Sunday, May 6, 2012

Midnight Transmission

Black lace maxi skirt - Miracle Eye
Joy Division shirt - My butthole (no really.. I just pooped it out one morning!)
Hologram necklace - Miracle Eye
Purple crochet cardigan - Tunnel Vision
Black creepers - online
Sunglasses - Etsy
Boy london bracelet - Miracle Eye 

The last photo is me doing my usual 'depressed' walk. I get in this position when I am either a) tired b) feel like relaxing c) carrying a heavy bag (such as my cross body school bag). I swear I don't do it for attention or because I want help or because I am DEPRESSED! I only call it the depressed position because that's what it looks like -- although I often do it for the sole reason of exhaustion overcoming me. I just continue walking.. Having a normal conversation, whilst looking like a zombie. Just wanted to let y'all know that.. My pals are used to it now.

ANYWAYS, there's something I'd like to talk about -- street *sexual* harassment. I can't make sense of men staring on the street to ladies, both young and older, in a really disturbing manner when we wear thigh highs or stockings. It's something I unfortunately don't think I'll ever be able to grasp.

Is it because it's sexier? How, though? Wouldn't NOT wearing knee highs and revealing the bare leg be more sexy? I just don't understand. I really don't.. I have spent hours just thinking about this and nothing has popped into my mind. It's not fathomable, to me at least.

The way I dress is not related in any way to my sexual life and preferences.. I'm being real, here. Have these people ever thought for a quick second that whether or not I am sexually active is none of their business? For that reason, shouting offensive remarks and blatantly degrading my gender should not even be considered.. These misogynistic idiots don't deserve the right to dictate what I can wear. Now, that brings me to slut-shaming.. But if I go into that, then this blog post would turn into a novel.

I remember reading this tweet: "Hoodies cause death the same way miniskirts cause rape. Stop victim blaming; persecute hate crimes, racism and violence, not clothing." -- and they are 110% right. Everyone has the right to wear whatever the hell they want whether it be a suit to the local grocery store or a bikini to a high-class restaurant.

This is all just a product of a bunch of thoughts that have been idle in my mind until I decided to write them down after reading Shevah's blog post here. Screw society.. I can't help but feel so hopeless when I see these things happen or when I experience them. Something else that makes me feel futile about this world is when I read things like this. This mother lied about her address so her son could attend a good elementary school in another school district, miles from theirs which has notoriety for being awful. 

Okay, well thanks for still stickin' around, guys! I will post regularly now.. I hope. I will. I promise. But I am terrible with promises, but I really promise this time. *triple double donut daze pinky promise* 

One more thing! I've dropped off some brand-new Spring pieces at Miracle Eye's stockist, Distinct Designers! Distinct Designers is located in West LA in California. If you're ever around the area, please take a look! It's really difficult to leave empty-handed because there are so many incredible artists! You can check out Distinct Designers' schedule and address here.


Daniel said...

Hell Yeahz !
Some men are such jerks! For real ! Eww And when I am in the train with like a friend of mine 16 years old and a man in his 40's is starring at her ass and sometimes the pigs even whistle! It's disgusting ! LOOSERS N PIGS ! It real disgustes me! PEOPLES SHOULD WEAR WHATEVER THE FUCK THEY FEEL LIKe !!!!!! And the mother that was sent 6 years to Jail WOW RIDICULOUS COMPLETLY !! OMG!

Jessie said...

Awesome outfit!I have the Unknown Pleasures jumper,and it feels so cool to wear ^.^


Wow that lace maxi is amazing! <3

Michele said...

Yes, I totally get this. I kinda stopped wearing thigh or knee high socks because of it. I was at the train station and got a million creepy stares from men that thought I was trying to be kinky or something. I wore them because I thought it would be cute. I really don't get why men would associate them with something sexual. Ugh, so frustrating. But by the way, I love your outfit! Wish I could wear a maxi skirt like that!

Laura said...

love your joy division shirt and skirt!!! I totally agree with this, i never used to care what i wore, but now i notice when people perve and it grosses me out. then again, i have been hit on in long sleeves and long pants. i hate how some men assume u dress for them. even if i was single or whatever, i would still be dressing for myself. also apparently most women care more about what other women think of their outfits than what men think.

I love the 'slutwalk' for drawing attention to this issue. men can go around without shirts in summer and no one cares, but women can't wear a short skirt or tight top??? sometimes society is utter bullshit!!!

Laura said...

and what is with the creepy perves apparently staring at knee high socks? I can't believe that! I wear them all the time cause i find them comfy and warm and they look stylish. WTF! weird!

Laura said...

and what is with the creepy perves apparently staring at knee high socks? I can't believe that! I wear them all the time cause i find them comfy and warm and they look stylish. WTF! weird!

Erika Cuba said...

Love the creepers and the t-shirt<3
Cheers from Peru.

Laura. said...

i hate that women feel they can't wear what they want because of men!

Love the lace skirt!

MuffinCannibal said...

I'm totally in love with your skirt <3


kirstyb said...

fantastic outfit thanks for sharing

Lydia said...

Girlfriend, men stare and holler at me on the street when I am wearing SWEATPANTS. Men, in general, at the risk of sounding sexist here, are pigs. They don't care what you're wearing-- you're a girl, therefore they want to stare and catcall you. And if you're wearing something remotely attractive or sexual? Forget about it.

Zoƫ Kate said...

FUCK STREET HARASSMENT. Seriously. Men can't seem to grasp that women's clothing has NOTHING to do with them. We should be able to wear what we choose and move around in public space on our own terms. Good for you for speaking out about this! Zero tolerance for harassment. Zero tolerance for slut shaming.

Oh yeah, and your outfit is just as badass as you are!


Andrew said...

so cute

I've wanted a joy division tee for a while, should probably just ebay one already

Superblondeep said...

hi! I love your blog and your style! I follow you now, follow me back pleaseeee hehe. see you darling xoxoxo

Magnet said...

I actually asked my boyfriend once and apparently it's because a lot of guys really like legs, so wearing itmems like thigh highs and over the knee socks brings attention to our legs which a lot of guys find sexy. EVEN SO, that does not give them the right to treat us like shit! If I find a guy 'sexy' I'm not going to make him feel uncomfortable about it, I'm just going to walk past him and give him the same space and respect that I give everyone else. Geez.

AVY said...

Men are stupid, that's all you need to know. I love Joy Division.


Nneoma said...

Damn. I love this. Neeeed that maxi skirt, and thank you for wearing that Joy Division shirt. <3

Eva said...

Amazing outfit, I love your shirt so much! It's so grungy and delicious. And yeah.... people can be hella disgusting and pervey. It's like LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. Jesus.
Anyway, hostility aside, I love your blog! Following! Can't wait to see more!

xx Eva

Paulina said...

like it!!!!!!!!!!
you look like from shop DISCOUNT UNIVERSE!
very nice!

greetings from Athens!


katieanne said...

i really respect seeing young women using blogs as an arena to talk about issues such as this one. for a long time i ignored sexist and misogynist comments. now it just pisses me off. i am pissed off that i can't walk alone on the street without fear. i am pissed off that rape and sexual assault is a real and daily fear in my life. i m pissed off when i get sleazed on at work that i have to brush it off. i am pissed off that this bullshit attitude is not taken seriously, but in fact, tolerated. enough is enough. instead of making excuses for this crap behaviour, or denying yourself from wearing what you want, stand up for yourself and be effin' proud! no one deserves to be spoken to that way. EFF THAT!

Anna Brain said...

Sooo stylish! :)

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