Saturday, May 21, 2011

Who Woulda Thought

So remember those glasses I've been obsessed with recently? The ones I purchased for $5.. The vintage cat eye ones? GUESS WHAT? They are actually by a designer called Alexander Wang. I do not know who he is.. but they are very very expensive and they've been worn by Lady Gaga. Crazy!? Also, here's a song i've been really into these past few days.. Sorry for the pointless post but I couldn't believe that my $5 glasses are actually by some incredibly famous designer!

Have a wonderful day!




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Gabe Stock said...

That's cool. You saved hundred of dollars, lol.
And that remix is pretty cool too. Nice music addition.

Alexandra W said...

That's amazing, lucky you!

Isabel Spectre said...

fuck yeaaahh! that is the best news ever!

Isabel Spectre said...

(also that is a great song ^-^)

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Aw wow, they're really really cool!

SashaaaFierce said...

Great blog!
I love your wedges in your last post and the glasses are fab.
check out my blog too! xxsashafiercee

Dana Lee said...

5 DOLLARS?! Lucky you ;)

Sydney said...

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