Saturday, March 16, 2013

Vanishing Act

dress worn as top - flea market // saturn ring and necklace - c/o Earth Shine // shorts - minkpink // eye, fish, and cross ring - c/o Luna Nera // sunglasses - etsy // harley-davidson boots and all other jewelry - vintage

Weather is getting warmer.. Which means it is gradually becoming less comfortable to wear black leather motorcycle jackets and green parkas.. Stop, LA. 
Anyways, I leave you with this fantastic song.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Death Take Your Fiddle

flawless vintage Grateful Dead tee - flea market // vintage denim skirt - Captain's Helm + DIY // sweater and sunglasses - Melrose Trading Post // hat - vintage // necklace - Etsy trade // boots - thrifted

So this skirt you see here was actually at about knee-length.. The most awkward and undesirable length for anything, whether it be shorts, a dress, and especially a skirt (for me, at least). I cut the skirt after trying it on later at home, and nearly cut it too short. My heart increased to a startling speed and I felt my stomach sink. The feeling I felt in my body was similar to the feeling one gets when someone breaks up with them even though they thought that the relationship was just dandy and on it's way to hitting its one year anniversary. That's as close as I can get to the feeling. Out of fear, I didn't try it on after cutting it because I already knew I cut it too short, obviously, because I am an impatient person who never does anything good with scissors except cut up t-shirts and destroy lives. My mom finished the hem on her machine so the edges wouldn't be raw, and after I tried it on, all finished and stuff, it ended up being the perfect length. There's your story of the day. My stomach didn't sink because I found out I have diabetes or someone died -- but because I thought I cut my skirt too short. Ha. Can someone teach me how to be a good human already? America has screwed my brain up! Maybe it's all the cheese I eat?

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Night Sewing

necklace - c/o EarthShine // vintage blouse - Miracle Eye // pants and shoes- vintage // bag - Medellin, Colombia // sunglasses - Etsy

This bag is reeeally special to me, probably the most special tangible piece I own. Everytime I wear it, I think of my last visit to Colombia (when I got it). My mom is Colombian, I'm half, and that's where her entire family lives. She was the only member willing to move outside of the country, to the US. Crazy stuff. My mom would watch her own mom sew and help her turn the wheel on the machine when she was younger since this was years before they invented the pedal for the machine. By only watching her, she learned how to sew at basic level, and then practiced with her, and once her mother passed (in her teens), my mom gradually got better and better, and now she's at this unbelievably impressive level that I've never seen anyone be better than. Blazing fast speed, and the quality of her work is unbeatable. And now, she's sewing for my brand, Miracle Eye, and my friend's brand, Bad Vibes :) 

In case any of you don't know what Miracle Eye is, it's my brand compromised of my designs, featuring all handmade items. Every single piece (except our Bart Simpson sweater), including clothing, jewelry, and accessories, are all handmade by mom and I. So.. that's why I love this bag.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Magic Spells

necklaces - c/o Earth Shine // saturn ring - c/o Earth Shine // top - Topshop // skirt - AA // wool hat - eBay // sunglasses - Etsy // shoes - vintage Harley-Davidson

Weeeeeee look at this dead beetle riding a motorcycle! Flea markets are aaaawesome. 

Something that is also awesome, and possibly a little bit more awesome than this photo is the fact that this morning a baby was cured of an HIV infection! What a momentous day! Read the article here.