Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Silver Machine

perfect DIY boots - DIY, my friend! // skirt - DIY // tee - Wasteland // Lola Concho Choker - Miracle Eye // rings - Miracle Eye // bracelets - vintage from flea markets // sunglasses - Spitfire

Basically a completely DIY outfit.. Which is new for me these days.. Something else that is also new: Putting effort into an outfit. When you're always at home working or when you have plans, but you're in a rush because you decided to finish watching whatever show, for whatever reason, and you end up being late, how awesome your outfit looks tends to not be a priority because you throw on what's comfortable + makes you feel yourself and very confident in (which for me tends to be a pair of Miracle Eye leggings, a tee, and my Harley boots, usually with a beanie or hat). So fuck yeah for this day where I woke up early, prepared breakfast for my family, and took more than 5 minutes to get dressed. Fuck yeah for me and fuck yeah for these awesome DIY boots that I made that same morning (with the help of mom). I most definitely deserve a freshly baked warm gooey chocolate chip cookie.