Monday, February 27, 2012

Bob Ghandi

Hello! This entire week has been extremely stressful for me (now that I think about it.. When do I have a relaxing week? Never.) because I have been prepping all the production for the boutique in Los Angeles that will be stocking Miracle Eye. If any of you happen to be in Los Angeles this Friday, March 2nd, please come by for the launch party of Distinct Designers! I will be there along with my parents and a few friends. For more information regarding the exact location and time, refer to Miracle Eye's Facebook fan page. It's been chilly right now so I threw this sweet thrifted coat on top of my dress. If I'm covered from the top, I can be wearing underwear while it's snowing, and be totally fine. My body is weird like this. It's like the top part of my body is sensitive to the real world and stuff. You know, cause the real world includes mean people, pickles, and false Psychics. Whatever. I'll be prepared to partake in a heated debate with Mr. Trump as long as I'm wearing this baby! 

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I dyed the bottom half of my hair pink. Also, these pictures were taken a few days ago.. I've just cut my hair and it's notably shorter, ha. Now instead of being mistaken for a 19 year-old, I'll be mistaken for a 12 year-old. SO EXCITED TO NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY! YAY!!!11! Also, the title for this post is a song by Ratatat, listen to it here. The last 10 seconds of the song are actually golden, ha. Also also, if you haven't entered the Amourx giveaway of a $15 gift certificate, you still have time! It's international!! Enter the giveaway here.

Brown coat - $8 at my local thrifty
Black chiffon dress - H&M
Silver cat pentagram earrings - Miracle Eye
Gold studded white detachable collar - Miracle Eye
Black and white Dr Martens oxfords - Melrose Trading Post
Sunglasses Miracle Eye

Here's another video I've just made! Evidently, my filming style is very very repetitive. I just compile a bunch of clips I take throughout weeks when I'm at home or Downtown and play a rad song in the backround. I have this really odd quality about myself where I absolutely CRINGE at the thought of tossing a video clip I've shot into my laptop's trash can without it being put to use. NEVER. EVER. THROW A VIDEO CLIP YOU'VE SHOT, AWAY. ALWAYS USE IT. EVEN IF IT'S TWO SECONDS. Okay. I hope you like it!

Friday, February 17, 2012

☽ Creep. ☾

Helloooooo, man I have been really busy with school, Miracle Eye, and a TON of DIY projects. Seriously. I can't wait to show you guys a pair of shoes, jewelry, and hair pieces I'm working on. Yesterday in English class, we were given an assignment that asks for us to give up all electric devices for the weekend. This includes cellphones, computers, cameras, television, cars, ipods, everything.. and the most painful one to give up... MICROWAVES *wimpers*. I am slightly excited and I am a bit worried my precious weekend may turn into a bore. Now this makes me sound pompous. But that's not who I am, I know I can do it therefore I will REALLY try! My English teacher knows about my website and gave me permission to check my email (for order notifications) once in the morning and once at night = twice a day. Literally dying, BUT it's only two days right? If I can handle my dad's temper tantrums and my bunny's catty (pun TOTALLY intended) ~attitude~, I can do two days without the internet and all other things wonderful ;-)

This weekend will consist of reading books I purchased a few months ago that I can finally catch up on + pursuing NEW books, keep at my DIY projects, sanitizing doorknobs, and advancing some new designs that are currently in the blue-print stage for Miracle Eye. Oh yeah, and homework too I guess.. I'll also try and sneak my camera and take some shots that way I can make DIY posts for you guys demonstrating how I did some things I'll be doing this weekend. Who doesn't love DIY posts? I know I do.. Wish me luck on my slighty-onerous endeavor! Have a great weekend and see y'all bright and early on Monday morning!

Purple tie dye velvet crop topMiracle Eye (you can see it better in the product photos!)
Wide black velvet shortsMiracle Eye
Black floppy hat - Downtown artwalk
Sunflower halo placed on my hat - DIY
White blouse - hand me down
Pentragram choker - Etsy
Black creepers - online


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Where would you go with a lasso?

This bolero style jacket was purchased last week at the Melrose Trading Post, and man is it amazing. The lady who was in charge of the rack was so sad when she was folding it getting ready to put it in the bag.. I almost felt bad even though I was being charged for it (obviously not a gift), but I assured her it was going to a good home. This jacket looks handmade, even the cuffs look like they were crochet-ed. It's insane. I'm going to take such good care of it. I hope you have a good weekend, I'm on my way out so this is pretty short! My tongue was swollen a few days ago and I was in SO much pain.. It was so bad. I feel better now and my tongue is normal looking again :)

Brown patchwowrk bolero style jacket - Melrose Trading Post
Garbage Shirt - Melrose Trading Post
Black velvet shortsMiracle Eye
Creepers - online
SunglassesMiracle Eye
Navy beret - thrifty

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My Outfits on Paper - Marisota

Hello! I'd like to introduce you to the shop Marisota. It is based in the UK and is just as the previous shop I mentioned, for plus size gals! They offer a ton, and I mean a TON, of pieces for trendy ladies. I'll be listing some outfit ideas that incorporate my favorite pieces from the shop! Instead of just writing them down, I've also included collages of the outfit in photo.


OUTFIT 1: This Marisota strapless boho dress would look great with a velvet kimono, this Maisota gold coins cuff, and some JC wedges!

OUTFIT 2: I just HAVE to say that this Marisota small floral bag is adorable and did I mention it's tapestry? AMAZING. It deserves all the spotlight, because you know how bags are totally considered people? Yeah. I think it would look great with a pair of black lace bell bottoms, a floral halo, a sheer blouse of any color, and a vintage egyptian necklace. I feel like any pair of flatforms would look great with this.

OUTFIT 3: This Marisota bag in floral would look amazing with a lace dress, a lightweight suede vest, and a pair of tan loafers or wedges. That's keepin' it adorable. OR a pair of creepers or Docs instead of the tan wedges or loafers to incorporate a lil grunge ;)

OUTFIT 4: This Marisota vintage-inspired brown bag would look incredible with a charcoal grey wool coat, a pair of sheer black tights, black or red velvet wide shorts, and a kick ass ripped up graphic tee from the 90s. I think you can go with black suede creepers with this one or some black & white loafers!

OUTFIT 5: Now this Marisota bag.. Oh god. It's beautiful.. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. I'm prettttty sure that Christina Aguilera wrote Beautiful just for this bag because I know a lot of people won't 'get' it, but those who do, will certainly appreciate its pattern and material. I would pair this with a killer black long-sleeve maxi dress belted on the waist, a pentagram necklace, and a faux fur vest with a pair of Tardys by JC. Just.. Yes and double yes to this entire outfit.

Obviously, I've got a thing for the bag collection at Marisota .. Ha. This is considering that bags don't usually matter to me, but these are all drop dead GORGEOUS.

Additionally, they're hosting a giveaway on their blog right now! Click here to enter! Who doesn't love free stuff? If you're a little impatient or aren't interested in what they're giving away, like them on Facebook for a sweet 15% discount on your next order!

I spent a few hours making these collages based fully on my style. I would wear every single one of these outfits *if I could afford all the beautiful pieces included*. Please let me know what you thought, I may do them frequently if you guys like them :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

There Ain't No War In My Head Now

The inspiration for this outfit was actually derived from this good ol' post where I compiled a few Polyvore outfits waaaay back in July 2011. The first outfit consisted of elements such as crochet, american flag socks, and black. During July, I spent nearly ALL my time taking photos for this blog, I remember posting every other day. Damn! That was some hardcore dedication. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow is Monday, YAY! Beginning to the new semester at my school = Fresh start for my relationships with my teachers (not really.. some Christian and Jewish teachers still dislike me and my pentagram choker), fresh start with my grades, and fresh start with NOTHING! HA. Do I even make sense? No? Never? I know. Wanna hear some good rhetorical jokes/statements? Experts say the cost of funerals have risen by 50%, they blame it on the cost of living. Ha! Ha! HAHA! HAA!!!11!! Good stuff. Wanna hear another? A doorbell salesman joined the choir, and chimed right in! What is that I hear? A booing crowd? Great! Here's a third one, baby! Sellers of dried grapes, are always raisin awareness! #isuck #punny

Alright.. But I'll be back next time! All jokes courtesy of one of the most incredible Twitter users of all time.. omgthatspunny :}

Crochet dress - chicwich
Green surplus bag - Downtown
Flannel - my local thrifty
Sunglasses - Downtown
Creepers - online
Flag socks - Rocco's Downtown Vintage (these were brand new.. or were they!)
Charcoal grey beanie - deep inside my buttholio (does anyone read this?)
All the dignity I've lost by writing all those punny jokes - Priceless

Friday, February 3, 2012

Simply be yourself! Non-conformity always wins.

Hello! I'd like to address something today. I know you've heard PLENTY on the subject of curves and the fashion industry, but here I go, adding to the pile of essays you've read on this before, ha.

When someone with a 'modern' way of thinking thinks of curves, they think of fat, undesirable women. But why? No, really, WHY? What's so wrong with not being size 0? Congratulations and bless you souls who were born with an abnormally high metabolism, AWESOME! Seriously, good for you. AND, good for those ladies who were NOT born with that same quality. Do not try and get yourself there. I mean, I'm not going to deny that being too large is unhealthy. It can affect your heart pressure that can lead to lifelong consequences.

Ladies, embrace your curves. I mean REALLY work them. Curves are sexy, they are BEAUTIFUL. A few decades ago, men desired and preferred curvier women because they were more capable of child bearing and had more to offer. Why has that changed? Why has society and the media put such a negative connotation attached to the word 'curves'? Stop being misguided and just owned by the mainstream media's love for twig models. Now, this brings me to another issue.

When someone asks me who my favorite model is and why I love them, I respond with none. Now see, I don't want to offend anyone with my opinion here because I know a lot of my friends praise some models (as well as 95% of style based tumblrs), but this is my blog and I can write what I want. I don't understand why anyone can like a model for being a model. Why would someone admire a person for the way they were born? It's all luck and that's also why I don't believe in love at first sight. I will admit that some models definitely have some redonkulously suh-weeet senses of style, don't get me wrong, but why should a model be worshiped based on the way they look when they had absolutely NO control on what they're physical attributes turned out looking like.

What they do have power in controlling what they look like is their weight. That is more often followed by losing weight in unhealthy ways because they work as puppets to these companies who pay them by the dozens of thousands of dollars. I would NEVER put a price tag on my health, a price tag on perpetuating a dangerous beauty standard to the dozens (considering I would have thousands of teens worship me), and if anyone does then they need a serious intervention. Everyone has a different vision of beauty of course, which may only be skin deep. The subconscious is a wild abyss we are just barely beginning to pioneer.

So long story short, everyone is beautiful no matter what your size is, no matter what anyone tells you, not even that dumb Lipo-Zene 'miracle pill' commercial. Oh and yes, I'm aware I sound like that one aunt that always harasses you with questions on your love life every now and then proceeding with some tips on how to 'push your boobs to a new high' with the miracle bra she is about to hand you while you cringe in fear.

I haven't come across any brands that seem to really cater stylish clothes for plus size girls, until now! I'd like to introduce you guys to a brand called 'Simply Be'. They offer clothing for curvy, beautiful women to simply be themselves (admit you love the corniness..). It's an online shop based in the UK. Lots of ladies believe that there is no point really to even care what they dress like due to their proportions.. What the HELL???? Gals, it's all about confidence!!!! I hate when I hear guys and girls in stores whispering 'man, that's so cute but I know I can't pull it off..' UMM HELLO?! LITTLE MISS/MISTER LIFE SUX, YES YOU CAN.

Simply Be offers tons of brands that offer unique accessories and sweet pieces that flatter and accentuate curves at great prices. They're striving to bring their awesome vision to the United States! And if that's not enough to convince you, they offer FREE SHIPPING. Who the heck doesn't like free shipping? Totally takes away the hassle of trying to calculate in your head what the total will be for your order. There ain't no risk with buying with them y'all especially because you get 20% off your first order! They've got over 4,000 employees ready to answer any questions (very impressive considering Miracle Eye customer service consists of me, mom, and dad, heh).

Check Simply Be out if you're looking for some well-formed, classy, and delightful pieces of clothing or just some dreamy oxfords and loafers oozing with sugar :-)

A few of my favorites are these killer snake print palazzo pants, might I add that these are on sale (wait WHAT?!) saving you $26 from their original price. This cream colored frilly angel dress is also on sale (literally again WHAT.), saving you $44. This denim maxi skirt is also a favorite (jaw is officially detached considering this skirt is also on sale). It would look great paired with a velvet bustier to keep it 90s, or a dreamy crochet top to keep the gypsy vibes goin'.