Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gloomy Day and I'm Feeling Insane

Ah guys hello! I was so incredibly busy this weekend.. So many things I had to prepare for. I'm actually going to start a fashion line soon with KICKASS leggings at affordable prices for teens like myself who don't have a stable income! I'm going to continue with the selling of the shorts on Etsy and the vintage clothes on there too, but I'm trying to branch off and get my own website with the support of my parents. I'm going to be at this festival in LA and i'm going to have my own booth! I will have all of the merchandise on set with me, it's next Saturday-Sunday! So SO EXCITED. If you're in town here in Los Angeles, please come by to the festival! It's called Unique LA. The website is, and costs $10 at the door. Being a 15 year-old entrepreneur is tough, but not impossible. Anyways, sorry for not posting anything this weekend, but here are some nice outfits I put together this weekend that are pleasing for the eye :)

Have a wonderful day!

You Little Misfit, You!

I'm a Believer

Big Boss


The Ballad

Post Physical


Anonymous said...
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Isabel Spectre said...

ahh! good luck with your brand and getting everything started up and ready!! I can't wait to hear how everything goes!

jane said...

Cool selection, I love it. The first one is my fav, I think, it corresponds better to my tastes;)

Haley said...

so awesome. every outfit is perfect ;))