Thursday, February 27, 2014

Spanish Castle Magic

tee - vintage // sunglasses - c/o ZeroUV // leggings - Miracle Eye // jacket - vintage (similar coming soon to Miracle Eye) // elephant cuff - Miracle Eye // all other jewelry - vintage // boots - TBA

As of late, I have been heavily inspired by Jimi Hendrix (if ya can't have 'em, dress like 'em????) and forking out designs inspired by him and the Experience gang... These mariachi/matador pants are an ode to those very well-dressed dudes! In other very cool news, I'm happy to announce on the blog that Miracle Eye will be officially opening a brick and mortar store in Los Angeles, California! We signed the lease at the beginning of Feb. and have been renovating the place with my parents since then... Never had I imagined how much work it would take to open a retail location/half production studio. Broken backs all over the place and soreness is a normal thing at this point for us everyday. I have never been so proud to put my blood and sweat into something! We will be announcing the grand opening on our Instagram and Facebook and I really can't wait for it be finished. We're a little over halfway done and it's lookin so good! My life now completely revolves around my business, and everything I do is in relation to it. Due to all this time spent renovating, I've had no time to update this blog, but I will always try and snap shots of my more interesting outfits!