincerely thank everyone who was a part of it. All my models, my parents, and the people who took part in helping me edit photos and generally improve the website all over, including a new logo, thanks to a certain special someone from darkvice.net. Thank you thank you. I especially (even though I just mentioned her), want to thank my girl from Dark Vice for skyping with me for thirteen straight hours (my first REAL all-nighter where I saw the sun come down and rise back up the next morning), then messaging each other for another six hours the next day. I went 48 hours with no sleep, all for Miracle Eye. My last two days in Colombia were spent confined in my cousin's room skyping with Sophie on upgrading stuff, including the new slideshow, the homepage, and the logo. I strongly suggest anyone who ever needs help with coding, or needs graphic design work done, GET AT HER. She rules. If you don't need any design work done, follow her blog. Her photos are insane, and her style is equally unbelievable. Lastly, thank you Sophie's awesome boyfriend, Reiss, for not hating me (I think) for taking your girlfriend away on a week(end) day while you were watching Midnight in Paris alone + kind of confirming to me that Colombia is extremely dangerous + that the show Cops is SO terrible that's it's good. THANKS, DUDE.

This last photo was taken on set on the first day of shooting by my mom in a quick sec before I handed the girls the outfits for the next location. Thanks, mom! 

Do you see a familiar, *small* face on the left of the photo? ;-)

Miracle Eye homepage all new and revamped and pretty and stuffz: http://www.shopmiracleeye.com
Miracle Eye's Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shopmiracleeye
Miracle Eye on Instagram: shopmiracleeye

Monday, July 16, 2012

May You Live In Interesting Times

Title is straight from Chester French. Can't stop listening to his new album 'Music 4 Tngrs'. It's all I listened to on my eight hour plane ride to Colombia. Oh yeah.. Guys, I'm in Colombia! I am visiting family and am having a blast so far. This would be the third time I visit, and so far, the best one. If any of my readers who reside in Colombia would like to grab something to eat and talk about how much the internet rules, please email me (velvetcodeine[at]yahoo[dot]com)! I actually met a guy at the airport here who is also from Los Angeles my first day. He knows all about what goes down in the underground scene via gigs, galleries, cool stuffz like that. He also owns an art gallery in Los Angeles. All I was thinking was, 'is this dude real??????' Talk about a great way to semi-end my summer vacation. Life works in funny ways sometimes all the time.

The photos from this post are fairly old, from a day I hung with Isabel several weeks ago! She is the funnest girl ever. You can catch me laughing in a photo here, actually -- that's a first!

Shorts - Miracle Eye
Sweater - Obey sample sale 
Joy Division tee - eBay
Jewelry - vintage/flea markets/Etsy
Boy London bracelet - Miracle Eye
Creepers - online
Bag and belt - Long Beach Flea Market