Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I'll Help You See It Through

Hi hi hi! I actually have no idea what I was inspired by for this outfit. I usually have a solid source of inspiration, but this one just came off the top of my head I guess. Pulled it all together as I was leaving and had 10 minutes to get ready! The vest is DIY, my attempt at bleaching it slightly turned out to be a complete fail, buuuuuut I do like how it turned out. I may put it on Etsy though seeing that I just purchased some more vests to customize! The Wednesday patch definitely made the vest though, I love it so much!! If I had the money to buy a thousand patches to throw myself in after a long day, I would be the happiest gurl in da wurld. I unfortunately am not a millionaire, so thus is only a dream! *sigh*

The skirt was made by my madre, black fringe shirt is vintage/DIY, docs were purchased on eBay (I am planning on selling them soon!), headband thing is from American Apparel (it's actually a scarf, ha!), and the cat eyes are from some store here Downtown! The belt is my favorite belt ever, which I ironically do not wear very often, but I do plan on changing that! The rosary is my new fav rosary and I am selling them on my Etsy for a mere $5.20! Check it out here! Plus it comes with a cute little plastic box with a photo of Mary! Most of my jewelry is vintage aaaaaand that's about it.

Have a wonderful day!! STAY KEWL YA SQUIDBILLIES ~
ps my birthday is this Friday! wooo! SWEET SIXTEEN. I will most likely be watching Sixteen Candles before leaving to school with some hot tea and homemade brownies.

Denim Vest - DIY
Wednesday patch - $4 from Etsy
Black rosary - available on my Etsy here!
Black fringe shirt - DIY
Belt - Vintage
Plaid skirt (soon to be added to Miracle Eye!) - DIY
Cream colored headband (actually a scarf) - American Apparel
Cat Eye Sunnies - $5 from some store Downtown


This video is my best friend and I's attempt at comedy. Watch and cringe! PS the skirt I'm wearing here is featured in this video! But I am not wearing it as a skirt.. *cue the music*


Sabrina said...

I absolutely love this outfit! The skirt, the denim, the fringe, the cat-eye sunnies...they all go so perfectly together! Excellent styling!


Monika said...

hi, I saw U on lookbook, and I read your blog sometimes, and U inspired me to make my own blog, so thank u! :) and good luck and greetings from Poland,
btw. sorry for my gramma.

xoxo M.

RA said...

a big WOW! you look absolutely stunning! these shades are so gorgeous<3

Anonymous said...

love this! your outfit is soooo wik! you look amazing. Bex X

D♥R said...

I love you ! Absolutely Perfect! Denim vest ♥ the skirt is awesome!

And there is no way I'm not sending you anything as a birthday gift! Could you please send me your address to inspiremebiatch @ ?!

weasel said...

Love this outfit. This top and vest are great.

Anonymous said...

wowwww this is amazing! seriously, those sunnies are awesome. And the Wednesday Adams feature? genius haha.


Isabel Spectre said...

giiirrl. funny video. lolol.
Your outfit in the video is super cute! Those shorts are top are a great combo.
I like your jean vest lots, you are so good at DIYs.
Also, your birthday? Friday? whaaatatatatt? That is awesome! I hope it is the best day everrr! :)

Izumihiiiflower said...

wooow, dear, this is perfect! Love the crop tee on the skirt, it make great effect, and love the d├ętail o the jacket with Wednesday Addams <3

rouli said...

cooooool look!

great blog!


Lydia said...

I think this vest turned out awesome. You've inspired me to find something in my closet to bleach...

Izumihiiiflower said...

thank you so much <3<3

TipsForGirls said...

heey I have those sunglasses too :)
you have a very interesting style keep that individualism
please check out my blog its new so I need to know what people think of it.

Laura said...

love Wednesday Adams! cool outfit!

Lauren said...

i love this outfit, it's got a riot grrrl feel to it :)

lovelove xxx

franklyn.spence said...

i laughed at your vid, very cute! x

Anonymous said...

you're fucking coping LeHappy and Style Rookie
ur fucking cheapy fake

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