Tuesday, July 26, 2011

White Sleepless Nights

Vintage black tee - from my local thrifty
Black and white button-up dress used as outerwear - from my local thrifty
High waisted blue shorts - from my local thrifty
Docs - Vintage
Brown bag - Deux Lux
Sunnies - some random store here Downtown
Cross necklace - eBay
Quartz bullet necklace - Melrose Trading Post
All rings - Vintage



D♥R said...

I really Love your style !

Amber said...

loving that jacket and the grouping below!


Haley said...

soooo amazing :D
i love everything about this.
youre gorgeous girl.

Denise C said...

love it xx

Christy Avat said...

totally dig this :)

sojourned in style said...

wow. your edge is major awesomeness. the rocker tee, docs and dress/jacket kill me.


Isabel Spectre said...

your mom is so cute!! ahh <3
Your outfit is super great. I like that dress lots, especially with your docs :)

Patricia said...

absolutely lovely ! :D

Thank you so much for your comment on my new post, I would post a link to that brand , Meli Melo but they unfortunately do not have an official site, it's more of an unknown brand but some of their stuff are worth buying :D
Exactly today I am gonna search for that particular black bag , I have seen one at Kenevlo, too, you shall google their site, they do have a site and their stuff is quite cheap.

Lots of love,