Friday, July 8, 2011

Pearls and Acid ❀

Hi guys :) A few friends of mine gave me some advice on how to improve my photos and one thing they all had in common was to look into the camera and show my face. So I think that from now on I will have at the most one photo where I look into the camera. It was very awkward to take just one, but they said it adds a whole new side to the photo so I can guess I'll try from now on. So today I wore this blue acid wash jacket I got last weekend at the melrose Trading Post for $20. It was a lot but it was soo worth it! It's in flawless condition and fits me perfectly and snuggly. The fringe top was DIY, it has a picture of a guy hanging himself, +1 for optimism! Too bad I didn't take my jacket off to show you how I made it into a tank. I'll probably wear it again sooo you'll just see it then, although I am contemplating putting it on Etsy since I feel like I wouldn't be getting too much use out of it. The brown floral skirt was also from the Melrose trading post! I swear half of my freakin' closet is from the Post!! haha. I wore my quartz bullet necklace with this that I also bought at *drumroll* ..the Melrose trading Post! I also wore my cat eye glasses I got at some random boutique Downtown for $5 and the Docs are vintage. I was looking around the house (specifically my mom's jewelry cases) trying to find something else to adorn my neck with and make up for my naked wrists/fingers (i'm trying to get rid of tan lines from rings/bracelets) and I found this pearl necklace. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought of pairing it with this top, especially this jacket. But it turned out to look really nice and add a classy(?) feel to it haha. I went Downtown today to go look for some Chelsea booties and my mom works in that area so I went to go see her while I was there and she freaked out when she saw her pearl necklace on me!! She was bugging out because apparently it was from Colombia (I had no idea) and anything from Colombia is prized to her since we haven't gone in so long. Theennnnn she told me that it was her sister's who died and I felt bad. But she was okay with it because it needed to get some 'use' and needed to see sunlight again, aaaand she said it looked great on me. I think that was the closest I've ever been to death. Thank god my mom realized that jewelry is for wearing and not for storing 24/7! Phew! That was long. Sorry for boring you with my ramblings, but I thought I should tell you the story behind the necklace :)

Have a wonderful day! I think I'm going to start writing 'night' instead of 'day' because I keep on posting at night haha

Black fringe top - DIY
Brown floral skirt - $11 from the Melrose Trading Post
Vintage Levi's Acid Wash jacket - $20 from the Melrose trading Post
Quartz bullet necklace - $20 from the Melrose trading Post
Pearl necklace - Mom's surprisingly desirable jewelry cases
Vintage cat eye glasses - $5 from some random boutique Downtown
Docs - Vintage








Cee Harvey said...

cool look!
I neeeeed a denim jacket x

Denise C said...

love that jacket with the pearls! :)

Micael Dourado said...

Loooove your clothes darling!

STRUT said...

love this outfit
so good!

cute blog :D

I followed your blog!
hope you follow back!!..


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Isabel Spectre said...

you look so adorable! That jacket is.. um.. PERFECT <3 <3
I also raid my mom's jewelry when I am home.. Good story about the pearls lolz.

Orphin Lasz said...

This is a really cool outfit!
So edgy and chic, I like the mix of colors, and the denim jacket really adds something to the whole look!

I really like how you mix different patterns and shapes in all of your outfits * 3*

~ Orphin's Domains ~

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

I love that shirt! Very cool!

Tanja-Mia said...

great blog! follow me ;)

Sabrina said...

I really adore this outfit! It's a great mix of vintage and grunge with some girly and androgynous touches. Simply lovely!

Following your blog now- I love your unique sense of style! Looking forward to your future posts!


Mikko Tyllinen said...


Violetta E. said...


Rosie Riot said...

cuuuutee :)

Strawberry Freckleface said...

The shoes, the top, the denim. Perfect, lady.

strawberry freckleface

Patricia said...

I love the fringe top, I am doing a DIY right now with my MY DYING BRIDE T-SHIRT :D