Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mew Mew Pew Pew

Today I went to the 99 cent store and bought a few things.
- A blank black tee shirt
- Crazy glue
- Dice
- Porcelain kitties with paint included

The entire day I stayed inside so I wanted something to do other than watch Season 7 & 8 of House and drink hot cocoa. This is a DIY I did, pretty simple. I will cover the process of:

- My Dice Glasses


- My Fringed Tee


So the things you need to make the dice glasses are
- A bottle of crazy glue (1 dollar)
- 7 Dice (purchased 10 in a pack for 1 dollar)
- A pair of nice sun glasses that need a little spicing up ;)



Now, you open the crazy glue bottle, which I had a little trouble doing ahaha, then you apply it onto the glasses' top right rim.



Once you've applied some glue on the top right rim of the glasses, you stick a dice (or two as I did) where the glue is. Make sure to do this IMMEDIATELY, or the glue WILL dry and that will be just a huge un-needed mess.


Once you're done with the top right rim, apply glue to the rest of the top rim where you want to place your dice! Once you're done, it SHOULD look like this.


Pretty simple. I like it though, adds a little bit of surprise to any casual outfit haha

Now for the FRINGE TOP DIY.
So the things you need to make the fringe top are

- A blank tee (1 dollar)
- Scissors
- Meter or ruler



The first thing you will do is cut the hem off the shirt on the bottom.


It should look like this when you're done.


Now you will cut the fringes! It's surprisingly simple! You will measure from the bottom how many inches you want your fringes to be. KEEP IN MIND: The fringes will shrink a bit once you wash the shirt, but not too much. They will also become a little bit skinnier, which in my opinion makes them look better. I chose the fringes to be 4 inches long, which is the average.



What I did when I was cutting was hold both the front and back side of the shirt together, so I would save time and work. I would cut both sides at the SAME time. Once you're done, it should look like this. 

PhotobucketBoth were VERY easy to make and cheap! Cute accessories that are wearable. I hope this came in handy or gave you some ideas :)

The little kitty porcelain kit wasn't really a DIY.. I mean I did it, but I can't really teach you how to do it. I just bought it for fun.
This is what it came out as haha




Have a wonderful DIY filled day!


Katy said...

ahah these are great! i want them! :)

Katy x

Isabel Spectre said...

aah! what a great DIY post! I love fringing up t shirts.. and I like the dice sun glasses :) way to be frugal!!

Patricia said...

I fringed my top too, I love making them looking hippie and special yum ! :)



Neal said...

It won't actually have success, I consider this way.
recette de poisson

Mark Leonard said...

ahah these are great! i want them! :) Katy x