Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tie Dye Dream ☯

The title practically says it all.. Say hello to a new dress design and velvet color/pattern that has joined Miracle Eye! I seriously cannot get enough of this dress. I love getting stopped and asked where I purchased it.. Ha. There aren't sufficient words in the English dictionary to effectively describe to you these people's faces and reactions once I tell them about my business quite perfectly. Sometimes, it can get overwhelming and just make me feel like the entire world is slowly closing in on me, but it is times like these when it just pays off. The disbelief they portrayed on their faces and through their tone during the rest of the conversation is just priceless. I'm trying to give you as much information to let you visualize it, but I honestly cannot even gather all the words myself. It's just one of those 'you have to be there' moments.

The beanie was purchased Downtown a while back when I was going through a *r3belli0us* stage in my life. Pretttttty much defines me at 13 years of age.  The grey blazer was thrifted, I was indecisive at the cashier whether to go through with purchasing it because it was $6 and not like $2 or something and I'm not really that much of a 'blazer' type of gal, but I will definitely put it to use once in a while. This outfit was pretty much all experimentation. I would have never paired a tie dye velvet skater dress with a grey blazer, beanie, and creepers two months ago. Just shows you what the blogging world really has to offer. Although for this specific ensemble, I did not garner any inspiration from any blog or from the internet really. It was just me staring at my closet and holding the tie dye dress over my shoulder for about three minutes. The velvet pentagram choker is from Etsy, sunnies are from the Melrose trading Post, skeleton earrings are from eBay, creepers were purchased online, backpack is thrifted, and the rest of my jewelry is vintage. Oh and the leather fringe cuff is from Miracle Eye :)

Alright, so I think that's it? Yep. Have a wonderful day kids and or adults and or old creepy seniors who bookmark my blog under their page to get a view through their screen at some 'young flesh' as Google Analytics has pointed out to me as one of the search key terms people apparently type in to get to my blog. Great. Can life get any better? No, not with this dress, as it is ALREADY purrrrrfect! DuUuHhHhHh!!

PS do you like how I am slowly undressing myself for you photo after photo? *slowly dims lights and promptly plays Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice on 90s jukebox*

PPS I am so close to 200 followers! Yay! Ya'll are da bomb.

Tie dye velvet dressMiracle Eye
Grey blazer and black leather backpack - from my local thrifty
Leather cuffMiracle Eye
All other jewelry - Vintage
Velvet pentagram choker - Etsy
Beanie - Raggedy old thing from I don't know where!
Skeleton earrings - eBay
Sunnies - Melrose trading Post
Black creepers - online


Usually when I go take photos for the blog or Miracle Eye I play music on my iPhone on blast and my friend Byron who shot these photos for me thought it was hilarious and ghetto. I don't understand how it is ghetto. Do you? I mean, Apple sure wouldn't have built speakers on the iPhone that go as high as they do if they didn't intend them to be used, haha. He insisted to take a 'sample' video of me to show my readers how 'dumb' I am. So, ta da! I will forever continue to play my "Photoshoot Songs That Are Good And Stuff" playlist until the end of time. No matter how ghetto anyone may think it is. Including Byron. SUCK IT YOU MOTHERTRUCKER. PS watch it in 720p if you would like to view my wonderful flaws in ~high definition~ ;)


Severine said...

Oh boy, google analytics sounds very helpful, Im sure you feel really comforted now that the elderly appreciate your blog too..eek.

That is one awesome dress, you've got a great collection in your store and you should relish it when people look at you like "whaa?". Awesome.

By the way, at the end of your video, it showed "the addiction" video, so I clicked on it and lemme say I just had to smile, that little skit was too funny :)

Anonymous said...
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Morgiss said...

beautiful rainbow dress ;o)

Laura said...

the bunny is the cutest!

i love your skeleton earrings, they make me miss the ones i used to have!


Disturbed Style said...

Wow! Great blog and photos! I love it :)

Claudia said...

The dress and the creepers are fabulous and I love how you matched them with the jacket and the other accessories... great style, really.


just Jennifer :3 said...

your dress is purely AWESOME.

Lydia said...

Great dress! It reminds me of being a kid in the 80's.

Danielle Villano said...

Ah! That is such a great dress! Love it! Totally love how you've accessorized it :)


Caroline Ergy Erg said...

So tempted to get that dress-it is seriously the coolest!

Violetta E. said...

wooow <3

Ivy McQueen. said...

Oh, you are so crazy ... I love it! Nice dress, I love them.

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

So awesome! Totally loving it

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

this outfit is so perfect. tie-dye, creepers, beanie? yes please. xo

p.s. I'm having a giveaway for a crystal cuff if you'd like to check it out. :)

Quinn B said...

How is that google analytics thing even omg that's ridiculous. I love this dress. The mixture of tie dye and velvet sounds crazy but looks so perfect. that is the only word to describe it. I love the skeleton earrings. You go gurl!

Charlie said...


Clara Turbay said...

I like this blog. Please check out mine.


Jerome C. said...

very interesting style, edgy and dark but you remain playful on your character...the colors is a great add for sense of creativity!

I love it, congrats on your 200 follows now i'm the 201st

Nice blog btw, i followed you now!
I'll be glad if you followed me back
Thanks in advance!


keep it rockin!

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