Sunday, June 30, 2013

Veni Vidi Vici

kravitz tee - vintage // skirt - AA // hat - vintage // boots - matiko // jewelry - assorted vintage + handmade

This hat which I've now given the title Perfect Hat (very well earned) has basically at this point replaced my black beanie. It goes with everything and makes even the sloppiest, laziest outfits look somewhat alright. I do obviously still wear my beanie pretty often, but I wear this hat way more it's ridiculous. In other newzzzzzzz: GOOGLE READER IS SHUTTING DOWN ON THE 1ST OF JULY! Starting from that date, you will lose the list of blogs you follow. If you'd like to still keep updated with this here ol' blog, please follow via Bloglovin'

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Thursday, June 27, 2013


jacket - vintage // t-shirt dress - h&m // hat + jewelry - vintage // shoes - so old i can't remember

I think it's safe to say that this would be my signature summer outfit. I'm not wearing velvet leggings or boots, so this is probably as summer-y as I will get for a while. I had also been running a shitload of errands all day which is why this was meant to be more of a practical outfit over anything else, and also why my face is so oily and sweaty.   Oil and sweat. Yum.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tune Yards

black crushed velvet leggings - Miracle Eye // kimono throw-over shawl - santee alley // tee - wasteland // boots - Miracle Eye // hat - vintage // jewelry - mixed vintage and handmade

I'm officially the most inconsistent blogger. I guess it's a mix of me wearing this outfit (as seen in this post) basically every day, the only variation being different t-shirts everyday, and working from home for Miracle Eye. I don't go out everyday and I'm learning to appreciate being home, something I used to hate. I'm also learning that staying home on Friday nights can be very fun and going out isn't necessary anymore. My depression has also almost completely subdued (yay), and I think that's playing a huge role in this new lifestyle.

The other thing that has really stopped me from going out a lot are just the unbelievable amount of cat calls and other disgusting things that I get shouted at while living in the city. It makes me physically nauseous and sick to the stomach. I totally advise everyone, especially dudes (if any dudes read this thing????), to read this article about cat calling. It breaks down the process of a cat call, from beginning to end, if that makes any sense. It explains WHY they are so hurtful and terrible and cause woman to doubt themselves, and especially how disrespectful it is.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Eye Pattern Blindness

perfect leggings - coming soon to Miracle Eye // tee - vintage // sweater - vintage, I think // converse - so old I can't even remember

So I wasn't kidding earlier when I said that Miracle Eye crushed velvet leggings and a vintage tee practically became my uniform. I can't help not wear this combination when it's so comfortable + stylish (I think). It's like the socially acceptable version of pajamas.

I've had this nude crushed velvet fabric for quite some time, as well as some blue crushed velvet, and made loose shorts with an elasticized waist earlier this year but never shot them on a model to put on the site.. Selena wore them with a kimono when I shot her a while back, but I've procrastinated on putting those photos up. Dammit, I am one lazy person. A few weeks ago, I was feeling particularly energetic, and finally shot some other new pieces for the site, which are now up! How excitin'. View them here, or continue below.

Click on the photo to be directed to the piece! (Also, just a reminder: It's all handmade -- support ethical businesses!)