Thursday, September 13, 2012


Lilac Baby


Pastel Minimal



Rivers by tymetripper featuring an army jacket

Here are a few sets I put together last night while I couldn't sleep. I think they're all completely different types of styles and incorporate different color schemes, but all come together to fit my style. Or at least I hope! They were all centered around the shoes -- started with them, and then started adding all the other stuff an outfit needs, or according to what society says it needs. It were up to me, we'd walk around bottom-less, with just shoes and some underwear, if even that. If only my utopia could be real.. *sigh*

PS can we just talk about how amazing this store is? I have never seen crowns so majestical, in the entire sense of the word, in ma lyfe. Their crown is featured in my second set.. Thank god for Polyvore because now I've found another shop I can lust after. BOY, BEIN' BROKE SURE IS FUN!


Angelina said...

WHAAAAT THE HELL. These outfits are so cool. I'm in love with them purply spiked boots in the last outfit. And, like, the whole rest of the outfit. And, like, all of the others. You style genius, you.
PS um yeah okay so this whole hanging out thing in LA is happening. I'm dying of excitement. You don't even KNOW.

Unknown said...

Ahh, that third outfit combo? I just bought that top! IT IS GOING TO GO WITH EVERYHINGGG. And I'm probably going to wear it to Boston Fashion Week if it arrives soon enough. I am stoked. (Annnd I'm thinking it will go with a few pairs of pants on your store; I'm thinking of buying those snakeskin bell bottoms in a month or so...!)

The rest of these outfits are fucking gold, man. Getting shopping urges like woah. ♥

Melissa said...

I think the last one might be my favorite...those boots!!

<3 Melissa

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Each and every thing is really has so much relevance to fashion phenomenon and they all are very up-to dated...yes I love the boots with having a slight purple touch also...but the jackets are also adorable...finest things really that I have ever come across in blogs.

Eryn said...

Those are really wonderful sets.

fab said...


fantastic sets!