Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Hair Matches My Dress!

I'm so excited right now (I am literally standing up and shakin' da booty while typing) because I'm going to VIDCON TOMORROW!!!!!!! Yes.. I'm a secret YouTube lover/obsessive maniac. Vidcon is a YouTube convention where a ton of YouTubers get together whom you can talk with, take photos with, lick, smell, and greet -- basically a loser's wet dream. I used to watch my favorite YouTubers religiously, but as of yet, haven't, BUT I am still very very excited. I wasn't supposed to go to Vidcon last year, but snuck in last minute. This year, I bought a ticket (yay for doing things legally) and am so so excited. Want to know how excited I am? I woke up extremely early thinking today (Thursday), was Friday (tomorrow). I was texting and calling my friend that will be accompanying me at 8 in the fucking morning. I actually got slightly angry that he wasn't picking up and we had to be at the bus stop by 9. It wasn't until after 9:30 that he informed that today was THURSDAY and not Friday. I was dressed and everything, I ate a massive breakfast due to the fact that I didn't want to spend money at expensive restaurants over there, and fully charged my phone ready for all the tweets I was going to share. Whatevz. I'll just repeat this morning's process tomorrow. Yes, the entire written part of this post is a warning to you all who want to be friends with me in real life and go to cool events. I am that weird girl that obsessively texts you hours before to confirm and may even sound aggressive if no response is received within 25 seconds.

Wanna be friends? ;-)
Also, WTF IS LIFE!? This dress is, I tell ya. It was love at first sight when I saw Madeline wear it on her blog a month-ish ago.

WTF IS LIFE!? AKA the-best-thing-to-have-ever-touched-my-skin Dress - Motel Rocks
Kimono - DIY
Cosmic necklace - Glow Worm Shop
Sunglasses - Miracle Eye
Booties - UO

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Acidic White Rabbits

I am staring at my rabbit sleeping beside me as I write this. I always type without looking at the keyboard, this isn't new, but her sleeping RIGHT NEXT TO ME ON MY NOISY BED IS NEW. This means she's finally gotten to the point where she trusts me with her life, because I could totally just grab her and well.. But I would never, to anything with a heartbeat. Is it wrong that I'm getting teary-eyed? Probably not because she is my best friend. I can already tell today will be fantastic. Anyways, I wore this when I went to go see James Franco's 'Rebel' exhibition that I talked about in my last post with over 35+ photos. I've still gotta get to that neat video including all the clips I filmed this week.

Is it weird that I wear jeans, lots of them, maxi items, and skirts/sometimes dresses, during the summer? I won't be wearing any shorts, maybe twice a month or something, but will be heavily dependent on jeans/leggings with huge tees thrown over to cover my bum. I wear shorts during the winter and colder seasons (if there's such a thing in Los Angeles), but I will rarely wear them in our 85+ degree weather here in the next few months. But now that I've shared this publicly, I will most likely end up wearing them because I always do things I say I won't do. Great! I mean just look at what I'm wearing here -- a black leather jacket on an 84 degree day. Yes boys and girls, my middle name is DUMBASS :-)

Belt - Long Beach flea market
Nirvana tee - Melrose flea market
Purple eye necklace - Glow Worm Shop
Eyeball ringGlow Worm Shop
Colorful Pentagram necklace Glow Worm Shop
Leather jacket - hand-me-down
Quartz necklace with a circle thing - Unique LA
Velvet shorts (doesn't count as shorts b/c it can pass for a skirt!) - DIY
Creepers - online

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cheese Fries, James Franco, and Friends = Greatness.

So this fashion/personal style blog has pretty much turned into a LIFE blog. That's because my life is FINALLY getting interesting, heh. I went to James Franco's art exhibit in Hollywood, called Rebel, with my buddy Isabel! It was really.. Umm.. Intense. With the few thoughts I could gather and make sense of after being inside for over two hours, I didn't understand why it was open to all ages -- I mean, Los Angeles is Los Angeles, but it was just really graphic and vulgar, although there was a small sign in the entrance informing you of this, it is just so much to handle. Unfortunately I don't think everyone can, and should be, admitted, primarily minors. I am a minor, and I always complain about places that don't allow people under 18 in, but this was just BAT SHIT FUCKING CRAZY to the full extent. There was gore, a father wanting to rape his daughter (?), cats and dogs giving each other blow jobs, a bull getting castrated, a young man possibly OD'ing on pills who's best friend happens to be a red marker (?), a motorcycle being dragged, a boy's mother who died, Natalie Wood's death, just so much.. I mean, if there's something you feel uncomfortable looking at, you can't look at the floor because there's *blood* and you can't look at the roof because there are multi-racial blow-up dolls or strap-on penises that were submerged in *blood*, I can't even explain it clearly in words. And I visited two days in a row. I think Isabel liked it.. When we were talking about it, she just seemed very overwhelmed by it. Later we strolled around Hollywood, and walked into Hot Topic for the first time since we were like 13 years-old, and literally tweeted the funniest #shitwesayinhottopic tweets. Check them out here

The second day, I went with another friend of mine, Mario, and I'm positive he enjoyed it (videos of titz everywherez!!!!!!), but really, I asked him frequently if he liked it, and I think I got pretty annoying too, but he did. The entire exhibit was full of projectors, there were no paintings or anything like that. It was more like an experience, rather than tons of art pieces hanging, it was another form of entertainment which I seemed to have enjoyed more than an art walk, or whatever. So, as Mario and I were walking out, one of the security guards (shout out to ma boi Eric!!!!!!!), informed us of an *after-party* sort of thing going on that night, because it was the last day of the exhibit (June 23rd). There was a list of people who could go in because JAMES-MOTHERTRUCKIN'-FRANCO was going to be there. Thanks to Mario's ninja skills, we got in!!!!! And I met James! And I took a photo with him! And I couldn't stop squirming! I couldn't even speak! What I'm writing like right now, this is what I was like that night! This! Exclamation mark after exclamation mark ending my fragments! Ahh.. Good stuff.

For the first time, I didn't really take a lot of photos, but I took an appreciable amount of videos while in the exhibit/day with Isabel/day with Mario. I'll make another of my compilation videos this week and hopefully have it done before July. Also, I'm wearing a colorful pentagram and eye necklace + an eyeball ring, all three from Glow Worm!

Why has this summer as of yet been UNREAL?! I don't think I'll ever stop questioning why so many good things happen to me.. I mean, I'm a teenager with problems, I care about people and animals, but doesn't everyone? I don't feel worthy.

PS: PHOTO OVERLOAD TO THE MAAXXXXXXXXXX. What can I say? Life is great, and so are photos -- Why would I want to deprive you of any of those two? ;-)

James Franco Goodness Time.

 I will make an outfit post in a few days. Thanks for tagging along and reading this entire post, though! *mails friendship bracelet*