Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dream Police

shorts - c/o SheInside // shirt - UNIF via Connected // jacket - vintage // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // boots - thrifted 

You know, it's funny how close-minded/plain out stupid some people are (especially through the internet). It's through here that I have managed to find most idiots on Earth. Don't get me wrong, in real life there are plenty of idiots to go around (can't remember the last time someone hasn't angrily dodged me with their eyes at least twice in one day.. Maybe when I was 13 or 14..? So like three years ago?). 

No matter what you do, you can never please them. Yep, I'm referring to haterz. Fuck you. This h8 ball on my tee is directed towards you. I hope you never have the pleasure of eating a perfect pizza slice, fokin' bitchez.

Here's a photo of some macaroni and cheese pizza that the nice people get (like you and I).

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Shweet Seventeen

Tee - vintage // shorts - UNIF via Connected // shoes - JC coltrane // Colombia bag - gift I gave Isabel that I borrowed // sunglasses - Selena's // jewelry - vintage

I don't really know what to say right now, other than I am the luckiest 17 year-old in the world to have the friends that I do, all met through this lil ol' blogging community. Thank you so so very much for making my life fantastic and full of love and sugar and spice and cheese and velvet and aliens and shaved ice and pizza and HAPPINESS. SelenaIsabel, Sea, Madeline, Casey, Rachel, Sabella, and Jessi. I love you guys so SO much.

Here are some Instagram photos that barely touch on what happened last weekend. Y'all are awesomeballz and thanks for makin' my birthday awshum. Can't wait to celebrate Selena's, Sea's, and Brit's birthday soooon.. That shit is gonna be historical. 

All Instagram photos from: @shopmiracleeye, @seaghna, and @isabel_hendrix.


Friday, September 21, 2012


shorts - c/o SheInside // top - Insight via Connected Fest // bag - Long Beach Flea Market // silver cross bracelet - c/o SheInside // black crochet kimono - vintage // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // hat - eBay // shoes - Deena & Ozzy // all other jewelry - vintage

Bloated like a mothertrucker. Ate about three massive meals full of cheese and four cups of apple juice. Fun times. Incomplete sentences. Hi. Can you believe I got this concho hat for $13 on eBay? Some lady was getting rid of stuff she didn't use and all her things were buy it now.. At times I cannot comprehend how people can just get rid of dreamy clothing/accessories by donating them or selling them at ridiculous prices, such as this hat, or my crochet kimono cardigan thing. I remember getting that long sleeve angelic crochet kimono for like $8 or something a while back in my earlier blogging days. Crazy stuff. In other news, ain't these shorts just great? They're so soft.. Kinda like recently shaved legs. Bizarre analogy. What's new?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Connected Alien Fest

Lace bell bottoms - Miracle Eye // hellbounds - UNIF via Connected // tank - vintage // belt - long beach flea market // headband - DIY // sunglasses - eBay // jewelry - vintage

What can I say. We look like aliens, and we like it! Anyways, I went to this thing called the Connected festival here in Los Angeles a few days ago with Dominique and Omar! I met Mark Hunter (cobra snake) for the first time and fan girled a lil.. Not embarrassed to say that at all. Unif and many other booths were also present, selling tons of their clothes and shoes at unbelievable prices. I got a good amount of things that I can't wait to share with you guys.. The first being my favorite purchase! These mermaid pink hellbounds! Gah. So great. Just like that last photo of Beavis and Butthead as illustrated by Dimepiece. Uh huh huh huh.

PS Dominique filmed the Connected festival for her YouTube channel StyleFilmer with tons of footage of us shoppin' and great outfits. Watch it here!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Lilac Baby


Pastel Minimal



Rivers by tymetripper featuring an army jacket

Here are a few sets I put together last night while I couldn't sleep. I think they're all completely different types of styles and incorporate different color schemes, but all come together to fit my style. Or at least I hope! They were all centered around the shoes -- started with them, and then started adding all the other stuff an outfit needs, or according to what society says it needs. It were up to me, we'd walk around bottom-less, with just shoes and some underwear, if even that. If only my utopia could be real.. *sigh*

PS can we just talk about how amazing this store is? I have never seen crowns so majestical, in the entire sense of the word, in ma lyfe. Their crown is featured in my second set.. Thank god for Polyvore because now I've found another shop I can lust after. BOY, BEIN' BROKE SURE IS FUN!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Acid Turkish Bath

bodysuit - ASOS // shorts - DIY // crochet cardigan - Tunnel Vision // jewelry - vintage and Miracle Eye // sunglasses - Miracle Eye - floral headband - DIY // boots - Harley Davidson

I've always taken showers due to my anxiety to get things done fast, but I ended up taking a bath for the first time since I was a little girl last week. I've started taking them at night for the past few days and have never felt so relaxed. I had music playing one night, but the majority consisted of little splashes and my light breathing. Doesn't this sound like the perfect serial killer horror moment? The moment I shut my eyes, my throat is slit while I'm gasping to breathe.. BAM. NEXT SCENE: BYE BYE LILAC/TEAL WATER. HELLO BRIGHT RED WATER. Funnily enough, I've always thought baths were kinda gross.. I mean, think about it! You're submerging yourself in a pool of dirt and dead skin cells. I guess the relaxation factor makes it worthwhile. I am now going to hop off this bed and go ponder about life in the bathtub with some Flying Lo in the background. Peace.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


shorts and sunglasses - Miracle Eye // shirt - vintage and DIY // jacket - UNIF // boots - thrifted // jewelry - vintage/flea markets/Etsy

Today was super awesome. Pizza is always good, and so are friendz. I'm digging my accessories here, too. Throughout blogging I've learned to appreciate jewelry. I didn't realize the goodness in it until after a few months into blogging, but jewelry sure can make or make an outfit. The type of jewelry worn also tells a lot about a person, just like their choice of sandwich.. I think that's the only time it's okay to judge someone. Buuuuut I want to show you two videos:

Now, both of these videos make me express emotions in extremes, the first video makes me physically sick and disgusted, while the second one makes me excited and optimistic about adult dinners in the real world. My initial reaction to that first video had me teary eyed a minute in from sadness. My dad and I were watching the Democratic National Convention last night, and after realizing that we have a black president (I have obviously known that Barack Obama has been our president for the past few years, it was just in that moment that it really sunk in), I expressed to my dad my happiness with that fantastic fact. I had made the realization shortly after I made that comment that just less than fifty years ago racism was legal, prominent, and ENFORCED. My face portrayed disbelief. What the FUCK. My dad promptly opened his laptop and showed me that video and that was that. After three minutes and thirty-one seconds of silence in the room, he just said to me, "that's racism today." I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears. This dude, how is it POSSIBLE for him to have gone so far in America and become as successful as he's become, with that mindset?! I DON'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND. I CAN'T. I JUST CANNOT. 

The second video is good. Good music + good dancing = Great. Duh. Anyways, I'd like to hear your thoughts on that first video, and second video too (if you've got a sense of humor, heh). The interview was published in October of last year, so I'm definitely late, but for those of you who are watching it for the first time, I would love to know what you think. Or if you've seen it before, tell me what you thought.