Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bruits De Train

faux leather vest - thrifted // black velvet top - thrifted // lace skirt - DIY // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // earrings - Etsy

I was going through my computer and found these outfit shots from late last year as confirmed by my hair. I have no clue why I decided to no longer publish them, because strangely enough, when I find older outfits hidden in my hard drive, they are absolutely nauseating. This one, though, I like, a lot. Makes me miss my low-maintenence hair. I've gotten bored with my multi-colored hair due to the outrageous amount of money I need to spend to maintain it. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do with it? I don't want to go back to red, at least not any time soon, but did like my ombre. Hmm.. Maybe purple? Dark purple? Way less maintance than what I have now but it'd still be considered 'colored', which is what I want. Whatevz. Look at how clean my creepers look! Brings me back good memories. I'm convinced that the only good purpose my ex-boyfriend served in my life was finding these black creepers online for me. I searched for weeks, and the closest I could find to black suede creepers in my size were the leopard ones, which I ended up buying before he found these, ha. Looking at these photos makes me want to go back to wearing bindis everyday. PS, if you firmly believe it's wrong for any human to wear bindis if they don't pertain to the Hindu religion, I strongly advise you to educate yourself and read this, TWICE, then promptly slap yourself afterwards.

PS tons of new accessories such as detchable collars, sunglasses, and turbans are going to be added the website tomorrow night! Excited-ness.

edit: If you're alone and okay with drowning in mascara filled tears, please please watch this. The video is this 28 year-old man's, Eric, last vlog on YouTube. He's been battling Leukemia for 10 years and found out earlier this week that 96% of his body was cancerous. It is now only a matter of days until he passes. Watch Eric's last vlog here. I believe it is crucial for humans to watch these kinds of videos to truly understand how precious life really is, but even then, they shouldn't have to, it should just be a given. Stories/videos such as Eric's make me feel guilty for being so disappointed with humans, wasting my energy on awful individuals in the form of responding to hate. Several days ago I was at the gas station with my mom and a 35 year-old ish looking woman approached me and began yelling at me and SWEARING beacuse we 'took her spot'. Remember, this lady is 35 years-old, and I am 16 years-old. We 'stole' her spot for gas and she felt she had the right to call me the b word, a mothertrucker, and tons of other horrible things. She flicked me off, and called me worthless, and I can go on. But this makes me wonder how someone can DO something like that, when there are people like Eric. People who's lives are filled with agonizing pain in a fight to live. My eyes are swollen and my boogers have turned into liquid goo, oozing out of my nostrils. I think it's time I go to bed. Too much information? Sorry.


mouse said...

i'm glad you linked to the article about the bindi. it's such a sensitive issue and i really do think that as long as the article is usually worn for fashion, there's no reason another culture cant adopt it for fashion, as well.

and this outfit is great! xx

Juliette in Wonderland said...

amazing skirt!!;)

Liya said...

U look gorgeous, i am watching eric's confession. Thanks for sharing and also the lady is mean:/ Have a good rest! x

Magnet said...

Aaah, I read about Eric's video on the news :( so freaking horrible. I can't even imagine what he must be feeling, I would be so terrified and beyond devastation. Life is SO painfully depressing in that sense, the fact that at some point, we might have to face our own mortality in such a way, it kind of crushes whatever soul one might have. It reminds of this 17 year old kid in Melbourne about two months ago, he was born with a heart condition and after having two failed heart transplants, his condition became terminal. He also made a heartbreaking video :( (oh and yes, the outfit is very good)

Nora said...

i love these old pics, and i do think purple would be a nice idea .. just because it can look so different depending on what light you're in, so it would kinda be multi-colored, except .. it wouldn't be. you know what i mean!

i heard about that video but can't watch right now as i'm in a public place right now, but i will!

aaaalso, your face reminds me so much of somebody i know, but i can't figure out for the life of me who i'm thinking of .. weird o.O

Carly said...

I watched that video and it brought tears to my eyes. It truly makes me thankful for what I have in my life. I can't believe that when things like that happen in the world, people still waste their time being mean and heartless when life is so short!

CULTstyle said...

Thanks for linking the article- really interesting
The website looks amazing by the way!!!

And that video... aaah whyyy??? So terrible X


Isabel Spectre said...

I love you babe. I was like oh yeah heres larissa, oh wait somethings different. . HAIR>! wAT!? and then yeah. ok well anyways. I think you should just have me and r and s do your hair cuz we can do it hella good for like no money at all. so fuck yeah, right? yah. bindis ARE DA BOMB

Buzz said...

Love it!


hannah louise said...

I love this outfit, you're so cute <3