Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hello! Most of stuff I am wearing here came from the sample sale I think I talked about in the last post (I hope I did, too lazy to write it all again..) The crazy beautiful and ridiculously soft sweater is by Obey, part of their sample sale. Got it for a bitchin' $20, but I can totally see this in a retail store for over $100, so.. It's alright. I know I will be putting tons of use into it this winter so whatevz. Top is by this company called Dimepiece, real cool stuff. Got it for $15. The thing that makes this shirt really unique is not it's rad photo on the front that says "Fun With Plastic" in this real gory looking font, but the zipper arm sleeves! So freakin' cool.

The belt was my mom's, who's passed it onto me, and most of my jewelry is vintage. Velvet pentagram choker and silver cross ear cuff is from Etsy, of course. The orange-blue silver necklace was purchased while I was fabric shopping! I saw it next to a roll and asked how much it was, lucky me, the guy said 50 cents! I didn't believe him at first, but I wasn't going to complain, ha. I really like it. The colors go really well with this outfit! The lace maxi skirt is from Miracle Eye. Is it weird that I almost always wear something from my store everyday? Or every other day? I don't think so, I mean they are my designs, haha. So that pretty much means I'm the biggest fan of all my products, cause I made them, so I hold eternal love for each single piece. The green bag was purchased Downtown LAST Christmas, creepers were purchased online. PS if you're wondering where I purchased them, just check my Formspring, as I've already answered a question regarding the exact site.

On my way home from thrifting two days ago, there was a beautiful rainbow lookin' like a beaut as always. Just how I remember her when I was a wee child. Doesn't look a day over 25. I've included a short video at the end of the rainbow. I couldn't let something like this go un-published ya know!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day beautiful gals and fine young men!

PS Are these the most out-grown roots you've ever seen or are these the most out-grown roots you've ever seen. Someone come over and dye my hair, please?

Burned orange sweater - OBEY
Zipper sleeve white tee - Dimepiece
Black lace maxi skirt Miracle Eye
Velvet pentagram choker and silver cross ear cuff - Etsy
Green surplus looking army bag - Downtown
Creepers - online 
Belt - Mom's hand-me-down
All other jewelry - vintage



Laura said...

I love the black lace maxi, you are a great designer!

the reainbow is beautiful, i love rainbows they feel so magical and inspirational.

Severine said...

Im in love with that sweater, looks so cozy..and that skirt is so awesome, you do such a great job with your designs mama ! Im still drooling over your velvet dresses. xo

weasel said...

Love the cardi!

Hadera Burki said...

Love the cardi/sweater

Jessica said...

Want that bag and sweater!

Lydia said...

I love the proportions of this look, like how you layered so many long, drapey things. It's sort of MK, whom I love.

Bela Monstro said...

Nice mixture. I loved the skirt&the shoes.

Violetta E. said...


Quinn B said...

Ooooh! I love the cardigan and the lace skirt. What a sick shirt. The troll is fabulous. I love the belt and the massive cross necklace. Ahh you are amazing and I LOVE Miracle Eye.

Isabel Spectre said...

eee. you, girl, are too great at dressing yourself. you should always wear your designs because they are amazing.. duh! <3
that video was really nice byyy the way.

Shervin Nassi said...

Your sense of style is so fun! You look great girl we love love love the T Shirt!

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

OMG that sweater! So cute!


Burn That Dress said...

This is killer, and that obey sweater man oh man!