Monday, October 14, 2013


 crop sweater - asos // skirt and flannel - vintage (thrift store) // sunglasses - c/o ZeroUV // boots - matiko // bag - so old can't remember

Yesterday was a very monumental day for me because I finally purchased my own very FIRST plant, ever. I can't wait to fill my room with tons of succulents and colorful plants within the next few months since I don't want to "force" the visual change as well the responsibilities that arise. Like constantly watering, making sure no direct sunlight (or maybe they like basking in the sunlight, havta ask the plant first), and of course making space. The baby pictured here is a little aloe vera plant stationed in a vintage pipe mixture can flask-like box. Couldn't be more me if it tried! (maybe if I stuck a glittery eye sticker on it it could technically be more me, heh). 

On a note that doesn't have to do with plants, these sunglasses from ZeroUV are perfect (and $10!). They've quickly turned into my favorite pair I've ever owned. I'm surprised they haven't gotten loose or cracked or any of that since I've worn them with practically all my outfits these days. So good. I also tend to shy away from cat-eye styles but again, these do not disappoint. Also, no squinting involved ever when worn, which is great because I hate looking more angry/sad/disappointed than I already naturally (and unintentionally) do! I swear I'm not holding a butcher knife behind my back and a warrant to kill you, sir stranger!!