Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Like It When We're Spinning

Hi! So this outfit and these pictures were done in a rush so I'm really sorry for them being such bad quality! They were also taken at a different spot in my home, so there is no white wall.. haha I'm wearing a denim vest with floral print purchased at my thrifty for $5, black leggings from Target for $6, white tee for $1, and the boots are from Chinese Laundry. As for accessories I'm just wearing a few rings, few bracelets, and a rosary. 

Have a wonderful day!






Isabel Spectre said...

ooo! awesome vest! good find :) said...

god your comment has almost made me tear up. you are so lovely. thank you SO MUCH! :) said...

oh and lovely outfit!! haha it happened to me too!

Kirstie Deep said...

i love your vest :3

Stylelover said...

Love it! cool vest and bootas ;)

Travis McFarland said...

your comment got deleted off my kesha post when blogger unpublished the post for no reason. sorry :(. GR8 STYLE