Friday, July 1, 2011

Before the Bridge

It's Friday!! Yes yes it's Friidaaaaaayy! So here it's been pretty warm.....not. It's been boiling hot, I can't believe I haven't melted yet!! Today I went to go fulfill some of my community hours at my local library in the middle of Downtown and it was "Bad Movie Friday" and yes, it's as terrible as it sounds! This was it's description, "You thought the last movie was bad? That last movie was an Oscar winner compared to what we have on deck now. Cringe in horror, laugh incredulously, make fun of it with your friends, all while eating popcorn!" So today I wore a fresh outfit even though I feel like complete shit inside (time heals all though so i'm alright!!) I wore my blue velvet crop top that was thrifted for $3! A pair of high waist shorts with some tribal-ish edges on top that were thrifted as well! I wore an unbutttoned dress as a coat kinda. I was inspired by THIS lovely blogger for the idea of unbuttoning my dresses and using them as outerwear. She's beautiful and has amazing style + creativity points!! I wore my docs, and that's pretty much it. The egyptian necklace is vintage and the cross necklace is from eBay. I also got this badass Darth Vader ring (no closeups, sorry) and yep. Have a great Friday ya'll (Miley Cyrus comin' in)

Have a wonderful day!

Blue velvet crop top - $3 thrifted
High waisted tribal edge shorts - $8 thrifted
Vintage button-up floral dress - $6 thrifted
Docs - $20 vintage
Cross necklace - $2 from eBay
Egyptian cross necklace - Vintage









Isabel Spectre said...

ooo! you look fantastic! Love those shorts, A LOT! and your dress opened up as a vest is too good.

Dear Girl Wallflower said...

you are sooo cute in this look!! that outfit is rockin esp the velvet (?) top! --your new follower:)

dapperette said...

I really like your style :-)

that velvet top is badass, you dont come across a piece like that often.

Violetta E. said...

so perfect!

Lady Stardust said...

love the ankh necklace and the cross ring!

I'm having a giveaway on my blog and I'd love if you could check it out:

thanks :)


the moonchild said...

i absolutely love your blue crop! (:


stop by sometime?

RA said...

aww, thank you my dear! :)))
I love your outfit!!!! really nice! <3

t said...

Cool look and nice rings!

Teresa said...

I'm lovin' the 90s revival! Velvet, denim, florals, and Docs!


isabeldrafts said...

nice jewellery :)

deniz saatçioğlu said...

Love your jewellery