Sunday, October 9, 2011

Just adolescents, you and I

Okay sooooo Incubus has always been good, but SERIOUSLY. I am completely infatuated with their new song, Adolescents. Shit!!!! I sing it all day, hum it, and attempt to whistle it (complete failure). It is puuurrfect.. Meow. This outfit is all pretty much DIY and thrifted, so it makes me feel extra ~special~ !!

The black crochet kimono jacket was purchased at a yard sale for a mere $6 ^-^ I was still in complete awe when I asked for its price. What a sublime purchase. The smiley face t shirt is a complete DIY! I made the photo on le Photoshop, cut the shirt, and screened the photo onto the tee! I was so proud of myself since I've absolutely never screened anything before! Except maybe once when I was probably 8 and made matching *BFF 4ever ~ rainbows rock* long sleeve, blue, crew neck for my friend and I for her birthday (whom still remains my BFF 4EVER up thus day!!!) I think I'll be making a few tees like this and put them on Etsy and ma store, but I'm not too sure yet since it's pretty crappy screening (it cracks if you pull on it too hard), but should remain intact if washed by hand. Ehh. The shorts are DIY, leather backpack is thrifted, Docs are vintage, all bracelets are vintage, green necklace is from the Melrose Trading Post, and the bottle necklace is from dis blog that I won through an old giveaway! I seriously wear this necklace at least twice a week, while it's bunched up with a ton of other necklaces in every outfit!

Well, I guess that's all folks.

Have a wonderful day y'all and don't forget to enter my giveaway!! It ends next Sunday so you still have time ;)

Smiley face shirt - DIY
Black crochet kimono jacket - yard sale
High waist studded Levi's - DIY
Black leather backpack - thrifted for a mere $5!
All braclets - vintage
Green necklace - Melrose trading Post
Bottle necklace - Giveaway
Docs - vintage


Danielle V. said...

That kimono is so perfect! What a great find :)


Izumihiiiflower said...

ooh cool shirt!!!

thestylepages said...

Lovely shirt! I actually have one just like it. Nice cut.

weasel said...

Love the tee, it looks fantastic

lucylu. said...

I love the tee, amazing DIY! I also love the shorts and the backpack, can't believe you got it for $5! SO GOOD!
I'm a new follower.

Laura said...

How satisfying is it when everything is thrifted or DIY? i totally love it when i can do that! your outfit rocks!

i like the tee, i really need to get around to making some of my own shirts and things!

I V Y said...


xo zebra and meerkat

Melina-Lajolie said...

hey lovely :)
great post, very inspirational !!
love your blog :)
would you like to follow each other, this would be a great honour for me ?
melina from

Lydia said...

Amazing as always! Am I following you? If not, I am remedying that right now.

Isabel Spectre said...

aww yay! I am glad you wear the necklace lots! that top is hella awesome. And I love that big cuff bracelet. mraauuu <3

Claudia said...

Hey :) I seriously love your looks! You have a great sense of style..there should me more blogs like yours! -.-

hahaha, kisses

ps: I'm totally followin you!

Sarah Et Paris said...

You have such an eye for fashion! your style reminds me of Madonna WHO I LOVE!

Charmaine Cowland said...

You're 15 and your style is like this?! Girrrlll you put me to shame! I literally love all your combinations, definitely received some inspiration from you, thankyou so much!

Anonymous said...

You are so cool! I love the docs and sunnies!

.sabo skirt. said...

what a very cool style1! we love this outfit perfect for hangout!
Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

chica arcoiris said...

Hi swetie !! I´m totally fan of you! I wish all 15 girls will be like you. Kisses from Spain! :)

H. Maia said...

You are so beautiful... I am full of envy!
And I also loved your blog and your style dear.

*new in here, following*

D♥R said...

I ♥ Larissa Blintz