Thursday, May 23, 2013

Black Math

dress - c/o Choies // black mesh blouse - AA // triangle eye necklace - c/o Luna Nera // sun and moon necklace - c/o Earth Shine // hat, Harley boots, and all other jewelry - vintage

Whatta perfect dress, seriously. This dress incorporates some of my favorite elements in a clothing piece: black, elephants, and gold. The cold shoulder sleeves make this more of a summer-approriate piece, but I'll probably be wearing it all throughout our winter times, if those times are to ever come to stupid hot LA that is. The silver sun and moon necklace has been on my blog before, and it's from Earth Shine, aka one of the best Etsy jewelry shops on the interwebz that also happens to be very affordable considering it's all handmade, y'all. The owner Kelly is super nice, and she's always adding new pieces to the shop! I love all the new pieces right now.. Ouija board rings, seashell bracelets, pizza necklaces, mushroom ear cuffs, and of course celestial pieces. Check it all out here. And Luna Nera is also a notable favorite. The jewelry is more on the minimalistic, avant-garde, but still very wearable side. The owner Nina is also very sweet, and her stuff usually consists of eyes (lots and lots of eyes), crosses, triangles, the fatima hand, and stays true to her shop's name by including tons of moons and lunar jewelry. Support this other independent woman-owned handmade business here.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Love Spreads

tee - Squaresville + DIY // skirt - thrifted // Perfect Hat - vintage // sunglasses - melrose trading post // jewelry - vintage // Harley boots - vintage

This is probably one of my favorite outfits, ever. Very comfortable and I felt very 'me' in it. Happy Mother's Day! (except those in South America -- happy late Mother's Day since yours was on Friday!). Here's a good song (that I can almost guarantee to you will be the best song you've heard in your life), by a good band that I watched perform at a good music festival in April, and caught their good drumstick. God, that was a really good day.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

That's On Me

black crushed velvet leggings - Miracle Eye // Def Leppard shirt - vintage // boots - Matiko // sweater - Melrose Trading Post // jewelry - vintage, Etsy, and flea markets // bag - really, really old UO

Yes. That's on me. That's all that's on me. These Zola Black Leggings from Miracle Eye! Crushed velvet has my heart forever, then when you add black, and the comfy-ness of pajama pants, I can't NOT say no. Not ever. This is practically my uniform (not kidding). I had my mom make me another pair in another type of black crushed velvet (that's not in the shop) so that I'd have two pants to wear all 7 days of the week. Is that gross? Probably. Gross is my middle name. Larissa Gross Blintz. Anyways, let's listen to some delicious new tunes by my wavvey boy: