Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jumpin' Jack Flash

coat - vintage // Triumph tee - vintage // denim button-up shorts - Etsy // socks - Target // vintage boots - Harley-Davidson

My obsession with knee-high (or thigh-high since I'm a lil nugget) socks has come back from the DEAAAADDDDDD!!! They're the best kind of socks and make me feel way more comfortable, kinda like "aaaahh.. this feels like home *sips warm drink*". But first, can we just talk about this amazing vintage coat? A similar one is in the works right now for Miracle Eye! So excited about that. I have this weird thing about outerwear and shoes, to me they're the most important part of an outfit cause they can make or break it. So please Los Angeles, step your cold game up so I and my fellow coat lovin' weirdos can give life to our favorite big warm (always faux-fur) jackets! Since most of these photos are taken of me sitting down, here's a photo of me standing up so you have a better view of dis sweet outfit:

Friday, November 15, 2013

Down On The Corner

vintage ac/dc tee - $2 at the rose bowl flea market (what a fucking score) // orange floral crushed velvet leggings - coming soon to Miracle Eye // sunglasses - c/o ZeroUV // vintage boots - eBay // jewelry - vintage + handmade 

Last night was a "classic night-of-experimenting-with-makeup night" as my friend Saila put it, and I finally learned how to correctly fill in my eyebrows. Let me tell you something, eyebrows change lives. I feel like a new woman. I feel like I can wear anything and not feel self-concious because my eyebrows look incredible (once filled in). It's crazy how what seems like a small, insignificant detail can affect so much. I know the internet has gone on an eyebrow-craze recently and now I know why. Anyways, hi, I swear I like things other than eyebrows. Wait, isn't it strange that we have a worm-shaped patch of hair above our eyes?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ridin' The Storm Out

judas priest tee - avalon vintage // skirt - thrifted // jewelry -  flea markets + etsy + thrift stores // boots - h by hudson via ebay

It felt so weird to have my photos taken on a busy street for the first time in a while. The idea of maintaining a personal style blog that is mostly just photos of your face and body seems so vain in retrospect. I have to say that the absolute best thing that's resulted from this here ol' blog is the friendships I've fostered with people who I consider my best friends now and the people I see on a semi-regular basis because we like to do things in real life and eat real food and talk about things. And of course the amazing friends that don't live in California or the US, but live on the other side of the globe. Those are just as important to me and can truly stand the test of time (and distance). 

So I also recently stumbled upon this video that sheds light on webcam child sex tourism (in case you didn't know what that was) and an incredible idea the people behind the video came up with. It's seriously amazing. You can also sign their petition that will help end webcam child sex tourism here

In other news, Halloween was a week and a half ago, and here is a very serious photo of me being a very serious person.