Monday, December 17, 2012

Gimme Shelter

Brass eye head piece - Luna Nera // dress - secondhand from Madeline // shirt - UNIF sample sale via Connected // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // Silver eye, cross, and fish ring - Luna Nera // necklaces - vintage // sweater - Obey sample sale // bag - gift // boots - thrifted

Whaddya know! I'm still alive. Unless you follow me on Instagram (shopmiracleeye), you've probably taken notice that I took a break from the internet, as much as my business had allowed me to. I have only been answering emails, printing out shipping labels, and watching movies on the internet. Nothing else has my computer been put to use to accomplish. Just wanted to say, thanks for stickin' around! I'll try and update more often, but I have taken note that the more I do in real life, the less I have time for internet stuff, like this blog. It sucks, kinda. Anyways, take a look at this amazing handmade headpiece that I'm wearing in this post from Nina's shop, Luna Nera. OBVIOUSLY I'M IN LOVE. I love eyes, hence my brand's official name "Miracle Eye". Her shop features the most AMAZING jewelry, ever. This piece is actually my favorite. Fish, crosses, spikes, and eyes?! Does it get any better than that? YEP. IT'S HANDMADE, MY FRIENDS. I highly suggest you take a look at everything in her shop. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blood For Poppies

plaid wool jacket - vintage // shorts - old Miracle Eye // shirt - thrifted and DIY // necklace - Etsy

These pictures are evidently old as hell because of my hair. I'm posting this outfit because I had taken these and I guess decided to not share them.. I'd still wear this outfit, so here I am. Sharing them, and stuff. I think I sold this jacket. I think these were product shots. Maybe. I don't know. Ice cream. 

Also! Miracle Eye is going to be having a Black Friday WTF Sale, and we'll be sending an email soon later today giving out discount codes.. You should subscribe, because I mean, who doesn't like sales? 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ziggy Played Guitar

beaded vest - Miracle Eye // Def Leppard tee - vintage // belt - hand-me-down // sunglasses - Miracle Eye // beanie - Miracle Eye // necklace - Etsy // shoes - Jeffrey Campbell

Let's just talk about how flippin' fantastic  Spotify's radio for The Rolling Stones is. 
- R.E.M.
- The Kinks
- The Doors
- David Bowie (my favorite person on this planet)

YES YES YES. I'm going to have a good Tuesday night.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nudette Cadette

nude top - DIY // green army jacket - Melrose Trading Post // belt - Downtown LA Artwalk // beanie and sunglasses - Miracle Eye // boots - Goodwill

I wish someone had been filming me when I found these boots at Goodwill last week.. Kinda had a mini meltdown, followed by lots of stares and me making bird squaking noises to make them (normal middle aged bystanders) even more confused. I found a pair when I went to the trading post a few weeks ago, but they were two sizes too big and although they were relatively cheap ($28), I passed. Goodwill, you are awesome. Thanks for selling perfect $9 cowboy boots to silly teenagers. Sincerely, Silly Teenager.

Monday, November 12, 2012

There Goes My Gun

crop top - Miracle Eye // pants - extremely old F21 // jacket - Melrose Trading Post // sunglasses and beanie - Miracle Eye // shoes - Deena and Ozzy

I have been getting so much sleep the past few days.. I usually sleep around five-six hours. I haven't caught myself yawning once during the day due to exhaustion, it's usually more of me yawning everyday if I see my sleep-deprived friends yawn, now. Does sleep affect mental health, too? I'm pretty sure it does.. because I have felt notably happier. GET SLEEP, GUYS. IT HELPS WITH LIFE, AND STUFF LIKE THAT. Also: dark circles suck infinite poop. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


shorts - Miracle Eye // creepers - Miracle Eye // sunglasses- Miracle Eye // tee - vintage // jacket - unif // bag - Long Beach Flea Market

Hooooooly shit these pictures are OLD AS EFF. Take a random hiatus and then post a bunch of old pictures. TOTALLY ME. I apologize for the hiatus, just had to take some time off the blogging world and such. Lots of Freaks and Geeks on Netflix (thanks Selena), and tons of other good shit on Netflix has been my life for the past three-four weeks.

"Hey, wanna go with us to go watch the Sh--" "NOPE havta finish this season of Parks and Rec"
"Hey, do you need anything from the grocery sto--" "GET OUT OF MY ROOM I AM WATCHING NETFLIX *in fetal position*"
"Hey, wanna take a showe--" "vat da hell is dat"

*Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan promptly fades in*

Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Journey tee - vintage // shorts - c/o SheInside // bag - Colombia // sunglasses and beanie - Miracle Eye // boots - Harley // sweater - gift

Awesome weekend with awesome people. Hey, look at me being disgusting! This was my third day in a row wearing this shirt. I wasn't joking when I said I'd wear it until it fell apart.


"Ey. I see you. Don't hide from me, mom. Com here, gimme som of dat burrito." - Floatie to Casey