Friday, May 20, 2011


Hey! So today was not the greatest of days, but it was alright. There are worse things happening in the world, such as the flood that occured in Colombia. More than half of my family lives in Colombia and we have lost communication with them since last Wednesday, so we are praying here that they are okay. The flood is not very large, not near the tsunami size that happened in Japan, but there are definitely deaths in Colombia for people who drowned. I just hope everyone, not only my family, is okay. I'm wearing a top purchased at my local thrifty for $3, it's black with a floral pattern. I really like it, it's very soft! The black shorts are from American Apparel. I basically wear these everyday.. I should go buy a second since these must be super dirty and I only wash once a week haha.. that's not gross at all! The black wedges were $50 and I love them a lot! As for accessories, I'm just wearing my watch, black rosary, and a few rings. Also guys I might be featured in a magazine?! Weird, eh? TOO WEIRD that's it's unreal! Haha

Have a wonderful day!

Black wedges - $50
Black high waist shorts - $48 from American Apparel
Black floral blouse - $3 from my local thrifty







Hipsandbones said...

that top is amazing (:
if i had those shorts i'd prolllly be wearing them everyday too, so don't worry! shoes go so well with this! (:

lolita said...

Love it x

Alexandra W said...

I love the shoes! xo

Isabel Spectre said...

your wedges are awesome!! and I like your top also. I hope all your family is ok!

Mie said...

I like this outfit, it looks so comfortable, but still chic.. and who does not want to be both? (:

Love from Mie

fitdoesmatter said...

i just looooooove this shoes. are they from primark?
and the leggins from previous post are also outstanding :)

Michele said...

I love this outfit. Simple yet very effective. Love the jewelry as well