Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Journey tee - vintage // shorts - c/o SheInside // bag - Colombia // sunglasses and beanie - Miracle Eye // boots - Harley // sweater - gift

Awesome weekend with awesome people. Hey, look at me being disgusting! This was my third day in a row wearing this shirt. I wasn't joking when I said I'd wear it until it fell apart.


"Ey. I see you. Don't hide from me, mom. Com here, gimme som of dat burrito." - Floatie to Casey

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Journey shirt - vintage // belt - artwalk // jeans - thrifted // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // shoes (coming REALLY soon, like this week) - Miracle Eye // gold cuff - Captain's Helm // gold necklace - precious gift.

Life.. Oh, what is life. Gaahhhhh.. LIFE. Hey, look at my shirt. That cool thing will be worn until it falls apart. I hope you have an excellent rest of the weekend, my friend.

Solina sounds like one of those songs that came built in to the mini keyboard your parents got you, where the keys that were being used lit up, and you invited your friend over to show off how you could play the piano at 6 years-old even though it was one of the built in songs that played themselves. Long sentence is long.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Snakeskin Oath

vintage black leather fringe vest - Miracle Eye // crop top - mom made it for me // boots - vintage // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // shorts - AA // gold belt - vintage // hat (flowers added by me) - eBay

I read this post by Taylor from Restless Youth, where she talks about slut-shaming and people judging others because they're dressed in what their opinion isn't 'conservative'. I totally suggest you read it because it's well-written in my opinion and gets to the point without blaaabbbbing on like I have a tendency of doing. I ended up writing a really long comment and felt like I should just copy and paste it because I am a lazy butt. Here ya go (true story that happened at my school):

"I completely agree. You know, something happened a few days ago in my English class that I'm going to talk about in my next blog post, but I'll just tell you in this comment because I think this post IS wonderfully written accompanied by a WONDERFUL outfit. Okay, so my teacher assigned us to create our own nine levels of hell, based on what we think is a reason. Some examples: Betrayers, pedophiles, murderers, and so on. One group, made of two girls and one boy, had one powerpoint slide titled 'loose girls'. Immediatley, I became frustrated (to myself of course). As I was waiting for them to justify their title, I read the slide and began to feel my eyes swell up. Their description of the sinner was as follows: Girls who wear short shorts, girls who sleep with boys too soon (what really is 'too' soon?), girls who basically feel SO confident and empowered in themselves and their sexuality basically was what they were describing. My sadness turned into anger. I couldn't believe my eyes, especially since it was TWO girls, and one boy in this group. Obviously, I would still be angry as hell if it was three boys, because I'd obviously come to the conclusion of "oh, it's just stupid misogynist boys who won't learn what the hell equality is until they're 30, if even then, or EVER." Basically, I couldn't believe that teenage girls who had access to the internet, were the definition of anti-feminist and were proud of it. They were proud of waiting a year of dating this boy to have sex because that meant they weren't "sluts" which equals stupid, apparently."

Unbelievable, eh? 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lucid Dreaming

kimono - Miracle Eye // dress - c/o Oasap // sunglasses and shoes - coming soon to Miracle Eye // hat - eBay // necklaces - vintage

YAY. FALL IS FINALLY (ALMOST) HERE. It was like 90 degrees a few days ago, and now it's going to be in the 60-70 range, with some rainfall. Awesome. Colors/fabrics/items I'm into for fall (that I'm always into in reality because who really dresses according to the season..): olive green, black and white knits, orangey colors, BLACK, faux leather, charcoal grey, burgundy, tonsa' velvet (pretty much everything from Miracle Eye), BLACK, bell bottoms, lace up stuff (shorts, tops, shoes), leopard, knit hats, fur hats, HATS, HATS, AND BLACK. Tons of black. Always. I am still going to wear a ton of tie dye and things that aren't seen as fall appropriate because I never wear what's appropriate. Hi useless rambling.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Bone Zone


Tee - c/o Killer Condo // shorts - DIY // jacket - DIY // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // shoes - Deena and Ozzy

I took these photos when it was way darker at night, and have no clue how they came out decent looking. As a matter of fact, I like these photos more than my daytime photos. Something about the darker tint color on them.. Anyways, I have been really overwhelmed with all the amazing blog posts I've been reading recently (on feminism and all that good stuff). I'm referring to written posts instead of just outfit posts. Awesome stuff. Other awesome stuff: this tee. skull with a top hat and cigarette?! SO GOOD (plus it's made by two awesome guys in Portland, Oregon!!)