Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Machu Picchu

I woke up this morning with an awful sore throat and flem (phleghm? pleghm? what?) lodged up all up inside. Gross, huh? ;) I still had to do a lot of things for Miracle Eye today regardless of the fact that I was dying. Life of a business owner sure is totally great.. tote-ally. totes. After running 23849723984ioerjqwlkefj (letters mixed with numbers are a unit of measurement, yes) necessary errands today, I got home and watched seasons 4-6 of Dexter all over again. Tons of ice cream, and tons of blood involved -- My two favorite things, yay! Now that we're on the topic of blood, my dad underwent a procedure a few days ago and is finally getting better. He is really strong, and seeing him go through so much pain was really difficult for me. I finally got some sleep, but I was really worried and just overall despondent. Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful day. PS this song is literally the best thing on Earth, aside from cheese, duh. OH AND DUDEZ, PARTICULARLY *AMERICAN* DUDES WITH CABLE, NEW WORKAHOLICS TONIGHT. Tune in, it's on Comedy Central. I will be politely asking my rabbit Panchita to leave the room as I'll be making babies during the commercials. Luv u Blake (I know ur reading this bcuz u secretly luv me even tho u deny my existence on twitter.. regardless, here's a kiss.. *muah* can't wait to see u on my televishun tonite)

Sunglasses - coming soon to Miracle Eye!
Mesh daisy skirt - coming soon to Miracle Eye!
Vintage khaki Mustang jacket - Repose at the Melrose Trading Post
White crochet top - from my local thrifty
Creepers - eBay
Necklaces - Etsy and the Melrose Trading Post
Boy London braceletMiracle Eye
Surplus bag - Downtown

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rabbits and Tie Dye and Everything Nice

Friday and Saturday have been really, really, emotionally stressful. When I'm stressed out, I tend to design clothes for Miracle Eye. That's good, right? Better than smoking pot.. Or exercising, or cleaning, because all those things are harmless and safe and a rebel like myself doesn't hang like that. Designing is where it's at.. I mean, that's the worst of the worst! Okay, but on a serious note, I have been designing for Miracle Eye all day, well technically for Mumbls and Miracle Eye!

I went to my first rap concert last week, on Thursday then on Sunday with my friend, to go watch my nephew perform and open for the mega *popular* Andre Nickatina! I finally got to see Mumbls (my kickass newphew) perform, on like stage and stuff, with beer, and a lot of sweat -- All that good shit. His determination is remarkable. I was really taken back when he performed his first song, I thought to myself, "Woah.. He's actually an artist performing, with a name, and songs, and has fans. *looks to the side* And is that guy seriously rapping along with him?! *thumbs up*" All throughout his performance, I was doing this. Can you believe that after 20 straight minutes of doing not just that, but also this, the friend I took with me is still speaking to me?! Friendships are good stuff.

He doesn't have a lot of merch, so we both decided that I should design some tees for him! Exciting shirts, engaging stuff, I mean, I'm going batshit crazy on these tees. I've been working on designs all day, literally, twenty-four hours straight.

On an unrelated note, I went thrifting last night, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The best part about thrifting, aside from the most unbelievable prices, is knowing there's a story behind it -- That someone wearing a particular shirt or pair of shoes won their school science fair, or had their first kiss in it, or realized what they wanted to do in life while wearing that garment. Retail sucks infinite shit, and I strongly encourage everyone to fill their closet with thrifted/vintage pieces and things from online independent businesses, just like my girl Isabel is doing.

On a related note, do you use Spotify? If you answered yes, first off *high five*, second, go star every song from Mumbls. If not, then it's okay.. *low five*, I totally recommend you to download Mumbls' new album 'Hella Novelas' on his website! It's free, so I mean.. If you like good stuff, especially free good stuff, what are ya waiting for? Only 4 payments of $19.99 + $18234798123.98 for shipping and handling! Just kidding. I SAID IT'S FREE. WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE. GO. DOWNLOAD. HERE. This happens to be my favorite music video from him + favorite song. And this one is my favorite song from his first album 'The Lost Weekend'.

If you read this entire post, let me go grab your cookie. Would you like some soy milk with that? I'm being serious. Ha, have a great day y'all!

Oversized tie dye tee - vintage
Shorts - vintage/DIY
Beavis and Butthead shoes - DIY
Sunglasses - eBay
Bunny mask - Dollar store
Panchita (last photo) - priceless lil cutie

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Superfast Jellyfish

Aahhh I have been listening to way too much Gorillaz.. I really want them to come to my city so I watch them LIVE and dance uncontrollably -- this coming from a chick who hates dancing. Here's some photos I took last year, but never posted. I went through my computer and found a few outfits I never posted, probably because I didn't like the way the photos came out, or I just wasn't feeling the outfit anymore. This is pretty simple, nothing really eye-catching, but I do wear outfits just like this one on a daily basis. Dress, flannel, creepers, beanie and I'm out the door! I'll be posting some of those up this week because I'm feeling them NOW considering I've just been really busy and haven't been able to set aside any time for outfit photos. School suxxxxxx, in Pirate Love's words, another good song, eh! I should host a second blog filled with my musings and links to good songs. Oh wait, isn't that what this is, except I include some photos of myself? Ha, have a great day, guys.

Blue velvet dress - Miracle Eye
Flannel - from my local thrifty
Creepers - online
Beanie - Miracle Eye

Monday, May 14, 2012

With Future Pixels In Factories Away

Hi guys! Just letting you know ahead of time that this post contains a lot of photos, ha. I attended an event called Unique LA with my mother for Mother's Day aside from the other gifts I had given her! Unique LA features vendors that produce all their pieces by hand, or are vintage. It's like Etsy, but in real life + free food and drinks and lots of good music. I had a blast even though I arrived ridiculously late. The owner of the boutique that stocks my brand Miracle Eye, also has her own brand called Golightly Designs! The owner, Megan, makes jewelry like bracelets and necklaces out of guitar strings -- How rad is that? She's recycling old un-wanted strings and making ART! I've included a few photos of her booth at Unique LA at the bottom! Her display is so freakin' creative.. I would have never thought of using vinyls the way she did. My mom and I took some unbelievably corny photos at Unique LA, in the end there were only two that I think were decent, which I've also included towards the end. In unrelated news, there was a young lady who was wearing this same skirt I was wearing which I had purchased at H&M a few months ago and I felt so embarrassed.. To allow to you grasp just a little of what it felt like -- It was like I showed up to prom with a beautiful dress that ANOTHER girl had as well -- Awful. This is why I almost never purchase retail! I usually wear Miracle Eye or thrifted pieces OR one of a kind handmade pieces, ya know? Nevertheless, the way we styled the skirt was very distinctive so I didn't feel that embarrassed, but still........ *cries and wipes boogers off with hoodie sleeve*
Faux leather skirt - H&M
Grey acid wash shirt - DIY
Flatform velvet sneakers - Asos
Sunglasses - Miracle Eye
Boy London bracelet - Miracle Eye
Pink beanie - vintage
Surplus bag - downtown
Cross earrings - Etsy

Friday, May 11, 2012


I had the pleasure of visiting the Downtown LA Art walk for several hours Thursday night! It's held the second Thursday of every month, and I hadn't gone in three months.. Pretty long time. I had a blast, the art was rad as hell and the artists were equally as amazing! I strongly suggest all LA natives to visit the art walk every month. I took around eighty photos for the night (I was way too distracted to remember to take photos every second because it was all so GOO GOO GA GA), but I've selected some of my favorites of the night. I apologize for the photo overload! This isn't what I wore, but I'll probably re-wear the outfit and take photos then, haha. Okay, well have a wonderful weekend!

Also, I'd like to say that I was so ecstatic reading all the comments on my previous post regarding street harassment from men (sometimes women too)! I genuinely enjoy hearing your opinions on these kinds of topics.. Sparking up conversation like that makes me really happy. I don't think I would hate my high school experience as much if the school offered a debate team, or a debate elective class.. Man, I would look forward to it so much. Having a teacher print out an article everyday and make copies for all of us to read, then talk about for two hours sounds like a blast to me -- Especially if it has to do with rape, drug, animal torture, and other inhumane aspects of life people encounter in everyday. School is just such a drag.. The opportunity to take a class like that would really motivate me.

Daisy pencil skirt - Miracle Eye
Red tie dye shirt - vintage
Purple tie dye crochet cardigan - Tunnel Vision
Sunglasses - Etsy
Creepers - online 


Hey, look! That's me in the last photo doing my 'depressed' walk!