Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Flowers Grow Out Of My Grave

OKAY LOS ANGELES, WE GET IT. YOU'RE HOT. It was like.. 85-90 degrees today. Dear god. *slowly crawls to bed after opening all windows*

That is all.

I lied. Any Los Angeles natives going to this tomorrow night? I'll be there because Bebe Zeva is going to take the stage (she's a singer, didn't you guys know? Just kidding. She's going to read some rad stuff she's written + answer questions regarding the future of the interwebz.) and I love Bebe Zeva, but a bit less than this guy. I strongly urge you to watch that video. Right now. Watch IT and you will realize you're quite normal after all. Have a wonderful day!

Vest - from my local thrifty
White skirt - from my local thrifty
Creepers - eBay
Necklaces - Etsy/Melrose Trading Post
Boy London bracelet - Miracle Eye


mouse said...

i have that shirt! it doesn't look quite so good on me
love your hair!

Angelina said...

1. I'm so jealous that you're going to see Bebe Zeva! *fangirls*
2. Your shiiiiirt is so good.
3. I kind of love your purple creepers. At least where I live, creepers are SO overplayed (and they're always worn the same way), but JEEZ your purple ones are kiiilling me. In an awesome way.

Severine said...

I absolutely HATE heat, so I sympathize. Fuck you LA heat wave.

That sunflower top is the bees knees. Oh and you still need to do a tutorial on how the hell you got that rainbow goodness on top yer scalp.

WTF is up with that guy on youtube ? And where can I find a crazy satanist to worship me too ? Seems legit.

Laura Morrigan said...

your hair looks amazing! And I love your top! Last summer was SO DAMN HOT here I am so glad it's winter!

Erika Cuba said...

God! I love everything you wear. <3
Cheers from Peru.

katieanne said...

<3 <3 <3 i think this is one of my favourites that i have seen you wear.

Marlon d. said...

Good, you are wonderful or what ????
I love you and your blog , you are amazing in everything <3333

Daniel said...

Ugh I'd take all that heat and more to be with you in LA! Why ain't there awesome teen girls that dress so "I've got no fucks to give" where I live ?!! yOU sunshine ! LOVE YOUR HAIR !

Sabrina said...

That floral croptop definitely looks like a great way to beat the heat. You look aewsome as always!


Selena said...

why does it seem like it's always 15 degrees hotter in LA than it is in San Diego? I'm itching for a few extra degrees just to make it "warm" instead of "almost warm" down here.

I'm tempted to go see Bebe too... but if not, please enjoy her on behalf of us all.

oh and your top is just the coolest. just discovered your store too! dayum.

CULTstyle said...

Your hair looks great X


Isabel Spectre said...

BAHAHAHAHHAHAH that video! omg. currently dying. thanks for posting that. omg.


your hair looks SEWWW guuuud up! (and down too.. but omg i luvz the colors so much)

Anonymous said...

cool look! love those shoesss <3

XO Sahra

Magnet said...

Fuck, I fucking haaate the heat too as you may know. I feel bad for you, aaaah, I NEVER WANT WINTER TO END DAMN IT! Also, kinda jealous that you saw Bebe Zeva, damn living in places like LA must be really cool sometimes. So uuh, that guy on youtube scared the fuck out of me. WTF was that shit?!

Jenna Hughes said...

your hair is seriously amazing! love the daisy crop top!

Jenna Hughes said...

your hair is seriously amazing! love the daisy crop top!