Monday, September 26, 2011

Fishtails Excite Me

So, I have a store, with clothes.. THAT EXCITE ME!!!!!!!! Yesterday I went to the Melrose trading Post that I mention frequently in my outfit descriptions for the first time in about two months and I had so much fun! I wore the black chiffon fishtail skirt from my store, Miracle Eye, not in the usual way though. I wore it to the side, which led to the seam that would lay on the side of the skirt to lay on the front making me look like a complete idiot.. No but really, it looked so nice to the side. The seam wasn't even noticeable! Well I sure didn't notice it. The vest is another DIY (I am selling the vest I wore in one of my previous posts on Etsy!), I am totally in lust with this baby. I actually had this one up on Etsy for two days, took it down because I couldn't bring myself to selling it. The skull studs are freakin' amazing and the bleach turned out looking so good.. The velvet burnout top was thrifted for $3!!!!!!!! Proud proud thrift. Bracelets and silver Egyptian necklace are vintage, watch is from Nooka, and tea jar necklace is from a giveaway moi won! You da best of da best Isabel! Docs are vintage, socks are from Target, belt is vintage, and uh yep that's about it!

Black chiffon fishtail skirtMiracle Eye
Denim vest - DIY
Red velvet burnout sleeveless top - from my local thrifty
Black belt - Vintage
Jewelry - Vintage
Black leather backpack - thrifted from somewhere far far away 
Docs - Vintage


PS I've got a formspring, thought you should know if you'd like to troll/love me :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sixteen Candlez! Wooo!

YAY HI GUYS GUESS WHO'S FINALLY SIXTEEN! YES THIS YOUNG GAL WHO IS EVIDENTLY VERY HAPPY ABOUT HITTING THE BIG 12! Yep! Today is the day I finally came out of my mom's vag! Boy was it stuffy in there. Finally I can drive :) So this outfit is practically all thrifted/diy. Buuuut I will go through it all! The black shirt is DIY (it is a fringe shirt, but tucked in to hide all of it's beauty *tear*), the Levi's are DIY, the purple blouse/vest(?) was thrifted, belt is real old, socks are from eBay, rosary is my Etsy/store, and my glasses are from store here Downtown. Most of the jewelry is vintage and my creepers were purchased online! The black leather backpack was thrifted for $4, probably my proudest purchase!

Today I will most likely be watching Sixteen Candles with my boyfriend after school today (i am not too cool for school....... YET), eating some homemade stuff, putting some new vests/shorts on Etsy and I will also be going to the real movie theaters with him at around 11. Guud times. I've also purchased a new camera with money that my parents gave me to buy it! It is a beautiful Canon! So excited to receive it in the mail. Seriously, 3-5 days? It better be here in 3 days at the most.. So with that being said, I will be selling my most prized possession, my Nikon. If you're interested in a pre-loved Nikon d40x, with all accessories, box, 18-55mm lens, and all that good stuff, you've come to the right place! You can get all that for a mere $250! Guys, that is a STEAL! The body itself costs what I'm selling the kit for. If you're interested, e-mail me at, and if not, well then. YOUR LOSS. Just kidding. Btw, the Nikon is the camera used for all photos on my blog (including this post!) Boy will I miss her, but I mean, it's time.. Haha.

Have a wonderful day! I sure know I will :)

PS I will be tweeting my idol, my lover, my inspiration, Onision from Youtube asking for a retweet because it's my birthday! *fingers crossed*

Purple floral blouse/vest - from my local thrifty
Black shirt - DIY
High waisted Levi's - DIY
Thigh-highs - eBay
Leopard creepers - online
Rosary - Miracle Eye
Belt - Vintage
Jewelry - Vintage
Sunnies - from some store Downtown
Black leather backpack - thrifted


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'll Help You See It Through

Hi hi hi! I actually have no idea what I was inspired by for this outfit. I usually have a solid source of inspiration, but this one just came off the top of my head I guess. Pulled it all together as I was leaving and had 10 minutes to get ready! The vest is DIY, my attempt at bleaching it slightly turned out to be a complete fail, buuuuuut I do like how it turned out. I may put it on Etsy though seeing that I just purchased some more vests to customize! The Wednesday patch definitely made the vest though, I love it so much!! If I had the money to buy a thousand patches to throw myself in after a long day, I would be the happiest gurl in da wurld. I unfortunately am not a millionaire, so thus is only a dream! *sigh*

The skirt was made by my madre, black fringe shirt is vintage/DIY, docs were purchased on eBay (I am planning on selling them soon!), headband thing is from American Apparel (it's actually a scarf, ha!), and the cat eyes are from some store here Downtown! The belt is my favorite belt ever, which I ironically do not wear very often, but I do plan on changing that! The rosary is my new fav rosary and I am selling them on my Etsy for a mere $5.20! Check it out here! Plus it comes with a cute little plastic box with a photo of Mary! Most of my jewelry is vintage aaaaaand that's about it.

Have a wonderful day!! STAY KEWL YA SQUIDBILLIES ~
ps my birthday is this Friday! wooo! SWEET SIXTEEN. I will most likely be watching Sixteen Candles before leaving to school with some hot tea and homemade brownies.

Denim Vest - DIY
Wednesday patch - $4 from Etsy
Black rosary - available on my Etsy here!
Black fringe shirt - DIY
Belt - Vintage
Plaid skirt (soon to be added to Miracle Eye!) - DIY
Cream colored headband (actually a scarf) - American Apparel
Cat Eye Sunnies - $5 from some store Downtown


This video is my best friend and I's attempt at comedy. Watch and cringe! PS the skirt I'm wearing here is featured in this video! But I am not wearing it as a skirt.. *cue the music*

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Can Say It's What You Know

Hello! How have you guys been? I have been great. Stressed, but very good stress (does that make sense?) This outfit was actually worn yesterday as I went to run some errands after school! The sheer leopard top was thrifted, the high waist acid wash shorts were purchased at the melrose trading post, jewelry is vintage, glasses are from eBay (aren't they just the best??!), hat was purchased at the artwalk last month, aaand the shoes were purchased on for $8!!!! They're sold out now I believe, but aren't they just so beautiful? The white is so bright, and they sort of resemble those oxford Docs. The little crosses necklace is from Etsy, and my watch is by Nooka. The leather backpack was thrifted while I was out of town a few weeks ago and it is hands down the best purchase I've made in a while! I've been using it everyday and it holds all my basics :) Also, I'd like to thank all of you 146 followers for your support of my blog! I really appreciate it. In order to thank you all, I will be hosting another Miracle Eye giveaway as soon as I reach a few more (hehe so close!), but it will be a little bit different this time. A good different. You will all love it, I'm sure you will.

Have a wonderful day!

Sheer leopard blouse - $3 from my local thrifty
Blue acid wash high waisted shorts - $15 melrose trading post
Black floppy hat - $10 from last month's artwalk
Skull sunglasses - $4 from eBay
Black leather backpack - $5, thrifted
Watch - by Nooka
Little crosses necklace - Etsy
All other jewelry - vintage
White shoes - $8 from


PS if you've got a few minutes to spare, please watch this video I made with my boyfriend (he comes out in the beginning and end) and my best friend! It's very dumb but we had so much fun filming it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Take Me Over

Aahhh hello! I'm sorry for going MIA for over two weeks.. I've just been real busy with my business and school just started and hanging out with my friends! I really just need to improve my time management skills because I love blogging and taking photos of my outfits!! The only problem is that I go to a uniform school, so I guess I'll just have to rely on outfit photos I take during the weekend and post them throughout the week! Today I wore a thrifted leopard print *velvet* shirt, studded diy shorts (i overuse these, i'm addicted!), lace socks, vintage jewelry, lennon sunnies, and AMAZING NEW SHOES!!!!!!!!! I actually purchased these babies on eBay! I was the only bidder (no idea why there weren't dozens of people fighting over them), and I won them for the starting price, $13! They're the perfect teal color, and the sole is so comfortable.. But no surprise there since they're Docs and well yeah. I can already see myself wearing these way too much in the next few months. HA. The little crosses necklace is from Etsy, and my watch is by Nooka.

Have a wonderful day!

Leopard print velvet top - $8 Buffalo Exchange
Studded black Levi's - DIY
Lace socks - $4 online
Teal Dr Martens oxfords - $13 from eBay
Burgundy knit vest - $3 from my local thrifty
Little crosses necklace - $8 from Etsy
Watch - $103 from Nooka
All other jewelry - Vintage

PS I've been listening to this song on repeat for the past hour, it's the best!