Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunflower Seeds ❀

Sunflower dress - $4 from my local thrifty
Burgundy knit vest - $3 from my local thrifty
Black tie-up shoes - $5 from my local thrifty
Socks - $6 from Big Lots
Cross necklace - $2 from eBay
Jar necklace - giveaway i won from this blog~!!
Nooka Watch - $103



Christy Avat said...

i love your hair :)
your dress is so cute and only for 4$! what a steal :)

Violetta E. said...

amazing dress!

ching said...

awesome florals. you're a rockstar with that!

Rosie Riot said...

i love eerything. beautiful!

Leny said...

looooovee the dress ^.^

sojourned in style said...

those prices make me want to thrift more. like this combo so much a little edge, cool and sligtly prettiness. & you have the bestest hair ever, its so vibrant and the ends are amazing.

Isabel Spectre said...

ahh stop it, stop it! you look too good! I love your dress :3 those sun flowers are perfect.

Sabrina said...

I absolutely love the look. The dress looks just perfect with the vest! Great hippie-esque style!


Raez said...

love your hair!

xx Raez

Camille said...

Cute outfit1!! I specially like the shoes, where are they from??

take a look, if you like my blog mabye you can follow? :)

Michelle Lee said...

love your look :)

your newest follower Michelle

Maria Elba said...

love your outfit! that watch is pretty rad

armileen said...

those are some serious sunflowers, the dress looks amazing on you! perfect for summer! and i LOVE your hair! =)

thestylepages said...

We're having a total fashion crush on you at the moment. Can we just totally steal your style?
-Shelby and Miranda

Strawberry Freckleface said...

That dress! And your hair. Girl, KILLING IT.

strawberry freckleface