Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Velvet and Shearling

Exhaustion. That's what's been taking over my week LIFE. So so tired. It's been freezing cold here the past week, while only a few days ago it was over 100 deadly degrees. Get over yourself weather, you're not that important anyways. So anywwwways, this outfit here has no inspiration really, except that it's comfy as hell and kept me warm all day long, and I felt real pretty in it :}

The black acid wash shearling jacket is vintage! Just letting you guys know, Miracle Eye will basically turn into Acid Wash central in the next few weeks, perhaps days, depending on how much homework Satan's wife and children assign me this week. So many new jackets, shearling, blue, black, all kinds. Beauties just lying here on the floor next to the Miracle Eye rack in my room.. The army tee is available on Miracle Eye! You can purchase it here if you'd like. The burgundy leggings are also from Miracle Eye, so you can go give those a holler here ;) Flannel, black glittery quartz necklace (soon to be up on Miracle!), shoes, and black leather backpack are vintage. The black velvet pentagram choker was purchased on Etsy and the black sunnies were purchased at the Melrose Trading Post (that flea market I had posted photos of a few posts back! Remember?). The cockroach clip, which is not very visible in any photos except for the second to last one was a DIY!!! And I have a few more available for Miracle Eye, they're available here for a mere $3.80 guys!! I've gotten countless compliments on it since I made it about a week ago and at school my teachers would freak out and shout, "Larissa!! There's a cockroach in your hair!!!!!!!!!!" and I would immediately take the clip out and answer, "Oh no! You mean this cockroach! I bet it looks better on you!" whilst simultaneously passing it to them. Good times. Plus, I only got about 10 points knocked off my grade, ya know, no biggie.

I'd like to say a huge hello to my new followers! Thank you for supporting this blog. I have so much in store for it and I'm glad you've hopped on the band wagon of ~FUN~ and ~KOOL~* aka Velvet Codeine ;)

Army chopped up tee - available on Miracle Eye here!
Black shearling acid wash denim jacket, flannel, shoes, black quartz necklace, and leather backpack - vintage
Velvet pentagram chocker - Etsy
Cockroach hair clip - available on Miracle Eye here for a mere $3.80!
Burgundy velvet leggings - available on Miracle Eye here!
Sunnies - Melrose Trading post



Severine said...

Eeek ! watch out ! theres a cute giant awesome hungry looking cockroach making a nest in your hair. What a rad hairclip.
Loving that acid wash shearling jeans coat, what a find ! Ugh, you're just too adorable. xo

Lydia said...

The cockroach clip is genius. I'm sorta coveting those leggings. I may have to get some.

sophies-diary said...

that cockroach clip is kinda freaky, haha! another great outfit post! i love thise leggings <3

La said...

I looove the cockroach clip, I've got a thing for weird hair accessories. :) I love the jacket aswell, reminds me of proper 90's grunge, Pearl Jame etc.

D♥R said...

Gotta love you ! cockroach love !
The t-shirt all love ! the velvet ! The jacket! ♥

Ivy McQueen. said...

Amazing, dear!

weasel said...

This top and leggins are awesome!

Assiral said...

No, not just pretty, you're Beautiful :)
They should have given you infinity points for wearing that AWESOME cockroach clip, great outfit ^.^

Strawberry Freckleface said...

You have got to be, by a long shot, the coolest teenager I've never met.

Burn That Dress said...

Screw being green with envy, I'm mad for those red velvet pants! They do look comfy I must say, and my weather conditions have also been bipolar. But hey, with pants like those, who's complaining right?

Hudson.B said...

Loved this look Larissa

MarieAntoinette said...

I love this outfit and your style. so original!
hyped on lookbook.


Lena said...

great outfit! I'm totally into the leggins *____*

Anonymous said...

YA GURL! You look great and so cool. I love the velvet pants and oxfords. I wish you posted more.

Olivia Olivia said...


Isabel Spectre said...

I cannot get over your jacket, IT IS PERFECT!! fuuuuck give it to me nowwwww..
and that necklace will be on miracle eye? see whatt am I doing here with my life, you are so amazing. I want to be you. how are you so wonderful. baaaaahhhh!
also I love your choker. ahh. and the clip. I love everything.

Nádia said...

i'm loving those velvet leggings a lot! great grunge style here :)


Jessica said...

love the cockroache hairclip :)

Gaby de Modacapital said...

Hi!! :)
I really like your blog, I follow you :D
... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)