Friday, July 29, 2011

Gold Panda ✝

 Light pink blouse - $2 from my local thrifty
Black studded high waist Levi's -  DIY
Socks - Walgreens
Shoes - $6 from my local thrifty
Cross necklace - $2 from eBay
Quartz bullet necklace - $20 from the Melrose Trading Post
Cat eye glasses - vintage
Darth Vader ring and all the rings - vintage

I wore this to VidCon guys!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunflower Seeds ❀

Sunflower dress - $4 from my local thrifty
Burgundy knit vest - $3 from my local thrifty
Black tie-up shoes - $5 from my local thrifty
Socks - $6 from Big Lots
Cross necklace - $2 from eBay
Jar necklace - giveaway i won from this blog~!!
Nooka Watch - $103


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

White Sleepless Nights

Vintage black tee - from my local thrifty
Black and white button-up dress used as outerwear - from my local thrifty
High waisted blue shorts - from my local thrifty
Docs - Vintage
Brown bag - Deux Lux
Sunnies - some random store here Downtown
Cross necklace - eBay
Quartz bullet necklace - Melrose Trading Post
All rings - Vintage


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gloomy Day and I'm Feeling Insane

Ah guys hello! I was so incredibly busy this weekend.. So many things I had to prepare for. I'm actually going to start a fashion line soon with KICKASS leggings at affordable prices for teens like myself who don't have a stable income! I'm going to continue with the selling of the shorts on Etsy and the vintage clothes on there too, but I'm trying to branch off and get my own website with the support of my parents. I'm going to be at this festival in LA and i'm going to have my own booth! I will have all of the merchandise on set with me, it's next Saturday-Sunday! So SO EXCITED. If you're in town here in Los Angeles, please come by to the festival! It's called Unique LA. The website is, and costs $10 at the door. Being a 15 year-old entrepreneur is tough, but not impossible. Anyways, sorry for not posting anything this weekend, but here are some nice outfits I put together this weekend that are pleasing for the eye :)

Have a wonderful day!

You Little Misfit, You!

I'm a Believer

Big Boss


The Ballad

Post Physical

Friday, July 22, 2011

Won't You Keep This In Between Us

What nice weather we've had these past two days. Not too hot to the point where I'm melting, and not too cold :) So today I wore my black studded levi's that were DIY, leopard shirt t-shirt from Buffalo Exchange, levi's blue acid wash jacket from the melrose trading Post and my USA socks. The shoes are actually some stupid Vans sneakers that I've had since I was 12, but since I can't afford Creepers at the moment (saving up dollar by dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I am using these to replace those..Terrible replacement, I KNOW, but when a girl's desperate anything works out ya know? As for accessories I'm wearing my quartz bullet necklace, cross necklace, and a few vintage rings! The pearl necklace is my moms, and the belt is also hers.

Have a wonderful day!

Black studded levi's - DIY
Leopard t-shirt - Buffalo Exchange
Blue acid wash wash Levi's jacket - Melrose Trading Post
USA socks - Rocco's Downtown Vintage
Belt - Mom's closet
Pearl necklace - Mom's jewelry cases
Cross necklace - eBay

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mrs. Cottontail At Your Service + Giveaway Winner

This was soooooooo much fun to shoot seeing that a little someone joined me! The superstar herself, Panchita my bunny joined me! It was only like 5-7 minutes seeing she doesn't like being carried for too long, but she was totally fine with it :) Today I'm wearing my Imaginary Foundation shirt that I cut into a tank, cream silk vest that was thrifted, black high waist levi's purchased at the Melrose trading Post, Docs, and my sheer tights. As for accessories, the brown sunnies were free with another purchase of glasses, the brown wooden cross is from eBay, and the quartz bullet necklace is from the Melrose Trading Post! I'm also just wearing a bunch of vintage rings. 

The winner of the giveaway was Denise C! An email is on it's way to you :) Congratulations!

Have a wonderful day!

Galaxy tank - Imaginary Foundation
Silk cream vest - from my local thrifty
Black levi's -  Melrose Trading Post
Docs - Vintage
Brown sunnies - random store Downtown
Brown cross necklace - eBay
Quartz bullet necklace - Melrose trading Post


Monday, July 18, 2011

These Dreams Under My Pillow

Oh Land is so underrated! She's so talented! Lately I've been listening to White Nights (Max Tundra Remix) by Oh Land on repeat for the past hour. Today I wore my cream silk vest, black top, and pink chiffon skirt. The skirt, again, is DIY made by my madre! The vest and top were thrifted for $3 each! The sunnies were purchased at some store Downtown (I should really write the name next time) for $5!!!!!!!! The grey thigh highs are from American Apparel, but they were a gift I got during the artwalk! They were giving out socks to everyone haha. They're just up to my knees because I bunched them inside the boots, they're way too long! They go all the way to my damn hips!! That's what one is cursed with when they're 5'2! But I'm 15, so I have a little bit of hope. At least 1 inch (if God loves me)!! The docs are vintage and the cross necklace is from eBay! My rings are all vintage, and my watch is by Nooka.

Have a wonderful day! PS don't forget to enter the giveaway HERE guys! It ends tomorrow at midnight!

Silk cream vest - $3 thrifted
Black top - $3 thrifted
Pink chiffon skirt - DIY (thanks mom!!)
Grey thigh highs - gift from American Apparel
Sunnies - $5 Downtown
Cross necklace - $2 from eBay
Docs - vintage


Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Never Had This Taste In My Past

Today was such a beautiful and warm day here Downtown. I finally wore the kimono my super talented and magical mother made me! It's SOOOOOO perfect! I gave her a picture of what I wanted, picked out the fabric, and within two hours it was done. She's so amazing! I will actually be selling a second (identical) one on my Etsy. I'll be putting up tomorrow or Monday. The shirt is from Forever21, the shoes are from some store online (got them a while back), and the socks were purchased at the store where I serve my internship at! I got them for half price too, so yay! If you want a pair just shoot me an e-mail at and I could give them to you for the same price I get them (additional shipping).  The shorts are  DIY and they're currently available at my Etsy here. The sunnies are from some store here Downtown, cross necklace is from eBay, and the quartz bullet is from the melrose Trading Post. 

Have a wonderful day! PS don't forget to enter the giveaway here guys!

Black kimono - DIY
Socks - $3 from Rocco's Downtown Vintage
High waist denim shorts - DIY, buy them on my Etsy here
Grey shirt - $10 from Forever21
Vintage Lennon/Ozzy inspired sunnies - $5 from some random store Downtown
Quartz bullet necklace - $20 from the Melrose trading Post
Cross necklace - $2 from eBay
Black wedges - $50