Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You're not stubborn, you're just passionate

Oh god first off, I have not posted in very long (over 5 days of no posts is pretty long to me) and I apologize!!! On the bright side, I only lost one follower, wooo! Anyways, at first I tried to post some pictures but dumb Photobucket, the host I use for my photos, was being really weird and not allowing me to upload any photos, so there was that, and on Sunday/yesterday (Monday) I was going through some emotional problems after finding out many unpleasant things. So long story short, I am back on schedule and well I am now single. I am really trying so hard, you have no idea really, to get over these terrible thoughts and well this dumb depression stage that is just recurring in my life when it's absolutely unnecessary. I have a home, I have food, I have a business. Feeling like this almost makes me realize that it's sort of selfish because my problems are nothing compared to other's on the opposite side of the planet, but again that doesn't make mine any less of a problem, if that makes sense. Feeling empty is probably the worst thing in the world, it just eats you alive. Trying to overcome it is so so difficult, but once you've gone over that hump it's just like this whole weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I suggest listening to pretty much any Two Door Cinema Club song if you've been overtaken with feelings of loneliness, sadness, grief, or heartbreak. It's like all their songs contain some kind of miracle cure to depression (especially 'What You Know' and 'Undercover Martyn') !!!! :~)

Or then again I could just be a dumb teenager complaining about dumb teenage things. Well I hope you all have a wonderful week and do not take anyone for granted, anyone, your parents, your friends, your cat!!! No one. Appreciate everyone who is making a positive impression in your life and well okay, I'm done being corny.

PS someone on my Formspring asked me why I had small hands.. I didn't even know my hands were any other size than normal. So let me ask you. WHY do I have small hands? You must know because I sure in hell don't haha.

Purple fishtail skirt - Miracle Eye
Korn bones tee - DIY
Lace socks - eBay
Creepers - online
Ear cuff - Miracle Eye
Blue acid wash denim jacket - Miracle Eye


Jay said...

sooo good!

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Christy Avat said...

i love your socks so much and this skirt. listen to me right now girly, you are beautiful and so funny, dont feel sad. you have so much going for you, why let someone ruin that for u? if they left u then they just lost someone so valuable who not only is interesting in her personality but in her dressing too. dont let it get u down. you dont deserve to ever f eel like this. if u ever need to talk to someone, i am here for u. as a follower and as a friend :)

Danielle Villano said...

You look lovely, and you are such an inspiring person - with your blog and your business!
Don't ever call yourself a "dumb teenager" for feeling these things... everyone goes through it and it's completely normal and you'll come out of it all a better person :) Chin up, and keep looking fab :)


Charmaine Cowland said...

oh hun hope everythings better now, chin up, we all missed you..
And can i say how amazing is your new hair?! It's gorgeous, i really do envy it!

Lydia said...

I love your skirt.

And those aren't dumb teenager things. I'm 30, and I have a lot of the same issues. Feeling empty is a really shitty feeling, and unfortunately I'm right there with you. Sure there's much greater tragedy in the world than heartbreak, but it sure as hell doesn't feel like it when you're in the middle of it. Chin up, buttercup.

Severine said...

Ooo, this skirt is lovely ! Small hands ? hmm, I guess its better to have small dainty hands than large paws ? Anyway, what a weird question to ask someone. This whole Formspring deal seems the online equivalent to Jerry Springer, people popping up in the audience hurling odd comments on the whim at you.

Laura said...

the skirt is really gorgeous! that is my fave colour at the moment!

i am sorry u are going thru sucky stuff right now. I have been there and it sux. at least you are still blogging and stuff, helps to take your mind off things. i can still remember how bad it felt. :( hang in there

adireg said...

nice outfit i love it so chic

Claudia said...

Gorgeous as always :)


weasel said...

Amazing skirt

NĂ¡dia said...

That skirt is goooorgeous beyond words!!! <333

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Sandra said...

perfect, love it!!! especially the purple skirt (beautiful!!)

btw, don't feel sad. You where the one who said that you have a problem, something to be worried for.. but can you tell us how many reasons you have to wake up and smile? :)



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Rachel Louisa. said...

Honestly, it doesn't sound like "dumb teenage shit" at all - just being a human being. And as you hint at, a problem is a problem, whether big or small.
I hope you feel better soon, you have just the right attitude.

And also, wearing a such an awesome skirt and those excellent shoes must help to put you in a good mood :) Great look!

Daniel said...

You never fail to impress ! You're pure awesomeness !

Magnet said...

Lovely outfit again. Sorry to hear about your break up, feeling empty is horrible. I am madly in love with my boyfriend and I was apart from him for 6.5 months last year. I felt soo alone and empty even though I was surrounded with people, it sucked. Anyway.. just give the feelings time. It's cliche, but time really does heel emotional wounds. But damn, you're 15? I didn't even kiss a guy till I was 18! hahaha. xD

Isabel Spectre said...

Awwww bb! So sorry to hear about how you are feeling.. you are super great, and I am glad you are trying to get happier. I know how depression can hurt, if you ever wanna talk - I am here! <3 <3

you look amazing (duh!) that top is wonderfulllllllll and the skirt, yum.

Anonymous said...

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