Monday, December 17, 2012

Gimme Shelter

Brass eye head piece - Luna Nera // dress - secondhand from Madeline // shirt - UNIF sample sale via Connected // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // Silver eye, cross, and fish ring - Luna Nera // necklaces - vintage // sweater - Obey sample sale // bag - gift // boots - thrifted

Whaddya know! I'm still alive. Unless you follow me on Instagram (shopmiracleeye), you've probably taken notice that I took a break from the internet, as much as my business had allowed me to. I have only been answering emails, printing out shipping labels, and watching movies on the internet. Nothing else has my computer been put to use to accomplish. Just wanted to say, thanks for stickin' around! I'll try and update more often, but I have taken note that the more I do in real life, the less I have time for internet stuff, like this blog. It sucks, kinda. Anyways, take a look at this amazing handmade headpiece that I'm wearing in this post from Nina's shop, Luna Nera. OBVIOUSLY I'M IN LOVE. I love eyes, hence my brand's official name "Miracle Eye". Her shop features the most AMAZING jewelry, ever. This piece is actually my favorite. Fish, crosses, spikes, and eyes?! Does it get any better than that? YEP. IT'S HANDMADE, MY FRIENDS. I highly suggest you take a look at everything in her shop.