Friday, February 3, 2012

Simply be yourself! Non-conformity always wins.

Hello! I'd like to address something today. I know you've heard PLENTY on the subject of curves and the fashion industry, but here I go, adding to the pile of essays you've read on this before, ha.

When someone with a 'modern' way of thinking thinks of curves, they think of fat, undesirable women. But why? No, really, WHY? What's so wrong with not being size 0? Congratulations and bless you souls who were born with an abnormally high metabolism, AWESOME! Seriously, good for you. AND, good for those ladies who were NOT born with that same quality. Do not try and get yourself there. I mean, I'm not going to deny that being too large is unhealthy. It can affect your heart pressure that can lead to lifelong consequences.

Ladies, embrace your curves. I mean REALLY work them. Curves are sexy, they are BEAUTIFUL. A few decades ago, men desired and preferred curvier women because they were more capable of child bearing and had more to offer. Why has that changed? Why has society and the media put such a negative connotation attached to the word 'curves'? Stop being misguided and just owned by the mainstream media's love for twig models. Now, this brings me to another issue.

When someone asks me who my favorite model is and why I love them, I respond with none. Now see, I don't want to offend anyone with my opinion here because I know a lot of my friends praise some models (as well as 95% of style based tumblrs), but this is my blog and I can write what I want. I don't understand why anyone can like a model for being a model. Why would someone admire a person for the way they were born? It's all luck and that's also why I don't believe in love at first sight. I will admit that some models definitely have some redonkulously suh-weeet senses of style, don't get me wrong, but why should a model be worshiped based on the way they look when they had absolutely NO control on what they're physical attributes turned out looking like.

What they do have power in controlling what they look like is their weight. That is more often followed by losing weight in unhealthy ways because they work as puppets to these companies who pay them by the dozens of thousands of dollars. I would NEVER put a price tag on my health, a price tag on perpetuating a dangerous beauty standard to the dozens (considering I would have thousands of teens worship me), and if anyone does then they need a serious intervention. Everyone has a different vision of beauty of course, which may only be skin deep. The subconscious is a wild abyss we are just barely beginning to pioneer.

So long story short, everyone is beautiful no matter what your size is, no matter what anyone tells you, not even that dumb Lipo-Zene 'miracle pill' commercial. Oh and yes, I'm aware I sound like that one aunt that always harasses you with questions on your love life every now and then proceeding with some tips on how to 'push your boobs to a new high' with the miracle bra she is about to hand you while you cringe in fear.

I haven't come across any brands that seem to really cater stylish clothes for plus size girls, until now! I'd like to introduce you guys to a brand called 'Simply Be'. They offer clothing for curvy, beautiful women to simply be themselves (admit you love the corniness..). It's an online shop based in the UK. Lots of ladies believe that there is no point really to even care what they dress like due to their proportions.. What the HELL???? Gals, it's all about confidence!!!! I hate when I hear guys and girls in stores whispering 'man, that's so cute but I know I can't pull it off..' UMM HELLO?! LITTLE MISS/MISTER LIFE SUX, YES YOU CAN.

Simply Be offers tons of brands that offer unique accessories and sweet pieces that flatter and accentuate curves at great prices. They're striving to bring their awesome vision to the United States! And if that's not enough to convince you, they offer FREE SHIPPING. Who the heck doesn't like free shipping? Totally takes away the hassle of trying to calculate in your head what the total will be for your order. There ain't no risk with buying with them y'all especially because you get 20% off your first order! They've got over 4,000 employees ready to answer any questions (very impressive considering Miracle Eye customer service consists of me, mom, and dad, heh).

Check Simply Be out if you're looking for some well-formed, classy, and delightful pieces of clothing or just some dreamy oxfords and loafers oozing with sugar :-)

A few of my favorites are these killer snake print palazzo pants, might I add that these are on sale (wait WHAT?!) saving you $26 from their original price. This cream colored frilly angel dress is also on sale (literally again WHAT.), saving you $44. This denim maxi skirt is also a favorite (jaw is officially detached considering this skirt is also on sale). It would look great paired with a velvet bustier to keep it 90s, or a dreamy crochet top to keep the gypsy vibes goin'.


mouse said...

this is great and although it is said on and off throughout fashion blogs and the like it definitely needs to happen again. have you heard of natural model management? they're a modeling agency that covers the (huge) gap between "plus size" models and those really stick skinny ones, which is where most healthy women fall.

Larissa Blintz said...

In response to your comment Mouse, oh that sounds amazing! How odd that I've never come across that in any blog. I'll check natural model management out soon. That is so awesome, a management for plus size models. You never hear about these kind of managements, there need to be more!

Severine Arend said...

Amen soul sister. It is unfortunate, that our generation/society puts us under so much pressure (especially those in the "fashionable" community) to be rail thin. It is just for a small amount of people normal (those with mighty mouse metabolisms). It would be nice to see more diversity, whether you're thin, curvy, thick, whatever floats your boat, that are present or popular in the fashion world. And with the whole model deal, I have a family member who was a model for many years and we all just thought "well he's lucky, thats all". I think most of us, especially on the net who just see photos and not the person behind it, we get too carried away with beauty and think thats all it takes nowadays, and thats not true, it takes character and wit as well. Model's are also so easily replaced, because there is a butt load of them, beauty is abundant, but that certain "something" is rare. I think we shouldn't worship anyone, we should simply be inspired by those we like and do our own thing, like you said. So after all that chatter....
Uh Heelllo ?? I am in love with those snake print pants, commme come here !

Lydia said...

The obsession with being thin is what it is today because at some point, designers wanted thinner girls for the runway because they thought the clothes hung better and they wanted the girls to serve more as walking hangers. Then Hollywood caught on because actresses are practically models these days, on all the magazine covers and doing ad campaigns, and also because they had to be able to fit into the sample size for shoots and stuff-- and the sample size kept getting smaller. And then it started to eat into everyone's self-image and body image, and just snowballed into the mess it is today.

Thank you for talking about this. I truly enjoy posts like this and do a lot of them myself, and love to see others continuing the conversation.

Hailey said...

nice blog! i star a blog presentation! you can join in if you want!

Magnet said...

The obsession with having the 'perfect' body is sad, and the fact that the fashion industry has even created this messed up ideal of what is 'perfect' is sad too. We shouldn't be told what constitutes beauty, beauty is subjective after all. Aah, I'm guilty of hating on my body all the time.. I absolutely hate 'my curves', which is kind of sad... but I always try to remember that I should be grateful for what I have. Things could be a hell of a lot worse.