Monday, May 23, 2011

Sun of A Gun

Hiya! Here I''m wearing a vintage tee I purchased at the Melrose Trading post for $5. The levi's are DIY, I bleached & studded them. The zig-zag tights (which you can barely tell are zig zag) were $5, purchased at some random boutique here Downtown. The USA Flag in my hair is actually NOT a bandana, but a small flag that came with a stick purchased at the Dollar store, but I took out the wooden stick and pinned it in the back because it was long enough.. lol talk about cheap! The brown booties are by Deena & Ozzy, and were purchased at Urban Outfitters for $68. I am NOT wearing my rosary :( I think I lost it actually *sigh* and not a lot of rings and no bracelets, just da watch. Oh and again here's another song that I know you guys are gonna love, it's amazing, and i'm not usually into Dubstep but this is a huge exception. IT'S AMAZING YOU WILL PEE YOUR PANTIES/BOXERS/SPEEDOS FOR YOU OLDIES

Have a wonderful day!

Vintage tee - $5
High-wasited levi's - $5 DIY
Zig zag tights - $5 from a random boutique Downtown
Brown booties - $68 from UO
Flag bandana *wink* - $1 from the Dollar store






Isabel Spectre said...

I really like your t shirt. good vintage find. ok also tell me how you bleached your shorttts! because I actually was trying to figure it out.. I like how yours look. and also the studs. I am planning on studding my jean shorts soon.. but I keep running out of time. Have you ever seen these guys: pretty rad. I want to bleach some shorts and then dye them.. summer project.. That song is also great :)

Isabel Spectre said...

[in response..] yeah they are totally too expensive, that's why you gotta do it yourself. I am going to try it out this summer.

Anonymous said...

I so so L-O-V-E your brown booties from UO. Find it very chic. Love your style.

Hipsandbones said...

Awesome bandana and shorts (:

jenn♥ said...

lovely outfit ! you shorts are great


Julia_Julia said...


▲Nicci St. Bruce▲ said...

AMAZING outfit, love the tee especially.

augustalolita said...

great outfit!! love your shirt and shorts <3 and lovely photos!!

myloveisgreater said...

adore the shorts and flag in your hair <3 xx

.::P-G-de-R::. said...

one word to describe the outfit: STRONG! :)

Carolina said...

love the punk vibe ya got goin on! :) and thanks for that song, i had neverheard of it before! gracias!hope you can check out my blog or some +vibes and inspiration!