Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sweet Sour

This sweater is SO soft.. I know the weather in these photos may look 'warm', but Los Angeles is really weird. The sun may be shining to the point where it's blinding, but the wind may be INSANE and leave you freezing.. I know. And I'm not even the sensitive type, well not with weather. Always wear tights and shorts in weather that others consider 'cold', ha. Boy did this sweater keep me warm. Anyways, I previously mentioned dying my hair MORE after this in a previous post, but I've been convinced to wait until summer (June/July), when this magenta is out of my hair + it's more healthy ++ it's LONGER.

Grey and black sweaterSugarlips Apparel
Black creepers - online
Studded detachable collar - DIY
Purple crop topMiracle Eye
Black chiffon fishtail skirtMiracle Eye


Courtney said...

I love your collar! + your hair colour is awesome xx

mouse said...

love the outfit. and the bunny!

Venla said...

Love that top and skirt xx

Katie Called Me Lucifer

The Fashion Turd said...

just great great great x...might have to make meself one of those collars...

Confetti said...

Cool collar !

S. Lopez said...

Your style is amazing! Love your blog! Gonne follow you now :)