Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Never Had This Taste In My Past

Today was such a beautiful and warm day here Downtown. I finally wore the kimono my super talented and magical mother made me! It's SOOOOOO perfect! I gave her a picture of what I wanted, picked out the fabric, and within two hours it was done. She's so amazing! I will actually be selling a second (identical) one on my Etsy. I'll be putting up tomorrow or Monday. The shirt is from Forever21, the shoes are from some store online (got them a while back), and the socks were purchased at the store where I serve my internship at! I got them for half price too, so yay! If you want a pair just shoot me an e-mail at and I could give them to you for the same price I get them (additional shipping).  The shorts are  DIY and they're currently available at my Etsy here. The sunnies are from some store here Downtown, cross necklace is from eBay, and the quartz bullet is from the melrose Trading Post. 

Have a wonderful day! PS don't forget to enter the giveaway here guys!

Black kimono - DIY
Socks - $3 from Rocco's Downtown Vintage
High waist denim shorts - DIY, buy them on my Etsy here
Grey shirt - $10 from Forever21
Vintage Lennon/Ozzy inspired sunnies - $5 from some random store Downtown
Quartz bullet necklace - $20 from the Melrose trading Post
Cross necklace - $2 from eBay
Black wedges - $50



D♥R said...


Patricia said...

oh, GOD ! you have wonderful clothes, dear. Damn lucky pretty lady !



Daphne said...

Wow!!! Super cool! :)

Line. said...

Preeeettyyy lady!! I love your blog! I'm a stalker.

Sabina said...

Just found your blog. Love your hair, girl, it's rad.

CDG said...

This is just perfect! I love how the kimono is a bit sheer and how the spots reflect onto the background in the sunlight. Your mom has some skill haha. Aside from that, the bleach splatter shorts are awesome and the socks are so cute with those shoes. Love your style x

Tribal Fox Vintage said...

love the bleached shorts! i need to make a pair for sure! loving the kimono too! your mom is amazing!!!!

Sofie said...

woah that kimono/cardigan is amazing. i wish had diy skills like that!

Denise C said...

so badass :)

RA said...

thank you! :))
and wow, you look insanely stunning <3

Violetta E. said...

so great!

thekellytang said...

Love the bleached shorts! And the long sweater! <3

<3 Kelly

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Ahhh, the long jacket is so dramatic i love it :D Also liking that huge cross necklace!

Cee Harvey said...

wooow awesome outfit

Lieke said...

Love your shorts!

Daniela Baker said...

your kimono is waaaaaaayyy too amazing!
love your socks and entire outfit, including your hair :)