Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gold Dementia

White sweater - c/o Romwe // Silver crosses bracelet - c/o Feather's Shop // shorts and sunglasses - Miracle Eye // Tooth Necklace - LSD // shoes - coming soon to Miracle Eye // blue blouse - thrifted

So the bracelet I'm wearing here is handmade by the lovely Feather! Her shop is stocked with bracelets and necklaces featuring skulls, bones, crosses, the hand of fatima, and planets! Did I mention it's handmade? Ugh, affordable + handmade + unique always equals amazing. I am particularly lusting after this necklace. Another shop that features equally amazing handmade jewelry is Little Sister Designs (LSD)! I won this tooth necklace through their Facebook page and couldn't be any happier. The packaging was stunning and Charlotte is the nicest. On a darker note (for those who live in the US): Why are the votes for Mitt so close to Barack's? I don't get it. How can humans be so moronic is the question I ask myself every day, especially when I read articles like this one. What the flippin' FUCK. *cries in fetal position*

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lone Palms

tee - melrose trading post // leggings - romwe // shoes - coming soon to Miracle Eye // jewelry - flea markets // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // beanie - Etsy

How perfect are these palm tree leggings? I purchased them for $11 when they were on sale, and then went back up to $20-something the next day! Purchase of the fuckin' year. My hair looks like vomit. Someone please dye it for me. Unrelated-ness: I've gotten a lot of emails asking if I will ever be coming out with men's clothing for Miracle Eye. YES. I will. Soon. I promise. I've got some samples right now, and 9 designs. I tried to think of what I'd wear if I was a guy, and what my dream boyfriend would wear. I'm probably going to wear some of these pieces anyways because they're too darn great. They are all minimalist type of pieces, and feature hawaiian print, clear plastic (vinyl), buttons, and some metal. Get excited, MEN. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012


dress - thrifted // jacket - coming soon to Miracle Eye // necklace - Etsy trade // creepers and sunglasses - Miracle Eye // eyeball ring - c/o Glow Worm Shop

Hi Sunday. You make me feel gross. Just like this heat wave. Saturday on the other hand was fantastic! Other fantastic things: Isabel's cookie dough, Rachel's pasta, and Rachel's living room. Last fantastic thing I will inform you of in this post: Miracle Eye now sells creepers in a variation of sizes! Exciting stuff. The ones we're selling are the same ones I've worn in all my blog posts in the past. That means that 90% of my outfits include black creepers which means I've got over 80 posts on ways to style them :-)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bloody Noses

top - coming soon to Miracle Eye (maybe) // shorts - DIY // belt - hand me down // evil eye necklace + clear quartz necklace + sunglasses + ear cuff - Miracle Eye // all other jewelry - flea markets/Etsy

I had the worst nose bleed ever in my life today at the bus stop after school.. I was reading an article on my phone and all of a sudden drops of blood fell onto my screen and I realized my nose was gushing blood. Is this image disturbing to you? Good. Just kidding. The situation was all over gross-ish (not that gross to me), but I thought it was hilarious that the families standing next to me stared at me like I was some cocaine addict or something. They grabbed their children and held tightly onto their hands while glaring at me while trying to wipe my blood off with my pullover and then started to lean my head back. If there's anything I learned today, it is that one should always carry tissues. Unless you like freaking people out. Which is absolutely fantabulous.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bruits De Train

faux leather vest - thrifted // black velvet top - thrifted // lace skirt - DIY // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // earrings - Etsy

I was going through my computer and found these outfit shots from late last year as confirmed by my hair. I have no clue why I decided to no longer publish them, because strangely enough, when I find older outfits hidden in my hard drive, they are absolutely nauseating. This one, though, I like, a lot. Makes me miss my low-maintenence hair. I've gotten bored with my multi-colored hair due to the outrageous amount of money I need to spend to maintain it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with it? I don't want to go back to red, at least not any time soon, but did like my ombre. Hmm.. Maybe purple? Dark purple? Way less maintance than what I have now but it'd still be considered 'colored', which is what I want. Whatevz. Look at how clean my creepers look! Brings me back good memories. I'm convinced that the only good purpose my ex-boyfriend served in my life was finding these black creepers online for me. I searched for weeks, and the closest I could find to black suede creepers in my size were the leopard ones, which I ended up buying before he found these, ha. Looking at these photos makes me want to go back to wearing bindis everyday. PS, if you firmly believe it's wrong for any human to wear bindis if they don't pertain to the Hindu religion, I strongly advise you to educate yourself and read this, TWICE, then promptly slap yourself afterwards.

PS tons of new accessories such as detchable collars, sunglasses, and turbans are going to be added the website tomorrow night! Excited-ness.

edit: If you're alone and okay with drowning in mascara filled tears, please please watch this. The video is this 28 year-old man's, Eric, last vlog on YouTube. He's been battling Leukemia for 10 years and found out earlier this week that 96% of his body was cancerous. It is now only a matter of days until he passes. Watch Eric's last vlog here. I believe it is crucial for humans to watch these kinds of videos to truly understand how precious life really is, but even then, they shouldn't have to, it should just be a given. Stories/videos such as Eric's make me feel guilty for being so disappointed with humans, wasting my energy on awful individuals in the form of responding to hate. Several days ago I was at the gas station with my mom and a 35 year-old ish looking woman approached me and began yelling at me and SWEARING beacuse we 'took her spot'. Remember, this lady is 35 years-old, and I am 16 years-old. We 'stole' her spot for gas and she felt she had the right to call me the b word, a mothertrucker, and tons of other horrible things. She flicked me off, and called me worthless, and I can go on. But this makes me wonder how someone can DO something like that, when there are people like Eric. People who's lives are filled with agonizing pain in a fight to live. My eyes are swollen and my boogers have turned into liquid goo, oozing out of my nostrils. I think it's time I go to bed. Too much information? Sorry.

Monday, August 13, 2012


tee - DIY // leggings - Miracle Eye // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // lunar hand-woven bag - Colombia // shoes - coming soon to Miracle Eye

The weekend pictured here was literally amazeballz. All of these pictures sum it up perfectly. I don't have many friends, but the few that I do, I treasure. These girls are a great example. They're the only people I've been surrounding myself with for the past few months or so, along with maybe like two other people, and I love them with all my heart. In these photos: Me speaking to a dude who we met on the beach and got super stoked when I found out he was a graphic designer. We went to go check out this rad block party and there was a great hookah gallery, full of handmade pipes. They were playing Alice in Wonderland -- it was only appropriate. The DJ's laptop was decorated with the most psychedelic sticker, so when I found a guy wearing a shirt with an equally trippy print, you could say I got really happy. Isabel belly danced for all of us + Casey. We hung out at this deserted beach (again) at night and discovered HOTEL CITY (second to last photo) and tried petting dogs in the pitch black. That was a success. Anyways, this outfit is what I wear all the time. I wear these same leggings at least three times a week with different shirts, of course. Just kidding. I wear this same shirt too. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!11 On a slightly more, still not-that-serious note, I've changed my blog's layout! Whaddya think of the new header? It's a lot more minimal, and a lot less hi-i'm-a-10-year-old-who-luvs-bows like. It translates what I think of this blog now, rather than the obnoxious logo I had before. Let's be real -- that thing had to go. It looked like a 14 year-old had too much time on her hands and decided to take a little stroll on Photoshop..

Saturday, August 11, 2012


These photos are fairly old.. Mm, not but too old because my hair is still freshly dyed here. Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend! I'm stuck cramming tons of work. Blah. I apologize for sounding as boring as ever, my brain is drained of thinking cells from all the reading and writing I was assigned for my environmental class. Did I just say thinking cells? I tell ya. Have I mentioned I hate high school? It's hilarious most of the time, but I just cannot wait for it to end already. Did/are you enjoy(ing) high school?

I have been fairly pessimistic slash negative slash bad vibe-y in my last few posts. Sorry :-(

Button up - Sugarlips
Skirt - Miracle Eye
Shoes - from my local thrifty
Necklace - Etsy -- I think I've lost this necklace :-(