Friday, March 30, 2012

Mute VCR

These pictures are kinda old, they were taken when I had dyed my hair a real dark violet, before dying my ends pink and cutting it shorter, but I really like this outfit. Thank you Byron for the photos, he helped me shoot the photos for the 'vintage' section at Miracle Eye! This is a hell of a simple outfit, but It incorporates everything I love -- huge tees, detachable collars, cut offs, and Dr. Martens. I went hardcore n00b editing on this one, sorry guys. I couldn't leave some of the photos with the white back round untouched.. SO TEMPTED. I'm leaving tomorrow to FRANCE!!!!! Wait WTF. It's still so surreal. I haven't packed yet and I have to run 2398749 errands.. GG-G-G-GGGR8! Have a wonderful day y'all! I am going to go take a shower and quit procrastinating. PS the shop will will remain open while I'm away! I've trained my dad on how to package and how to respond to certain emails we will receive. He's a good worker, he won't disappoint! 

Vintage Red Harley Davidson ShirtMiracle Eye
White Skull Studded Detachable Collar - DIY
Black studded high waisted denim shorts - DIY
Camo blouse/jacketMiracle Eye (I think I might be keeping this one for myself..)
Black and white Dr. Martens oxfords - Melrose Trading Post
Floral head piece - DIY (might put some up for sale, don't know yet)

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Islands And Cities And More

Hi! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. I have surprisingly been very relaxed this entire week.. But that won't last for long because I'm leaving to France in a week!!!! Yay! Bread and cheese and everything nice.. Food, food, aaaand food. I've only been outside of the United States a few times and that was Colombia. I love Colombia.. I wanted to marry the country, but I also want to marry Downtown Los Angeles? It's a tough decision! I just went to go drop off some new pieces at Distinct Designers (shop in LA that stocks Miracle Eye) that are perfect for Spring and are just beautiful in general. New skirts, dresses, etc. all in very colorful shades! I also went to the mall shortly after! I haven't been to the mall in like, three years or something. Malls are so.. blegh. They're no fun, the food courts are probably the only appealing aspect of them. But, I went and both my mom and I purchased a lot of things. Mostly all from H&M or cheap stores, so I definitely got a lot for my buck for sure. That rule WILL NEVER be broken. Who the hell pays $80 for a tee shirt? St00pid. We walked a lot and I remained completely comfortable for the entire three hours with these bad boys on.. The leggings are so soft, I just want to rub them all day long, sleep with them, breathe and grow old with them. Now I want to marry these leggings too.. Sorry Colombia and Downtown LA, I think these won my heart over completely. These booties are comfortable as heck too! I can jump, run, skip, I can probably fly too. I'll have to check that out next time I spend an unreasonable amount of money at a consumer-based, commercial, greedy, bargain's nightmare -- mall. I've added a ton new accessories to the shop, so I suggest you check that out.. But only if you love detachable collars and 'eye'-mazing jewelry.. *wink*

Vintage camo blouseMiracle Eye
Vintage Garbage tee - Melrose Trading Post
Black and white stripe leggings Miracle Eye
Red chunky booties - Deena and Ozzy (from UO -- they're on sale RIGHT NOW!)
Evil eye braceletMiracle Eye
Yin yang hologram ringMiracle Eye
Ouija board necklace - Etsy
Silver moon crescent necklace - Etsy
Surplus bag - Downtown
Evil eye necklace my mom is wearing Miracle Eye

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gold On The Ceiling - 100.

Hi! Hope you're all having a nice weekend! The gold chain I'm wearing on my skirt is tucked into it.. Did it real quickly right before leaving my house because I just saw it laying around. I'm planning on making it into a necklace, maybe two, and selling the second one I make. Would anyone even buy a chunky gold necklace? I just love them so much, haha. I am feeling a lot better, still quite sick, still quite bruised up, but I can walk and I can speak, therefore my health is GREAT :-) I am dying some things for Miracle Eye right now.. Man so far everything looks insane. So excited to sell them! Dying clothing is a pain in the ass, but it all turns out looking 239487398 times better, so whatever. Also, this is my 100th post on Velvet Codeine! Man, that is crazy. I still remember the first day I made this blog. I think I posted twice on that day during summer. It's also already been in existence for a full 11 months! Crazy stuff, eh?

Tie dye shirt - Buffalo Exchange
Acid wash skirt - Melrose Trading Post
Brown and black knit, suede, and all that good stuff (it's handmade!) jacket - Melrose Trading Post 
Gold chain - Local craft store
SunglassesMiracle Eye 
JC Coltranes - eBay
Yin yang hologram necklace - Trade with Etsy seller
Blue eyes bracelet - coming soon to Miracle Eye! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The New Pollution

I am posting this at noon time instead of night time right before going to bed for the first time since summer vacation. I have been really sick for the past two days and can't even move my legs now. I fell down the stairs in my apartment and was holding my laptop, but thankfully this thing got saved. I, unfortunately, was very close to nearly dying!! I'm so clumsy. I have a ton of bruises and bloody scrapes all over my legs, especially my left one so I will be wearing tights or knee-highs everyday for next few weeks. I have a runny nose, headache, and sore throat. I feel like I'm dying.. I haven't felt like this in a while. I hope you are all feeling healthy because no one should go through what I am right now. This is a really comfortable outfit, probably going to re-wear it in the near future! I tucked my blazer along with my blouse into my shorts and threw this leather vest on top. Pretty simple, but I don't think I've ever worn something like this!

Grey blazer, leather vest, and blue sleeveless blouse - thrifty
Skulls and crosses necklace - Etsy
Wide black velvet shorts - Miracle Eye
Docs - vintage
Sunglasses - Etsy

Friday, March 9, 2012


God.. the xx is so amazing. I cannot stop listening to them, particularly their song Crystalised. Someone commented on the video and wrote, 'they all look like they were dragged out of bed to sing this. that's how chill they are' -- what more do I need to do to convince you to listen to them? The video is literally so simple. The group is playing their song standing next to eachother singing and playing, while a projector is projecting really cool pictures, like clouds, or fire, it's so rad. I recommend you go watch the video. The cinematography is also very simple, but so inspiring. I want to create a band with my friends JUST so we can shoot a video like this. Then quit, and continue on with our lives being normal, and stuff. Yeah. Alright.. Enough of that.

It was chilly so I wore this grey coat which I don't think I've ever photographed before, even though I actually wear it a lot! It's from F21 and it is literally the warmest thing ever. Also, photographed last is the school I'm planning to attend when I graduate from high school! It's a few blocks away from me and every time I pass it in the morning on my way to school, I just stare longingly at the students walking to the building.. Wishing and hoping that I am one of those students someday. I'm already saving up! The majority of the money I make from Miracle Eye is all for FIDM. What school do you want to go to? Or should I say, what school are you currently attending? Is it the one you planned on attending all throughout high school? Did your plans change because you had a change of heart or couldn't afford it? I'm curious and I would love to know more about you. School is..... scary. I hope I'm ready for the real world and don't fall to my knees one day! Why am I being such a pessimist? Jeez! Here's a photo of a photoshopped Squirrel-Llama.

Wide black velvet shortsMiracle Eye
Grey coat - F21
Red burnout velvet top - from my local thrifty
SunglassesMiracle Eye
Bag - Aldo
Black beanie Miracle Eye
Shoes - from my local thrifty

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweet Sour

This sweater is SO soft.. I know the weather in these photos may look 'warm', but Los Angeles is really weird. The sun may be shining to the point where it's blinding, but the wind may be INSANE and leave you freezing.. I know. And I'm not even the sensitive type, well not with weather. Always wear tights and shorts in weather that others consider 'cold', ha. Boy did this sweater keep me warm. Anyways, I previously mentioned dying my hair MORE after this in a previous post, but I've been convinced to wait until summer (June/July), when this magenta is out of my hair + it's more healthy ++ it's LONGER.

Grey and black sweaterSugarlips Apparel
Black creepers - online
Studded detachable collar - DIY
Purple crop topMiracle Eye
Black chiffon fishtail skirtMiracle Eye