Saturday, November 5, 2011

All of these concrete walls oozing with insomnia

Half of the weekend is over!!! What is this! Where am I!? Who are you!??? I wish the weekend was as long as the week. 5 week days, and 5 week-ends(?), but then they wouldn't be called weekends. Their name would probably be something like week-continuation or preferably week-bestdaysoftheweekeverythingelsesux. Good stuff. Today I went to this really cool event here Downtown only a few blocks from me where there were a bunch of booths holding sample sales and just selling their stuff! I've finally made my first purchase from Unif. Got this crazy cool blouse that is yet to be released (I think). I purchased a few other things, but I'll show you those in the next few posts ;) Keep tuned.

Alright. This floral print denim blouse is actually really, like really old. As a matter of fact, I wore it  here, pretty terribly if I say so myself. God, I don't even know why I do this to myself. But, I will never delete that post or any other terrible ones because it serves as a reminder to always keep improving and um well, never forget how much of a lil faggot you were ~and always will be~ with luv.

The khaki Mustang jacket was purchased at the Melrose trading Post about a month ago for $10 from this crazy cool guy! Seriously. And he has a blog tooo, but he doesn't post much. Go take a look here. There's also a photo of me in one of his posts when I bought the jacket! He's got his own shop on Etsy too (if y'all don't live in the LA area and don't go to the Melrose Trading Post), you can check that out here. Shorts are DIY, creepers were purchased online, socks are from eBay, tights are from Macys, leather backpack was thrifted, all jewelry is vintage except for this beauty of a necklace. This baby was purchased on Etsy (duh!!!), only the best online platform for all talented jewelry makers. I really love the white skulls and how there are a bunch of small crosses attached to them! Plus, there are about three small crosses on each side after the skulls end. Does that make sense? You can't really see them in the photos, but they're perfect. I would link you to the designer's store, but this necklace was apparently one a kind. And I'm not really one to spend on jewelry, or anything really (except for food), so I can tell you that I got this necklace for like a ridiculously affordable price. I remember seeing one similar to this one with less skulls and crosses for like $70 which translates to like $250 in a 16 year-old girl's budget. And of course my cockroach clip! I've been wearing it literally everyday since I first made them for the shop. Ha.

Have a great day y'all and thanks to the few of you who e-mailed me or formspring'd me or tweeted me or communicated to me in some sort of foreign alien language that requires cheese and Vitamin Water to get a fraction of the message across, that I reached 200 followers yesterday.

Vintage khaki Mustang jacket - Repose (purchased at the Melrose trading Post)
Floral denim shirt - thrifty
Cockroach clip - Miracle Eye
High waisted studded Levi's - DIY
Belt - Had since I was like 10
Black creepers - online
Skulls necklace - Etsy
Leather backpack and all other jewelry - vintage



Laura said...

I love this outfit! everything about it is so perfect! i love the studded shorts, I have some studded shorts but i have to change the zipper before I can wear them as it was busted when i got them.

I love the jacket! and it has faux fur in it! the skull necklace rocks, too!

Laura said...

oh i can't get that link to the jacket guy's blog to work :(

Kate said...

love your outfit sososo much! love the floral shirt with the studded shorts!

Daniel said...

So agreed ! We at least should have 3days ! And I love the flower denim blouse ! You are a Killer ! LOVE LOVE!

Katheyn Volikos said...

inspiring blog!

loves, katheryn

Charlie said...

You think this outfit looks bad?!?! Nuh uh. Not in a bajillion. GOSH YOU'RE COOL.

Disturbed Style said...

Wow! I love this outfit! You are perfect :)

ImmaculataAppiah said...

Love the scull necklace, this outfit is great you totally rocked this top!

Anonymous said...

AHHH! That necklace is fabbity fab. I love your pairing of the two denim pieces. Those creepers are mad cool and I will never get tired of your round sunnies. Congrats on the 200 followers! You deserve it and I hope you just keep getting better and better (which I don't doubt will happen).

Magnet said...

ooooh em gee man, YOUR STYLE IS AWESOME!!! especially considering how young you are. I am officially a fan. I'm going to add your link on my site the next time I update. Many elements in this style that I really like such as the creepers, studs, over the knee socks and that denim shirt is freaking great! Oh and I like the necklace. I'm also a big fan of necklaces about that length, worn under collars.

Wrinkle In Time Vintage said...

This whole look just oozes a certain cool factor that I will sadly never have :P

-Laura xx

Charleston said...


naughtymess said...

where do i begin- this rules.
creepers, knee highs, crosses, you win

Isabel Spectre said...

girl, your jacket and watch are beyond cool. I love you. seriously. you are always dressed so well.. ajkshldjas. 'nuff said.


lizbeth said...

Oh hey, I'm the one that made your necklace! Haha that's awesome.