Monday, November 14, 2011

You are my wolf and I am your moon

These photos are actually like a week old, don't know why I didn't post them up earlier, but I'm putting them up now. My hair is officially no longer red as it is here. It's so nice and dark now and a beautiful color, ooh can't wait to show you guys. I've taken photos today with my new hair so I'll be putting those photos up soon. I don't like to pay attention to seasons or anything like that, but this is definitely a fall outfit!

This floral chiffon skirt and black velvet top were purchased at my local thrifty, the acid wash jacket is vintage, black leather bag was a gift from my dad from when I was little, belt was a hand me a down, and the shoes are from UO. God these shoes are old, but still in such good condition! The skull and crosses necklace is from Etsy and as you can see, I cannot get enough of it! I love it too much, is there ever too much love you can feel for a jewelry piece?

Have a wonderful day boys and girls.

Floral chiffon skirt and velvet top - thrifty
Belt - hand me down
Jacket - vintage
Leather bag - old from when I was little
Shoes - UO
Skulls and crosses necklace - Etsy


Strawberry Freckleface said...

Love this! The lining in your jacket is way rad. I am stoked to see your new hair!

Jay said...

love this look! the mix is so cute!

hot spot:)

come check out my blog to :):)


roxy said...

love the floral print :)) loving your shoes babe :D


Isabel Spectre said...

That jacket is TOO cool. I used to get a fair number of shoes from UO, but now I never do.. hmmph. I like yours!
bahhh why are you driving me crazy? all I want is to see your new hair!!!!!! ahhhhhhh.


Laura said...

i know what you mean. I have a box fullllllll of jewellery, but I often keep coming back to the same pieces i love like my rocklike dome ring and my wolf claw pendant from etsy.

is the title of this blog post a song? wondering because I love things about wolves! they're kind of my creature!

weasel said...

This jacket is so cool and it looks amazing with the skirt

Zoƫ Kate said...

That skirt is fantastic! What a great find! Awesome blog, you have amazing style girl!


Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm excited to see your new hair! Dang I love your boots and skirt. This is very different from all a lot of your other outfit posts! I love it! Sick denim jacket, too.

Magnet said...

Great outfit and I loove the velvet top, well, mostly I just love all things velvet.

Lydia said...

I love the jacket, it looks super warm.

Daniel said...

love ! Look what I find on tumblr so many notes !! It's you right !? KISS

Mischell double W said...

the skirt is so wonderful, i really like your style dear :)

Anonymous said...

Your hair color is so cute! Really like the jacket too, and the skull necklace.

I'd love to follow your blog, can you follow me? :)