Friday, July 22, 2011

Won't You Keep This In Between Us

What nice weather we've had these past two days. Not too hot to the point where I'm melting, and not too cold :) So today I wore my black studded levi's that were DIY, leopard shirt t-shirt from Buffalo Exchange, levi's blue acid wash jacket from the melrose trading Post and my USA socks. The shoes are actually some stupid Vans sneakers that I've had since I was 12, but since I can't afford Creepers at the moment (saving up dollar by dollar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I am using these to replace those..Terrible replacement, I KNOW, but when a girl's desperate anything works out ya know? As for accessories I'm wearing my quartz bullet necklace, cross necklace, and a few vintage rings! The pearl necklace is my moms, and the belt is also hers.

Have a wonderful day!

Black studded levi's - DIY
Leopard t-shirt - Buffalo Exchange
Blue acid wash wash Levi's jacket - Melrose Trading Post
USA socks - Rocco's Downtown Vintage
Belt - Mom's closet
Pearl necklace - Mom's jewelry cases
Cross necklace - eBay


Sabrina said...

Love the mix of prints here, especially the American-esque socks! This is such a cool and edgy look- you look great!


Violetta E. said...

yeah! ♡

D♥R said...


D♥R said...


Isabel Spectre said...

I feel ya about not having the mulah for creepers. I love this whole outfit.

Le blog mode Miss Zaza said...

Like this outfit and more specifically the christian cross and your socks with the stars and stripes! ;o)

Olivia Olivia said...

GIRL!! you got style! Love it <3

Hadera Burki said...

Gotta love the socks

Much love
- Hadera xo

jane said...

Those socks are SO cool!!!

Denise C said...

your jacket and shorts! and the socks
wow xx

Katherine said...

I waaant your socks!