Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just another hypnotherapist..

Hello! Hope you all had a good weekend. I really hate the quality of these pictures, they were taken on my small point and shoot camera because I was having problems with the camera I use regularly, ugh but it is now in working condition and good quality photos will be back in the next post featuring a beautiful dress from AX Paris!

I've had this taco bag since I was 11 years old and used it all through middle school! I haven't used it since then, but I saw it just laying there and had to grab it! I really like it and I have no idea why I haven't worn it since, I guess I just forgot I had it. The title of this post is mainly just partaking in my recent obsession with hypnosis! We learned about it in Psychology and I will be checking out a few books on it from the library tomorrow! It is a fascinating concept and I personally believe it's the closest thing to magic that we have. I have also been reading books on wicca, witchcraft, and paganism while simultaneously doing my science homework.. Da irony is just well.. okay I think it's official that I can't go without saying one corny thing in a post. Imagine me in real life? Can't get enough of me I tell ya!

Have a wonderful day y'all.

Burnt orange-chocolate sweater - Obey sample sale
Black velvet top - from my local thrifty
Taco bag - Pac Sun
Shorts - DIY
Lace socks - eBay
Black creepers - online
Skulls and crosses necklace - Etsy
Recycled tea jar necklace - won from a giveaway on my girl Isabel's blog
All other jewelry and belt - vintage/Melrose trading post

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cigarettes in the Theatre

Hello! These pictures are pretty old, the leggings have been up on Miracle Eye for a while, but decided they deserved a special post focusing on just them! Now are these leggings perfect or what. They're like a kawaii tumblr wet dream. They're ridiculously soft and comfortable. I wanted to thank you all for the sweet comments and e-mails I've received! I'm doing a little bit better, time heals all so I'm just waiting for time to get rid of this. But how can you be sad when you're wearing a pair of leggings like these?!!! PLUS that white fries vest with skull studs on the collar! Sweet jesus that's called being ARROGANT ;-)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

PS I was not trying to look like a stereotypical angsty teenager in the last picture.. it was the sun! Dumb sun get away from me! I obviously couldn't take it anymore so I blinked in one of the pictures haha.

Pastel tie dye leggings - Miracle Eye
White fries vest (only one available!) - Miracle Eye
Flannel, pixies tank, and jewelry - vintage
Black bag - old gift from dad
Holographic sunglasses - eBay for $4!!
Black creepers - online


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You're not stubborn, you're just passionate

Oh god first off, I have not posted in very long (over 5 days of no posts is pretty long to me) and I apologize!!! On the bright side, I only lost one follower, wooo! Anyways, at first I tried to post some pictures but dumb Photobucket, the host I use for my photos, was being really weird and not allowing me to upload any photos, so there was that, and on Sunday/yesterday (Monday) I was going through some emotional problems after finding out many unpleasant things. So long story short, I am back on schedule and well I am now single. I am really trying so hard, you have no idea really, to get over these terrible thoughts and well this dumb depression stage that is just recurring in my life when it's absolutely unnecessary. I have a home, I have food, I have a business. Feeling like this almost makes me realize that it's sort of selfish because my problems are nothing compared to other's on the opposite side of the planet, but again that doesn't make mine any less of a problem, if that makes sense. Feeling empty is probably the worst thing in the world, it just eats you alive. Trying to overcome it is so so difficult, but once you've gone over that hump it's just like this whole weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I suggest listening to pretty much any Two Door Cinema Club song if you've been overtaken with feelings of loneliness, sadness, grief, or heartbreak. It's like all their songs contain some kind of miracle cure to depression (especially 'What You Know' and 'Undercover Martyn') !!!! :~)

Or then again I could just be a dumb teenager complaining about dumb teenage things. Well I hope you all have a wonderful week and do not take anyone for granted, anyone, your parents, your friends, your cat!!! No one. Appreciate everyone who is making a positive impression in your life and well okay, I'm done being corny.

PS someone on my Formspring asked me why I had small hands.. I didn't even know my hands were any other size than normal. So let me ask you. WHY do I have small hands? You must know because I sure in hell don't haha.

Purple fishtail skirt - Miracle Eye
Korn bones tee - DIY
Lace socks - eBay
Creepers - online
Ear cuff - Miracle Eye
Blue acid wash denim jacket - Miracle Eye

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It takes a fool to remain sane

Hair! Finally! ..Oh, but you can't even tell in these pictures. Sweet.. Anyways, it's a real nice plum purple in real life and the tips/bottom half is my color before the dying and the tips are bleached like they were before! I like it a lot even though you can't see it here!!!!!!!! Whatevz, if you'd like to see my hair in it's entirety, I've included a picture at the end on this post. The picture is from Miracle Eye where I actually shot for these shorts, oh da irony.. *continues snorting crushed Smarties*

The shorts as mentioned right before this, like literally a sentence back, are from Miracle Eye and are absolutely perfect JUST LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE FROM MY STORE, duhh!!! Jkjkjk, but these are seriously so soft it's crazy. Just like my fingers during this post, they're just going insanium in the cranium! Back to reality, okay belt is old from when I was little, blouse is a hand me down from my madre, blazer was purchased at some sample sale here Downtown like a year ago or something, creepers were purchased online, and the necklace was purchased on Etsy. This watch is not my usual Nooka watch that I rock every single day (it's literally dark brown/grey.. it's supposed to be clear, delicious eh?), was not worn here! This is my boyfriend's watch that I spotted on top of my drawer and yelled "YES! YOU THERE GO PERFECTLY WITH THIS OUTFIT!" 

Have a wonderful day y'all. PS while I was taking these photos, I spotted this pigeon carcass! I had to take a photo.. It just looked so carcass-y. Enjoy :~)

PPS Why da heck did "Party in the USA" by Miley CYPRUS just play on my Spotify as a 'recommended song' from what I've been favoriting.. Nodding my head like nooo, moving my hips like NOO!

Black velvet shortsMiracle Eye
Blazer coat thing - sample sale
White blouse - hand me down
Belt - old from when I was a wittle cwazy kid
Necklace - Etsy
Black creepers - online


Ta da!!!!


Monday, November 14, 2011

You are my wolf and I am your moon

These photos are actually like a week old, don't know why I didn't post them up earlier, but I'm putting them up now. My hair is officially no longer red as it is here. It's so nice and dark now and a beautiful color, ooh can't wait to show you guys. I've taken photos today with my new hair so I'll be putting those photos up soon. I don't like to pay attention to seasons or anything like that, but this is definitely a fall outfit!

This floral chiffon skirt and black velvet top were purchased at my local thrifty, the acid wash jacket is vintage, black leather bag was a gift from my dad from when I was little, belt was a hand me a down, and the shoes are from UO. God these shoes are old, but still in such good condition! The skull and crosses necklace is from Etsy and as you can see, I cannot get enough of it! I love it too much, is there ever too much love you can feel for a jewelry piece?

Have a wonderful day boys and girls.

Floral chiffon skirt and velvet top - thrifty
Belt - hand me down
Jacket - vintage
Leather bag - old from when I was little
Shoes - UO
Skulls and crosses necklace - Etsy

Friday, November 11, 2011

The skeleton holograms are coming to the basement

Hi guys. You know you're the best? You really are. I've been feeling like a 'hologram' lately. Just being there. The title is no song lyric my friends, it's my interpretation of this outfit and what I've been feeling like. Anyways, on to the outfit, green army jacket is vintage (similar ones coming to Miracle Eye soon!), and the black velvet top was thrifted. Chiffon fishtail skirt is from Miracle Eye, but this one is a particularly new design. It's more flowy and meets at the front (on the side since I've styled it assymetrical here). I like it a lot! The skeleton socks and creepers were purchased online, and glasses are from eBay. I've had them for over a year when I was obsessed with the look they'd give off. Not hipster, but kinda geeky-ish, ha. If you trace way back in my Dailybooth, I wear them in almost most of the old photos. Belt is a hand-me-down and all jewelry is vintage except for the skull necklace (purchased that baby on Etsy).

PS I will be changing my hair soon. Very very soon. I'm sick of red and being compared to others. It's annoying as hell that people think because of my hair, I am trying to be someone else. I am not trying to be someone else, never will try, it may come off that way to some brainless turds, but no. God, that would be annoying. My style is my style, okay? If you don't like it, go away! I have been lucky enough to not receive any negative comments on any looks or posts here (trolls are comin' their way now since I pointed this out..), but my twin sister/stylish guru/beauty/fellow blogger Isabel, received some dumb comment on about her hair. It is very bright and short, really really amazing right? is a site where people are used to seeing the same thing all the time so if they see something different, they feel the need to troll. Bullying on the internet or in real life is a really touchy subject for me as I myself have been a victim of it multiple times during my middle school years, so I will not get too into it. But I feel very strongly about any kind of bullying. So if you have absolutely ANYTHING but nice things to say, don't say anything. Simple as that! We have freedom of speech, DUH, this is the 21st century, but it just makes these people look so dumb. Why would you waste your time telling someone they suck? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for constructive criticism (unless it's out of context), but when you're just there to be a plain vibe-killer it's just so dumb! Go away! Do something, draw, film, sew, design, read, clean, BE GHETTO, anything.

On that note, I hope you all sincerely have a wonderful day tomorrow or tonight or whatever, but you're all the best and rock my skeletor socks off :)

Green army jacket - Vintage
Black velvet top and black leather backpack - thrifty
Chiffon fishtail skirtMiracle Eye
Skeleton socks and creepers - online
Necklace - Etsy
Glasses - eBay
All other jewelry - vintage


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hello! Most of stuff I am wearing here came from the sample sale I think I talked about in the last post (I hope I did, too lazy to write it all again..) The crazy beautiful and ridiculously soft sweater is by Obey, part of their sample sale. Got it for a bitchin' $20, but I can totally see this in a retail store for over $100, so.. It's alright. I know I will be putting tons of use into it this winter so whatevz. Top is by this company called Dimepiece, real cool stuff. Got it for $15. The thing that makes this shirt really unique is not it's rad photo on the front that says "Fun With Plastic" in this real gory looking font, but the zipper arm sleeves! So freakin' cool.

The belt was my mom's, who's passed it onto me, and most of my jewelry is vintage. Velvet pentagram choker and silver cross ear cuff is from Etsy, of course. The orange-blue silver necklace was purchased while I was fabric shopping! I saw it next to a roll and asked how much it was, lucky me, the guy said 50 cents! I didn't believe him at first, but I wasn't going to complain, ha. I really like it. The colors go really well with this outfit! The lace maxi skirt is from Miracle Eye. Is it weird that I almost always wear something from my store everyday? Or every other day? I don't think so, I mean they are my designs, haha. So that pretty much means I'm the biggest fan of all my products, cause I made them, so I hold eternal love for each single piece. The green bag was purchased Downtown LAST Christmas, creepers were purchased online. PS if you're wondering where I purchased them, just check my Formspring, as I've already answered a question regarding the exact site.

On my way home from thrifting two days ago, there was a beautiful rainbow lookin' like a beaut as always. Just how I remember her when I was a wee child. Doesn't look a day over 25. I've included a short video at the end of the rainbow. I couldn't let something like this go un-published ya know!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day beautiful gals and fine young men!

PS Are these the most out-grown roots you've ever seen or are these the most out-grown roots you've ever seen. Someone come over and dye my hair, please?

Burned orange sweater - OBEY
Zipper sleeve white tee - Dimepiece
Black lace maxi skirt Miracle Eye
Velvet pentagram choker and silver cross ear cuff - Etsy
Green surplus looking army bag - Downtown
Creepers - online 
Belt - Mom's hand-me-down
All other jewelry - vintage