Friday, March 9, 2012


God.. the xx is so amazing. I cannot stop listening to them, particularly their song Crystalised. Someone commented on the video and wrote, 'they all look like they were dragged out of bed to sing this. that's how chill they are' -- what more do I need to do to convince you to listen to them? The video is literally so simple. The group is playing their song standing next to eachother singing and playing, while a projector is projecting really cool pictures, like clouds, or fire, it's so rad. I recommend you go watch the video. The cinematography is also very simple, but so inspiring. I want to create a band with my friends JUST so we can shoot a video like this. Then quit, and continue on with our lives being normal, and stuff. Yeah. Alright.. Enough of that.

It was chilly so I wore this grey coat which I don't think I've ever photographed before, even though I actually wear it a lot! It's from F21 and it is literally the warmest thing ever. Also, photographed last is the school I'm planning to attend when I graduate from high school! It's a few blocks away from me and every time I pass it in the morning on my way to school, I just stare longingly at the students walking to the building.. Wishing and hoping that I am one of those students someday. I'm already saving up! The majority of the money I make from Miracle Eye is all for FIDM. What school do you want to go to? Or should I say, what school are you currently attending? Is it the one you planned on attending all throughout high school? Did your plans change because you had a change of heart or couldn't afford it? I'm curious and I would love to know more about you. School is..... scary. I hope I'm ready for the real world and don't fall to my knees one day! Why am I being such a pessimist? Jeez! Here's a photo of a photoshopped Squirrel-Llama.

Wide black velvet shortsMiracle Eye
Grey coat - F21
Red burnout velvet top - from my local thrifty
SunglassesMiracle Eye
Bag - Aldo
Black beanie Miracle Eye
Shoes - from my local thrifty


whisper...discreetlychic said...

this is gonna be kinda long but here goes.

i also thought of going to fidm so i did the 3 days of fashion last year. i didnt like the school for myself. but i did fall in love with otis. im starting this fall & im so excited! i will be doing fashion design & cant wait. im happy with my decision though my mom doesnt support me, she wants me to go to csun. i also contemplated of going to fit but i love los angeles so much, its my home.

mouse said...

kind of love those shorts, may have to pick them up. i go to the new school :) which is mostly parsons haha.

Izumihiiiflower said...

lovely bag!!

Magnet said...

Can't leave a long comment because I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. Anyway, I love this outfit, I love your wig.. and man, I've already finished uni! I have to look for a proper real world job now, SIGH. So old.

Violet E. said...

So fucking beautiful <333

Anonymous said...

i love your outfit! and your wig :)

I'm currently studying for graphic designer and its my last year haha. after this school i want to go to an art school sort of thing. and study further in graphic design:) Although i like fashion too,, its al so interesting! i want a school were they teach you all kind of stuff and jobs you preferred haha! that would be so much easier!


Lidiya said...

I adore those shoes, they look fabulous and such a pretty coat <3

Clara Turbay said...

i love it it´s perfect.

Roma said...

i went through a huge xx phase last year. i'm not sure if you're into abstract electro but the flufftronix remix of infinity is sooo sick.
Anyway, like usual you look super badass. Your bag is the icing on the cake.

Isabel Spectre said...

girrrrl. I am so glad that you are planning on going to FIDM! I think that is a great plan. :)
I am NOT in school right now because it was not the right place for me, I was at Portland State, then I transferred to Macalester College.. and now I am takin' time off. I basically felt like it was not the right place for me and that I was wasting money and time being in school because it was just causing me a lot of depression and anxiety, which was unnecessary. So now I am doing my own thing, and this adventure is working so much better for me, now. I am excited about life.. and happy to be doing the things I am doing, which is perfect. haha. but yes, I think it is a super awesome idea for you to go to FIDM! yesyesyes!!! <3

p.s. your shoes are killah!!!

Sweet Indigo Road said...

this is such a cool outfit!

Yuka said...

the xx is great! love your hair!

i gradated frm fidm, i hope you do go there. i learned so much, its a great school.

Amalia T said...

So great look!
I love it <3
Kisses pretty

Violet E. said...

i love you so much <333

Jackie said...

I am loving your hair right now, the color is seriously awesome.

When I first went away to college in 2007, I totally hated it. The school I had chosen was simply not the right fit and I had to get out of there. After 1 semester I transferred to community college. After working my ass off I got into UCSC, and I scored an amazing scholarship. I am so happy with the decisions I have made and the work I have done. I graduate in June and I already have an internship with Nordstrom lined up. Basically all I'm trying to say is that if you want something badly enough, you can totally make it happen!

Yuki Lusiana Eka said...

*wowness* I love your outfit so much!
so inspiring!!

michelle said...

the xx is <3, your hair is crazy cool!

Stylish By Nature said...

You look so stylish...Love your bag !!

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Daniel said...

I study in a arts school but I'm moving in 2 years to some other country fer sure *

You totally know YOU are MORE FIERCE than me !


Nadine Jasmine said...

really coool!

xx jasmine

Anonymous said...

velvet and 90s shoes... winner!!