Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mrs. Cottontail At Your Service + Giveaway Winner

This was soooooooo much fun to shoot seeing that a little someone joined me! The superstar herself, Panchita my bunny joined me! It was only like 5-7 minutes seeing she doesn't like being carried for too long, but she was totally fine with it :) Today I'm wearing my Imaginary Foundation shirt that I cut into a tank, cream silk vest that was thrifted, black high waist levi's purchased at the Melrose trading Post, Docs, and my sheer tights. As for accessories, the brown sunnies were free with another purchase of glasses, the brown wooden cross is from eBay, and the quartz bullet necklace is from the Melrose Trading Post! I'm also just wearing a bunch of vintage rings. 

The winner of the giveaway was Denise C! An email is on it's way to you :) Congratulations!

Have a wonderful day!

Galaxy tank - Imaginary Foundation
Silk cream vest - from my local thrifty
Black levi's -  Melrose Trading Post
Docs - Vintage
Brown sunnies - random store Downtown
Brown cross necklace - eBay
Quartz bullet necklace - Melrose trading Post



Anonymous said...

thanks for the interesting information

Anonymous said...

Great picture of you on the stairs!
Really like your hair color!

Violetta E. said...


Isabel Spectre said...

your top is so friggin amazing, and you look really great in these photos. I especially like the last one.. ^-^
Also, you should post more on your tumblr, cuz I love your style and you are unique and I like looking through your stuff..

Lieke said...

Love your top!

D♥R said...

Congrats to the winner ! Nice sunglasses !

Lalalala Jess said...

words cannot express how rad that top is

Rosa Pel said...

perfect outfit! i love everything!

Lenara said...

love LOVE your blog!!

defiantly following.

Follow me if you like?


Kimberly said...

Hey !
I like your photos. Your outfit is pretty cute plus your bunny is adorable :)

Daniela Baker said...

your bunny is SOOOOOOOOOO friggggin' cute!
love your sunnies and your outfit girl.

noura. said...

you're stunning

chestnutmocha said...

OMG!!! you have an adorable bunny!! i have one too! Yours is bigger though.. Here's mine yawning haha