Sunday, October 30, 2011

I feel the chemicals surround me

Hello! I am wearing a red velvet Miracle Eye skirt here, vintage flannel, vintage shirt that was cut into a tank, old leather bag, jewelry from all over (melrose trading post, thrifty, gifts), the daisy crown is DIY (I actually made a post just about it when I made it a while back), and the shoes were purchased online. I think I will be making more of these crowns and have them up on Miracle Eye considering the amount of compliments I received. Dunno.

Have a wonderful day y'all.

Red velvet skirt - Miracle Eye
Flannel - thrifty
Eagle tee - Melrose trading Post
Leather bag - Old gift from dad
Daisy crown - DIY
Jewelry - all over (melrose trading post, thrifty, gift)
Shoes - online


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Velvet and Shearling

Exhaustion. That's what's been taking over my week LIFE. So so tired. It's been freezing cold here the past week, while only a few days ago it was over 100 deadly degrees. Get over yourself weather, you're not that important anyways. So anywwwways, this outfit here has no inspiration really, except that it's comfy as hell and kept me warm all day long, and I felt real pretty in it :}

The black acid wash shearling jacket is vintage! Just letting you guys know, Miracle Eye will basically turn into Acid Wash central in the next few weeks, perhaps days, depending on how much homework Satan's wife and children assign me this week. So many new jackets, shearling, blue, black, all kinds. Beauties just lying here on the floor next to the Miracle Eye rack in my room.. The army tee is available on Miracle Eye! You can purchase it here if you'd like. The burgundy leggings are also from Miracle Eye, so you can go give those a holler here ;) Flannel, black glittery quartz necklace (soon to be up on Miracle!), shoes, and black leather backpack are vintage. The black velvet pentagram choker was purchased on Etsy and the black sunnies were purchased at the Melrose Trading Post (that flea market I had posted photos of a few posts back! Remember?). The cockroach clip, which is not very visible in any photos except for the second to last one was a DIY!!! And I have a few more available for Miracle Eye, they're available here for a mere $3.80 guys!! I've gotten countless compliments on it since I made it about a week ago and at school my teachers would freak out and shout, "Larissa!! There's a cockroach in your hair!!!!!!!!!!" and I would immediately take the clip out and answer, "Oh no! You mean this cockroach! I bet it looks better on you!" whilst simultaneously passing it to them. Good times. Plus, I only got about 10 points knocked off my grade, ya know, no biggie.

I'd like to say a huge hello to my new followers! Thank you for supporting this blog. I have so much in store for it and I'm glad you've hopped on the band wagon of ~FUN~ and ~KOOL~* aka Velvet Codeine ;)

Army chopped up tee - available on Miracle Eye here!
Black shearling acid wash denim jacket, flannel, shoes, black quartz necklace, and leather backpack - vintage
Velvet pentagram chocker - Etsy
Cockroach hair clip - available on Miracle Eye here for a mere $3.80!
Burgundy velvet leggings - available on Miracle Eye here!
Sunnies - Melrose Trading post


Thursday, October 20, 2011

We're all just a victim of the crime

I usually go about twice a week, sometimes only once (often just once because I am one lazy bum), to the events at my local library where I complete a fraction of my 200 required hours of community service for the prison I live in, known by its popular name, le high-eh school-eh. My school has a uniform so that's why I don't post as often! So the only times I can actually wear what I want during the week is when I go to one of the events at the library and I take a few quick snapshots before leaving. If I'm lucky, I'll post three times a week, but usually I'll try to keep it on a twice-weekly basis, and if I'm ridiculously busy, then I will post only once a week. Just a little explanation for my lack of daily posts I made during summer *sigh*, that has eventually morphed into a weekly post. Blah.

This dress was included in a bag of old clothes that fellow blogger, Madeline, gave to me and I can say that I will wear the shiz out of this dress for both accounts! It's so soft, and chiffon-y. If only it were velvet, oh jeez. The vest is DIY, the skull studs sure are a nice touch aren't they? Red creepers will be up for sale on my store as they don't fit me and have caused my toenail to grow painfully in? I believe it's called having an ingrown nail. And I have "that" on my left foot. IT hurts. ALOT. Due to these circumstances, I've forced myself to put them up for sale. They've only been worn three times too. Sucks, but that's life! - which ingrown nails tend to ruin. I'll let y'all know when they're up! The kick-ass sunglasses are from eBay and were a mere $4 with free shipping, *cue old, corny Yahoo! theme song*! The black leather bag is actually a gift that my dad presented me with when I was around 8 years-old! It was originally a bag for one of those real neat kaleidoscopes. There was a time in my life *cough spoiled 8 year-old girl cough*, when I became mildly infatuated with all kinds of kaleidoscopes, so I have a ton of them just strolling around the house, because kaleidoscopes tend to stroll around.. because they have legs that allow them to walk around.. in my home.. whilst at school. Yes.

The following is a description of what my "usual jewelry shiz" consists of (in case you're wondering since I always shrug it off and write that it's all just vintage):
Nothing real special here I guess, but I will describe where everything's from because you're all just BEGGING (I wish you were.. *sigh*). The leather "Live in Love" bracelet was a gift with a purchase I made a few years ago whilst purchasing an overpriced pair of jeans in Beverly Hills with my mother. I was probably around 12 or something. Sad right? Ha. The wooden Jesus bracelet was purchased Downtown a while back, and I am thinking of putting a few of them up on the store soon, not sure though. The shiny silver bracelet-cuff was purchased at the Melrose Trading Post for $10. The guy makes them all by hand, and the process itself is really amazing! Too bad I forgot. The black leather bracelet was purchased during one of the art walks Downtown for $3 I believe. The yellow smileys (and not so smileys) bracelet was a gift from one of my cousins! She said she purchased it at a flea market and it had my name written "all over it". Pretty weird considering I didn't see any words written on this fine bracelet when I took it out of the gift bag.. ;) The little blue elastic string came with a pair of socks that I purchased from American apparel a while back for some sidewalk sale they had. It held 8 pairs of white ankle socks that held the lofty price of $1. My watch is by Nooka, check em out here. They have the best watches and the story behind the brand is actually pretty amazing. The owner/designer was at a restaurant and on a napkin, he drew his dream watch, something different from just the regular watches. He presented it to a watch-maker and there ya go. Nooka was born. This baby is waterproof, scratch-proof, and durable as hell. I literally never take it off! I suggest you go buy one immediately unless you've got some kind of clock built inside your brain. And if that's the case, then you are a ROBOT!!!!!! Wo0o0o0o0aahhh! And no, I am not being sponsored by such a godly brand. I hold a genuine interest in spreading the word about this fantastic watch brand. The purple/pink ring is from the Melrose Trading Post ($3), the turquoise ring was purchased in Mexico during my stay for my paternal grandfather's funeral last summer, the simple silver rope/tied around ring on my middle finger was purchased on eBay for $2 a few years ago! It's totally real silver too. eBay sure has some crazy deals. The green ring on my other middle finger was purchased at the Melrose Trading Post, as well as the silver ring on my index finger with a whole bunch of tiny silver rings attached to two large ends.

The wooden cross necklace is vintage and the quartz bullet necklace is from the Melrose Trading Post!

Have a wonderful day!
PS to both of the winners of the giveaway, I'll be contacting you by the end of this week! I'm sorry, but I've been real busy as of late, so please be patient.

Leopard dress - Madeline's second-hand that is now a prized possession of mine, denim vest - DIY, Jewelry - read description above (that long ass paragraph yo), bag - gift from my Dad when I hit the big 8 years of life, red creepers - soon to be up on Miracle Eye (fit me too small), Sunglasses - eBay.

Monday, October 17, 2011

There are things in my life I can't control

Hey, hi, hello! This outfit is a bit different than what I'd usually wear, but I really favor it. The overalls are vintage and gorgeous flannel with the little floral embroidery is vintage as well! The peach t-shirt was purchased Downtown for $20. I know. Huge mistake, but at least I put it to use, ya know? If I never wore it, well then that'd be a completely different story.. The beautiful faux fur bag is from F21, detachable collar is DIY (new studded ones are now available on Miracle Eye), all bracelets are vintage, the red feather earring was included in a bag that I got from Madeline when she was giving a bunch of stuff away, aaaaand that's it for the NORMAL items ;)

Now onto the shoes.

Oh Jeffrey Campbell. You've done, but again. Except this time, I finally brought myself to purchasing a pair of your shoes that fall ridiculously out of my budget (and anyone that doesn't earn a three-figure salary). So first, I was inspired by seeing the red Tardy's on Madeline, so I had my eye on purchasing those because they were just so marvelous. But after a few weeks of savin' up, you came out with a Tardy, in another color. Not only was it a new color, but it had *drumroll* studs. Dear God. Practically had a shoe-gasm. So there ya go. PS I haven't been able to find these anywhere online! They were released one week ago! So I can definitely say that I'm probably one of the first girls to own these babies ;)

Funny how in the past two posts, the primary focus was on a pair of shoes. Ha.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
The winners of the Miracle Eye giveaway were Trixia and Casey! An e-mail is on its way to you both in the following 24 hours! Thank you all for participating! It means a lot!

Overalls - vintage, flannel - vintage, bracelets - vintage, detachable collar - DIY (studded ones are now available on Miracle Eye!), feather earring - second-hand (is that gross?) from Madeline, faux fur bag - F21, peach t-shirt is - Downtown, and shoes - Jeffrey Campbell.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Abduction of KOOL KIDS

Hello! What's goin' on? Life? Yeah, I figured. So I've *finally* purchased some new clothing items! The vest is DIY (of course), the alien tank was thrifted and then cut into a tank, and the beautiful lace shorts were purchased Downtown for a mere $8! All the jewelry is vintage, watch is from Nooka, and purple ring is from the Melrose Trading Post! Now onto the best part of this outfit. The boots. You see those? Yeah, let me help you wipe off the drool from your keyboard.. These beauties are the definition of perfection. Let me tell you why, other than their godly appearance, I have been searching endlessly for months, yes, you heard right, MONTHS, for a pair of snakeskin or crocodile pattern boots/shoes. Maybe that's why I am mildly obsessed with these? Eh, who knows. But they sure are a beaut. Can't believe someone could ever bring themselves to donating these to my local thrifty. I guess we can just add that to the seven wonders of the world!

Last night I went to the artwalk here Downtown with my boyfriend, I've included just a few snapshots of the night at the end of this post! During the artwalk, I purchased the most ah-mazing case for my iPhone.. finally! The one I had was so boring and blah.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to enter the Miracle Eye giveaway here! Only two days left to enter!

ps I apologize ahead of time for the ridiculous amount of photos included in this post! Sorry sorry sorry, haha.