Monday, October 17, 2011

There are things in my life I can't control

Hey, hi, hello! This outfit is a bit different than what I'd usually wear, but I really favor it. The overalls are vintage and gorgeous flannel with the little floral embroidery is vintage as well! The peach t-shirt was purchased Downtown for $20. I know. Huge mistake, but at least I put it to use, ya know? If I never wore it, well then that'd be a completely different story.. The beautiful faux fur bag is from F21, detachable collar is DIY (new studded ones are now available on Miracle Eye), all bracelets are vintage, the red feather earring was included in a bag that I got from Madeline when she was giving a bunch of stuff away, aaaaand that's it for the NORMAL items ;)

Now onto the shoes.

Oh Jeffrey Campbell. You've done, but again. Except this time, I finally brought myself to purchasing a pair of your shoes that fall ridiculously out of my budget (and anyone that doesn't earn a three-figure salary). So first, I was inspired by seeing the red Tardy's on Madeline, so I had my eye on purchasing those because they were just so marvelous. But after a few weeks of savin' up, you came out with a Tardy, in another color. Not only was it a new color, but it had *drumroll* studs. Dear God. Practically had a shoe-gasm. So there ya go. PS I haven't been able to find these anywhere online! They were released one week ago! So I can definitely say that I'm probably one of the first girls to own these babies ;)

Funny how in the past two posts, the primary focus was on a pair of shoes. Ha.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!
The winners of the Miracle Eye giveaway were Trixia and Casey! An e-mail is on its way to you both in the following 24 hours! Thank you all for participating! It means a lot!

Overalls - vintage, flannel - vintage, bracelets - vintage, detachable collar - DIY (studded ones are now available on Miracle Eye!), feather earring - second-hand (is that gross?) from Madeline, faux fur bag - F21, peach t-shirt is - Downtown, and shoes - Jeffrey Campbell.


Anonymous said...

Oh my god gurl! Those shoes are the sickest! You're so lucky to have them and they look wonderful. I can't wait for the day when I finally decide to purchase my on JCs. I love your dungarees, Collar and furry bag. Oh so lovely, once again! <3

Isabel Spectre said...

fuuuuuck yeah. those boots. I cant even.. I cant! AHHH!
I have loved the tardys for forever too.. and these.. oh my god, shoe-gasm is right. woof. Also I am so jealous that you got to get a bag of stuff from Madeline. How cool is that. ohhh my god. I cannot get over those boots. so jealous girl.

roxy said...

i love your boots :) worth dying for :)) so jealous now :)) followed you !

Paolina of Calur Villade said...

those shoes are just so damn sexy!


The white cabbage said...

lovely shoes !

come for a visit, and if you like sign as follower , I'll do back , but please let me know it .

ciao ave

Severine said...

Wowzers ! I sure havent seen these babes around yet, they look superb on you. Diggin' this carefree overall look, very sweet.

Melissa Tchieu said...

You reminded me Nasty Gal so much...take it as a compliment. :)


Laura said...

Definite shoegasm!

I wear second hand earrings too, because sometimes I find such beautiful ones i can't resist. I don't think it's gross if you clean them properly or change the hooks!

the faux fur bag is so beautiful! i've been wanting one for ages! maybe i'll have to do a DIY one sometime.

Claudia said...

You. Are. Amazing.


Jessica said...

Your shoes :O Gorgeous!

weasel said...

OMG these boots are incredible, they are really to die for. Amazing!

Lydia said...

Those shoes were a good call. And I made a couple of collar necklaces from my bf's old shirts last week! I'm going to sew some sequins and junk on one of them.

Anonymous said...

like your style ;)

samantha rae said...

those booots..... you are SO FUCKING RAD xoo